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  1. Oh my, i did totally fall for seo ji hoon and its not cause he is pretty (although that fact is undeniable). Why, oh why is he the second lead? him and his story are totally first lead material. Don't get me wrong kim min jea is also first lead material and so is his story but i am totally being pulled at the heartstrings by seo ji hoon the poor kidnapped baby. He is so pure and innocent that i can't help but want him to succeed in getting his girl. This totally can't end well for my heart or his. Oh nooooo.
  2. Wait who is the male lead on this cause i am confused. Tell me i am not shipping the second lead i usually don't fall for second lead syndrome but i think i might be on this one.
  3. Makes total sence that she would initiate the kiss he is totally the damsel on this one with the eyes wide open in suprise and all lol.
  4. Well i honestly think lee rim is definitely the rightful crown prince by birth. The way his grandmother reacted to him wanting to leave the palace. As far as i remember once they come of certain age all other princes except for the crown prince are to live outside the palace. But the grandmother stated matter of factly that the palace is his rightful place.
  5. Did anyone notice the captain had a sword when he came into the bridal room. Me thinks he was coming to kill the princess himself. I think he had agreed to marry the princess in order for her to let the gang go but she still killed them at the end he must have thought to kill her so that no one would go after man wol but man wol had already done it. She must have killed the captain and then figured out the truth somehow which is why she carries so much guilt that both her friend and her love were dead because of her. She mentioned both of them when she was carrying that coffin around to send them both to heaven which why she was looking for the inn. Why would she take them both if the captin had been bad. I still think the captin was trying to save them. his face while looking at her while she was in the prison was not the face of a man gloating his victory. it was that of a man seeing the woman he loves there and not being able to do anything. He was pushing her to hate him and goading her into not giving up and staying alive.
  6. I actually think you may be right in some respect. Form the beginning i thought CM was some type of prince it just seemed like he was not a guard at all. Then i remember he said something like the princess doesn't only want me for my face and that was not him making a dirty comment lol that was him implying that there was something else and i am thinking it was rank, which the princess wanted. I think his rank as a prince must have been high because she was a princess that wanted him for his rank which could mean he was the crown prince. He was disguised as a guard. I think he may have refused to marry that princess i think the princess may have kept following him and found out about him and MW and then used that to have him marry her in exchange for their lives but then turned around and like you said sent people to kill then in the name of the prince. But MW got away. I don't think MW killed CM though i think she may have had the intention but i that that princess may have found them and triedto kill MW and CM got in the way. That must have been how she found out he had not betrayed them. MW must feel guilty twice over because her friend got killed and the CM too protecting her.
  7. I bet dom gave up his candidacy to the presidency so that uncle would budge thinking now he will run unopposed. But dom will have DJ run for the presidency instead.
  8. It didn't seem abrupt to me only because he spent the whole time halfheartedly hating her. I mean he was talking to his cellphone practically begging her to call him saying she was sorry. He was angry at the lie but after the initial shock it was more the lack of her trying to win him back that had him angry. Him saying or rather confessing he loves her is actually quite normal he seems a straight foward kind of person, once he figures out what he feels. Just like when he figured out he liked veronica just because he saw gal hee in her. He spills his guts out rather quickly. it seems more of like a character trait. Him being jealous just put him on turbo. but come on you really think he called that restaurant and had them prepared the balcony best view, and flowers all over just to say goodbye. He was looking for excuses to call her to him. I think he wanted her to spill her guts and beg him to take her back. The jealousy just kind of made him cut the crap and ask for what he wanted, which was her back, he missed her. so why complicate it, as long as she answered his call to come to him. He was going to ask for what he wanted which was her. We adults tend to over think and over complicate things with logic and inhibitions. But his character has always been childlike when it comes to feelings which i get because of his upbring. So he acted childlike. Made things simple. He loves her, wants her, and that overrode logic and adult inhibitions.
  9. I think dom min ik is able to see gal hee's face and i don't mean an imprint but her real face going by the preview. It's him looking at her while she sleeps and smiling. Also he is trying to feed her somthing with chopsticks which means he can see where her mouth is.
  10. I am good with gh not working for him i feel like gh should team up with vp and make a killer girl team. Plus i think both her and dom need a little time apart to appreciate the love they have for each other. On another note i think it's time gh found her little sister is not where she said she was. Although i am sure it's going to hurt her. All the lying and decit need to stop or we wont have time left to tie all the loose ends. There is still a whole other world of lies going in that office that i am really hoping start coming out soon cause enough is enough.
  11. Gosh i new DM's mother looked guilty about something. She's most likely the lady ryan remembers letting go of his hand at the orphanage. I guess it could be that she left him there after ryans mom didn't return to pick him up.
  12. I have to say the look Ryan's mother gave him when he confessed his name to her was not the look of a mother who abandoned her son. To me it honestly looks more like the incredulous look of a mother who thought her child was dead and was told he is actually alive. I feel that this grandfather who supposedly threw away all her paintings to have her forget the pain of not being able to draw. hmm. I don't know but i almost feel like this may be heading into the direction of a controlling father who choose to use the accident that his daughter was in to get rid of a child he thought may have been in her way to being a famous painter. If they really wanted to go makjang they could easily say that ryan and his mother were in a car accident and maybe the same accident in which DM's mother lost her son. Then have the grandfather use DM mother to abandon ryan as revenge for her sons loss. So then DM'S mother could have taken ryan who had lost his memories in the accident and then abandoned him in the orphanage. One she may have taken him for a few days thinking she could take care of him like her lost son but then she may have had a hard time and decided to turn him in to the orphanage thinking the mother would look for him. Dm's mother looked guilty as heck when cindy mentioned ryan being adopted. I don't know i have more questions than answers right now.
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