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  1. Hey some people just have main lead written all over them. This is one of those times. he just sparkles on screen. He probably sparkles off screen too lol.
  2. He really is a looker. Very handsome and charming. I wonder which show was filmed first. He looks younger here than in Maiden Holmes. Maybe it’s the way he acts here is supposed to be more boyish so he looks younger. While in Maiden Holmes he acted as a very mature an assertive prince/general, at times a very impish prince lol. I can tell he has a very bright future in the industry as he acted very well in Maiden Holmes and taking a look at the trailers for this project his acting in Maiden Holmes does not seem a fluke.
  3. Key word is Demon, in HC twisted mind killing demons indiscriminately is not counted as murder but as ridding the world of evil. HC equates demons to Evil which is his biggest downfall. I am pretty certain that it is not the rule of heaven either where someone who has not committed a crime should be put to death based on who the were born. HC has gone for far too long without supervision. He needs to be rained in and punished for the evils he has committed in the name of supposed peace. He has brought nothing but war and calamity to the 3 realms. The end does not justify the means and the me
  4. So it looks like MY will stop writing children’s books. Seeing as she is saying it’s her last manuscript. Maybe as a way to close that door on her childhood. Maybe she will start writing travel books lol. I think I might wait for tomorrow to watch both episodes lol I think I might not be able to survive until tomorrow if I watch episode 15 today lol.
  5. Hmmm I wonder if both actors had stipulation of no kiss scene due to the virus you never know. The 19+ rating must be because of the violence of the fights.
  6. Oh I know it has not been stated but I wish they would address it. I am hoping the writer will answer that question. I know Si has been with MY for a long time but he is too young in a sense to have been her caretaker as a 12 year old. I take it he is a few years older than her but not that much older. At least not to have been a full flesh adult able to take guardianship of a 12 year old child. I take it that he may know her since she first started writing children’s books. Most likely they started their carriers as writer and publisher together. I feel like he at some point did really have
  7. So true I have not been this enthralled since the last Harry Potter book. This writer has done a phenomenal job and so detailed I trust that they will close with the same tight storytelling they have had for the last 13 episodes I mean they have really kept me hooked from start to finish. I am not going to lie I tend to always skip some episodes around the middle cause usually that is when fatigued writing usually starts and plot wholes abound. But this writer has done a wonderful job at keeping the steam going with out stops or stutters.
  8. So here is a question i would love for the script to answer. Umm after the "disappearance" of MY mother and the i presume (god i hope) hospitalization of MY father after trying to kill his daughter only once ( god Please only once). Who, what, where did this 12 year MY go to? I mean Please oh please tell me she didn't just live alone by herself in that damn scary cursed castle. I mean geez the trauma. I mean, i could see she had a trauma but gosh did anyone even bother to care for her. Did she end up in some social care system? I mean she had an inherited estate but someone probably no one who
  9. Wow now I think I can see why MY says her father is already dead. She separated the man that tried to kill her and saw her and treated her like a monster. from the loving father that read her fairy tales and probably showed her love. So she refuses to acknowledge that it’s the same man so as not to tarnish the love she felt for him. This makes me feel even more sad for her. I always thought oh how sad a childhood she must had, always being treated like a possession by her mom and not really knowing the true love of a parent. But I think it’s almost worse that she did have the love of a parent
  10. So a few things i notice from the preview, MY asks GT if she is part of his family on the same day of the photo shoot since she is wearing the same earings and you can see GT silhouette with the same hair style and suit. also think she is running in that last scene cause a lady with the same butterfly pin as her mother showed up at the top of the stairs in the psychiatric hospital. I have a feeling MY can't remember her mother's face. In any case, who would not run scared. She did say if her mom showed up she would be terrified and suffocated. I think GT saying that he won't stay still if some
  11. I am going to put it out there but i think that park oh ran patient was the killer of ST and MT mom and was dressed as MY mom. I feel like she was a crazy obsessed fan. I think she killed their mom and then MY father thought that his wife had done it, killed someone and lost it and killed her.
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