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  1. This bts makes me think the bts for the kiss scene was thth (too hot to handle) lol. R rated, they can't even show it to the public lol.
  2. I fear they may not give us any or at least not popo related lol. The bts for the imaginary one was hotter than what they showed in the episode so i imagine they don't want to get sued by realseing the bts of this one and having millions of screens combust lol.
  3. I am going to need subtitles for this one that or just shut down our brains to watch the ending.
  4. Looks like this will have the type of ending i hate most the 1 second see you ending. Why is it that writers think to make a drama memorable the have to inject the unnecessary separation until the last possbile second. have they forgotten what it's like to watch a drama in their hurry to write one.
  5. Wait now i am confused that guy must recognize him as the crown prince so does the crown prince remember or did that guy keep quiet when he met him? What is going on i don't get it. I wish i understood what they were saying.
  6. Yup probably. but really the problem i see is the fact that any child under 13 is still up at 11:00pm. Their little selfs should be well on their way to slumberville by that time. And any kid over 13 should really have already had the birds and the bees talk with their parents. That is if the parent wants to avoid their kids having that talk with other kids and getting the wrong information. So the problem should not be psj and pmy kissing on an adult romance kroean drama. What is wrong is the parents allowing their kids to stay up way past a healthy bedtime for a child that is still growing and what they are afriad or embarrassed to talk about with their children. Both of which will harm their kids more than watching psj and pmy makeout half naked or other wise. I am sure they take their kids to the beach during the summer and there is way more naked there than in the 5 seconds shirtless Psj was on our screens ( or more depending on who has been abusing the replay button, i am not going to point any fingers you all know who you are lol).
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