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[Drama 2014] Pride and Prejudice 오만과 편견


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Title: Pride And Prejudice  오만과 편견Chinese Title: 傲慢与偏见Romanization: Omangwa Pyeongyeon
Genre:  Legal, RomanceProduction Company:  Bon Factory (본팩토리)
Director: Kim Jin-Min (Time Between Dog And Wolf, God Of War)Writer: Lee Hyun-Joo Network: MBCEpisodes: 20 (To Be Confirmed)
Release Date:
 October 27, 2014 to December 30, 2014 (After The Night Watchmen)Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 22:00
 South Korea

(*)All English Translations, credits to @booha

Choi Jin-Hyuk as Koo Dong-Chi (chief prosecutor)FzR6G1Z.jpg

Incheon District Prosecutors' Office, a chief prosecutor - He passed a bar exam at a young age, is a smart high school graduate, and has 10 years experience as a prosecutor. Normally he acts casual and light hearted, but at the front of a case he arms himself with impartiality and a cool head, and never loses the main focus. He has an unshakable confidence in himself and he knows how to play the game at the moment in need.  He has no interest in politics or any organization.  He can toss away money and power but has excellent investigation skills and is a sharp ace in applying the law. He is an organization’s worry and real pain to the top people. He believes the law can save people.  In front of a crime he is prudent and with people he becomes warm hearted. (*)

Baek Jin-Hee as Han Yeol-Moo (trainee prosecutor)93hH5Mb.jpg

Incheon District Prosecutors' Office, a law school graduate probationary prosecutor - She is smart and thinks studying is ease. She is daring, bright and untainted but also has another side of unfathomable secrecy.   She can be very persistent, determined with stubborn pride and has audacity and temper but she is a weary 20s’ youth who easily feels anxious and gets hurt.  Her ability doesn’t match her desire which causes her a hard time.   Her tenacity for digging to the end and her determination to face off makes her move at the right time.  She believes that a bad person never changes and everybody lies. She thinks if one commits crime one should get punished accordingly.  To her the law is the victim’s weapon, and the prosecutor’s duty is to punish bad guys on behalf of the victims. (*)

Choi Min-Soo as Moon Hee Man (cool-headed prosecutor)9yYsJuR.jpg

Incheon District Prosecutors' Office,  a superintendent public prosecutor He became an ace through the central investigation departmentin and the special, powerful public security bureau.   He has an intelligent mind with good sense, ability to calculate, a lot of nerve and on top of all that he has a lot of experience. He’s always one step ahead and can look out further.He talks in spite and he is stubborn.   At first glance he appears to be like a principled, sturdy prosecutor.   However he receives whatever is, if he feels deserved, but when it comes his turn to give, he might not give and he has tendency to act with patronage.  For the criteria of right and wrong, he acts according to circumstance and if in need, he can cover and hold a duck’s flipper on it. He can behave childishly and mature at the same time.  He stresses loyalty then easily betrays.   He is very obedient and loyal to the organization yet he can become a cunning strategist making a frontal attack with a straight face.   He doesn’t leave any trace of his mistakes but he holds onto others’ weaknesses. He carries with him a strong survival instinct which can’t be bent under any trampling. After graduating from Seoul university and working in a big corporation then quitting, he passed the bar exam at a late age rising from a humble family but as soon as he became a prosecutor he discarded his humble background. He is ambitious and aims at becoming a deputy job for now but his ultimate goal is becoming the Attorney General. (*) 

Lee Tae-Hwan as Kang Soo

Incheon District Prosecutors' Office, an investigator - He is a taekwondo athlete and freshman detective. He is a naive young man with a deep and warm heart and is sincere in all things and always eager.  He just likes to smile at everything and doesn’t talk much except during an investigation. Bashful and shy handsome gentle man he is but he can also act rough or hurling off a fast ball like a straight shooter.  There isn’t much he wants to have or to be.   If he has a wish, it’s only about his grandmother’s health and the개평 ajeossi coming back to his senses. Having an innocent mind set he doesn’t like lies and believes in acts of sincerity. But sometime he gets frustrated and hurt because the world doesn’t run as he wishes. (*)

Song Chang-Min as Jeong Chang-gi (a jobless man)

An unemployed man with a nickname, 개개평 - because he lives a gambling life through (개평: taking a cut of the winnings) and he acts like scum/dirtbag (개차반) (개: a dog )    He isn’t doing much of any kind of work and is always broke.  Having many acquaintances, from hyeongnims and bosses, he can bring in a lot of investment money.  But because of his gambling habit he always losses them all and then he has to run.   He gets beaten frequently and is forced to kneel down and ask for mercy.  After drinking he is prone to act irresponsibly and he can be stubborn regardless but he has the ability to speak eloquently and to be very sociable which gives him a wide network and knowing everything.  He speaks well in English and Chinese, and frequently talks with an intelligent point.  There have been rumors about him which says he graduated from the Seoul university or worked for a major company but this hasn’t been proved.  He also doesn’t talk about his past.  He is a good person and has a soft spot which makes him vulnerable to fraud but still generous to others. Especially he is good to Kang Soo and he will do anything for him. (*)


Choi Woo-Sik as Lee Jang Won (a young team member on the justice team)

Incheon District Prosecutors' Office, a public prosecutor - He went to school as his mom instructed, went to the Judicial Research and Training Institute as the professor instructed then he worked as his boss instructed.  He’s a typical ‘modern young prosecutor’.   As a rich son from Gangnam, he flowed through ‘the formal elite course’ from a high school abroad - Seoul National University - the Judicial Research and Training Institute – a military Judicial officer. His life has been a series of schooling and extracurricular activities so he has zero opinion of himself and if his boss says something about the indictment he changes it with a speed of light.   As a prosecutor his main concern is about cloths and style. To get off work promptly he is willing to pay with his soul. (*)

Jang Hang-Seon as Yu Dae GiA6MpjD0.jpg

Incheon District Prosecutors' Office, an investigator, the National Intelligence Service in Incheon District and Prosecutors' Office, has many contacts.  He has been working in PO office for 30 years as a veteran investigator with 1 more year before retirement.  To him PO is heaven and Prosecutor is god.  He did everything and he has a sense for leads and his contacts are like an octopus’s legs.  His recorded age is 60 but his real age is much older.  He worries about his weak stamina, his weakening eye sight and recently his diminishing memory.   For the remaining year, he dreams of retiring into ease but when he is transferred to ‘민생안정팀’, that dream is completely broken.   His only daughter, Ju Gwang Mi ( Jeong Hye Seong) also works in the next room as an investigator so he feels pride in having a sort of judicial family. He was born and grew up in Incheon and his wish is that he would see the reunification and have a prosecutor as a son in law.(*) 

Jung Hye-Seong as Ju Gwang-MiKGHRpHa.jpg

Incheon District Prosecutors' Office, an investigator  She is an investigator with 5 years experience who has an s-line figure and a v-line face. She has a neat and sassy personality and she works with straight forward motion.  She knows what a prosecutor’s job is for and what an investigator’s is for and divides them sharply like carving out for her part and no compromise with them.  She grew up watching her father who worried always about how prosecutors feel and she resolves not to be like her father as an investigator.  So she talks upfront to anybody regardless of the situation and rank.  Even the mighty MHM couldn’t do anything about her, ‘top investigator’. (*)

Baek Soon Ryeon as Baek Geum Ok (Kang Soo's grandmother)VsWEeKk.jpg

백반집 '삼시세끼’ (백반: meal with a bowl of rice , soup and side dishes) She is the owner of the백반 restaurant.   She always looks dour, likes money, and talks rough but she is bighearted and affectionate.  She has been running a restaurant for 20 years near the court house. There isn’t anyone from the Incheon District Prosecutors' Office who hasn’t eaten this grandmother’s meal. It is said she might have a better backing than the president’s but it hasn’t been confirmed. She considers eating three meals are so important that she prepares them for not only Kang soo and Dong Chi but also 개평 too.(*)

Kim Na-Woon as Kim Myeong Sook (Yeol-Moo's mother)

She has plenty of affection, tears, anger and talks with her big mouth.   She has a large hand for generosity and a big voice with loud insistence. If she likes she could give away everything yet when things turn the other way, she doesn’t hesitate to have a hand to hand fight.  She is the best in her class and the ajumma among the ajummadle.  Joy to see her children eat and feel worthwhile to see her husband’s shoulder straighten up she is a typical good mother and wife. When she lost her youngest boy in an accident and then her husband died overseas, she started to have manic depressive disorder.  Since then she neglected house work and her life too. When she is in an upbeat mood she acts like she could do everything while bouncing around and spending a lot of money. In a downturn she is trapped in the bed completely. She wishes to be nice to her only daughter, Yeol Moo. But seeing her acting only for herself and indifferent about housework she feels disappointed. Then the next moment, she feels thankful that Yeol Moo grew up well. So whenever she meets Yeol Moo she feels very confused because of her conflicted emotion. (*)

Lee Jong Gon (No Ju Hyeon)  Chief Justice prosecutorsiOc5R3Y.jpg

A director of the public prosecutions in the Department of Justice ((? I’m unsure of its exact title)): He is called the flower of prosecution, and he is the head of the public prosecutions in the Department of Justice.  He is a real big shot among the influential heavy weights as he handles personnel, budget, investigation and information.   He is a fast thinking prosecutor with actual experience in the special, powerful public security bureau including the central investigation department.    He has the ability to see things in the big picture yet he has a certain personality((not in good aspect)) which makes him acting as a relief pitcher whenever there is crisis.   He was like prosecution’s cyber dolsoe (돌쇠, an online game’s character) who took care of any of big or dirty work.   But after 2000, the success of independent counsel on Kim Jae Geon gate ((? KJG was the target of investigation)), he broke off all expectations of going to the National Assembly,  and he moved to the Department of Justice and served in various important positions becoming the prosecution’s back bone and the dragon among dragons. He thinks that the country collapses when the prosecution collapses, therefore the prosecutor has to exist for the sake of the country’s survival.  He thinks the organization should come first before Justice or principle.  He is a typical organization marksman with a belief in ‘the principle of uniformity/identity of public prosecutors’.   He is called the magnetic steel rope because he always backs his men.  He has a personal connection like a magnet with a presidential inner network, political community and chaebol groups and he is in the ranking of becoming the next Attorney General (*). 

Oh Do Jeong  Incheon District Prosecutors' Office Deputy Inspectio

She overcame a handicap of being a woman and a younger age and became the deputy which made her the protagonist ((? Good or bad)) in the personal affair matter. A division of the Attorney General's Office, which is responsible for enforcement of violent criminals, a ministry of public security, special forces and the public welfare team are all under the her command.   She is an associate chaebol daughter and a queen with the connections from schooling, region and blood relations and plus having money.   In appearance she acts like she puts importance on the principles and justification but in fact she is often most interested in her own careerShe can be ‘a soft charisma’ in a good term or in a frank term, ‘auntie force’ which she uses as a weapon.   Acting like a fox, she laughs pleasantly, speaks her mind, can take away from others and suppress others if the opportunity occurs .  She is quick to be on the side with someone who has the advantage and she is the first one to walk away from a sinking situation. She has an excellent golf skill and she never fails to make an appearance in any of the golf events for the regal circles or the social gatherings.  There is also a rumor circulating she won the deputy job through golf (*).  



Love story between prosecutors who fight against an arrogant world and biased prosecutors. (From: Asian Wiki)

A legal drama about team of young and passionate prosecutors who banded together to fight against injustice and oppression that befall weak and poor people. Besides face many hardships from higher authority, they also learn to cooperate and adjust with the clash of different personalities and backgrounds. (From: Korea Drama.Org)


First Teaser Trailer [Eng Subs]

Second Teaser Trailer 

Third Teaser Trailers

Press Conference Video Highlight [Eng Subs]

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 (credit to respective owner)tumblr_nd9zdi4tkc1tfmgyto3_250.gif tumblr_nd9zdi4tkc1tfmgyto1_250.gif

OST PART 1 Eddy Kim (에디킴) - One Day 하루 하나 (Pride and Prejudice OST Part 1) 

OST PART 2 Park Ji Yoon and Jo Hyung Woo (형우) - Fixed Channel 채널 고 (Pride and Prejudice OST Part 2) 

OST PART 3 Hwa Yo Bi (형우) - My Universe 나의 우주 (Pride and Prejudice OST Part 3)

OST PART 4 Lee Ki Chan (형우) - 보통 이별(Pride and Prejudice OST Part 4)

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class="content-title" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-family: 'Open Sans', 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, sans-serif; line-height: 1.4em; font-size: 23px; vertical-align: baseline; color: rgb(63, 63, 64); text-shadow: rgb(255, 255, 255) 1px 1px 0px; visibility: visible; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"Actor Choi Jin Hyuk Considering a Role in MBC’s New Drama “Pride and Prejudice”deedeegii September 16, 2014

Actor Choi Jin Hyuk is currently in talks to star in the upcoming drama “Pride and Prejudice.”

On September 16, the actor’s agency, Red Brick House, revealed, “Choi Jin Hyuk is in the middle of positively reviewing a casting offer for MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Pride and Prejudice.’”

If confirmed, Choi Jin Hyuk will be taking on the role of Goo Dong Chi, the chief prosecutor at the Incheon District Prosecutor’s Office. His role within the storyline is said to be a character that never opens up his own feelings, yet is able to catch what is on other people’s minds like a ghost.

Meanwhile, the actor had previously stated that he has plans to enlist in the military by the end of this year after wrapping up “Fated to Love You.” However, Choi Jin Hyuk’s reps shared that he has not yet received an enlistment notice, so nothing has been confirmed as of now.

Link: http://www.soompi.com/2014/09/16/actor-choi-jin-hyuk-considering-a-role-in-mbcs-new-drama-pride-and-prejudice/

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class="content-title" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-family: 'Open Sans', 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, sans-serif; line-height: 1.4em; font-size: 23px; vertical-align: baseline; color: rgb(63, 63, 64); text-shadow: rgb(255, 255, 255) 1px 1px 0px; visibility: visible; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"Actress Baek Jin Hee in Talks to Star in “Pride and Prejudice” Alongside Choi Jin Hyukdeedeegii September 17, 2014baek-jin-hee.jpg

It has been revealed that actress Baek Jin Hee is a strong candidate for the lead female role in MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Pride and Prejudice,” alongside actor Choi Jin Hyuk, who is also positively considering the casting offer to be the male lead.

On September 17, the actress’s agency told OSEN, “Baek Jin Hee is currently in discussion after receiving a casting offer for ‘Pride and Prejudice.’ Nothing has been decided yet.” If her casting is confirmed, Baek Jin Hee will be taking on the role of a junior prosecutor.

Earlier, Choi Jin Hyuk stirred interest after it was revealed that he is also in discussion to star in the drama as the role of a senior prosecutor.

Meanwhile, “Pride and Prejudice” is scheduled to begin airing following the completion of “The Night Watchman.”

Link: http://www.soompi.com/2014/09/17/actress-baek-jin-hee-in-talks-to-star-in-pride-and-prejudice-alongside-choi-jin-hyuk/

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Guest thecandyce

Oh, a legal drama with bb Jinhee and Choi Jinhyuk ♡ How lovely! Can't wait for this to start. Great director, solid writer (since she wrote School 2013, which was amazing), and phenomenal leads ♡

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Guest mdolphins

To say I am excited for this one is a complete understatement, that said, does anyone know if it is going to be a rom-com or is it going to be a more serious type of drama???

Still, seeing this news makes me a little sad he isn't acting with SJH again, I really loved their chemistry in EC and could watch them act together all day long. But after expecting to hear in the news he would be heading straight into the military after FTLY this was some great news that we will get to see CJH in another drama.  :D

I don't know about you guys, but I've always had a soft spot in my heart for court-room type dramas (as long as they don't shorten the length, and mess with the storyline like they did with A New Leaf) The only thing that concerns me is the short amount of time left before P&P airs and MBC hasn't even announced the whole cast yet... :-S

Regardless, I plan to watch this from start to finish!!!!

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Guest chaybags55

Count me in. I can't wait to see CJH smart and witty banters in a courtroom. And thank you CJH for giving us another drama before you leave! Supporting you all the way! And to the female lead, I heard she is good at empress ki.hoping much for their tandem!! Fighting!!,

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Guest mdolphins

chaybags55 said: Count me in. I can't wait to see CJH smart and witty banters in a courtroom. And thank you CJH for giving us another drama before you leave! Supporting you all the way! And to the female lead, I heard she is good at empress ki.hoping much for their tandem!! Fighting!!,

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I'm posting the earlier articles which give more info about PP.
Thank you @abcchin
Choi Jin Hyuk is currently considering a role in MBC′s new drama Pride and Prejudice.
On September 16, Choi Jin Hyuk′s agency, Red Brick House, toldNewsen, "Choi Jin Hyuk recently received the offer to appear in Pride and Prejudice and is positively considering it." The agency added, "His participation has not been confirmed yet." 
"As there′s still some time before his military enlistment, he′s looking into his next project," added the agency. Choi Jin Hyuk canceled his acceptance to the police force on August 20. He has been automatically put on the list for active duty service.
The role Choi Jin Hyuk was offered is Goo Dong Chi, the chief prosecutor of the Incheon District Prosecutor′s Office. Kim Ah Joong has been named as his possible counterpart as junior examiner Han Yeol Moo. Attention is being poured to see if the two will join Pride and Prejudice

Meanwhile, Pride and Prejudice is a love story about district attorneys fighting against a prideful world and a prejudiced prosecution.
The drama will be directed by Kim Jin Min PD, who worked on 
Time Between Dog and Wolf, with the script writeten by Lee Hyun Joo, who also wrote School 2014.
It′ll follow The Night Watchman′s Journal in October. 
Photo Credit: Newsen

Thank you @PolarisCat
itemprop="name"Choi Jin Hyuk may take the lead in Pride and Prejudice

by Nancy Z on Wed, Sep 17, 2014

Popular actor  Choi Jin Hyuk is considering the lead role for new legal drama series Pride and Prejudice. If he gives the nod, it will likely to be his last project before he enters military service as an active duty soldier.

According to Choi Jin Hyuk's agency, Red Brick House, on September 16, "Choi Jin Hyuk is positively reviewing his appearance in Pride and Prejudice. He is in the final stage of mediation right now regarding his appearance. He is not confirmed."

If Choi is confirmed, Pride and Prejudice will air in October. He would play the chief prosecutor who was so brilliant that he had aced the bar exam at the age of only 21. His character is described as an investigator who does not bow to corruption or influence.

 Baek Jin Hee is reportedly in talks to costar. Initially, Daniel Choi and Kim Ah Joong were offered the roles.

Fans of Choi Jin Hyuk will certainly be happy to hear the news so that we can see him once more after  Fated To Love You. Choi rose to fame in Gu Family Book and followed with roles in hit dramas Heirs and Emergency Couple.


@mdolphins  @chaybags55   Hello!  I just found this PP thread too.  very exciting 

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Guest meomongco

Oh ho, We will be seeing Hyuk Oppa until he's leaving for Military Service. I hope Jin Hee and him will have a nice chemistry together.
Oppa's fighting. Love you so much, Oppa!!!

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One more,  PP girls!!   
Thank you @celes80

DRAMA CASTING & NEWSBaek Jin-hee cast opposite Choi Jin-hyuk in Pride and Prejudiceby girlfriday | September 17, 2014 | 40 Comments
t looks like there’s been a complete casting overhaul for MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday legal drama Pride and Prejudice, with Choi Jin-hyuk (Fated To Love Youup to star as the leading man after Daniel Choi was courted; now Baek Jin-hee (Triangle) is being wooed to play the heroine after Kim Ah-joong was offered the role. They could be really cute together, though they feel a little bit more like a rom-com coupling than one for a heavier legal drama like this.

The legal drama (which has nothing to do with Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice) comes from writer Lee Hyun-joo of School 2013 and PD Kim Jin-min of Time Between Dog and Wolf. It’s set in the world of prosecutors and lawyers, each with different ambitions and prejudices for and against the bureaucratic system. The hero is a chief prosecutor who enjoys prestige and money, and worked his way up on the fast track because he was smart enough to skip grades to become a prosecutor at age 21.

The heroine is a junior prosecutor, known for her dogged investigative skills. She’s more like a detective with a prosecutor’s badge, because she started as a cop and changed course to go to law school and become a prosecutor. She’s stubborn and only cares about the truth, which is exactly the kind of detective or prosecutor who’s always jumping into the fray and then getting reprimanded later. She sounds like a cool character, though I think it’ll take some convincing for me to believe Baek Jin-hee was once a tough-as-nails detective-in-training before law school. Fingers crossed for smart, witty banter between two legal hotshots.

Pride and Prejudice plans to start shooting later this month, and follows Records of a Night Watchman on Mondays and Tuesdays in October

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