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[Web Drama 2015] Dream Knight 드림 나이트

Guest adikkeluangman

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Guest adikkeluangman

GOT7 Pulls Off Different School Looks in Web Drama ′Dream Knight′
The GOT7 members showed off their school looks for the web drama Dream Knight.
As the leads of the web drama Dream Knight, co-produced by JYP Pictures and Youku Tudou, the GOT7 members caught attention with their unique uniform styles.
The released pictures show Jackson wearing a school uniform along with a vibrant blue bag. JB casually layered his uniform shirt over a white shirt, with a messenger bag slung over his shoulder. Mark wore a necktie around his unbuttoned shirt and rolled up his sleeves.

Jr. showed the classic uniform fashion with a slicked back hairstyle. He catches attention by radiating wtih confidence with a slight smile and his arms crossed. Yugyeom and Bam Bam are dressed neatly in school uniforms with colorful hair colors, holding lollipops, presenting their fresh charms. Youngjae completed his 4-D character, who loves music, with headphones wrapped around his neck with a uniform shirt and a necktie.
The ‘boyfriend-dols’ GOT7 members caught attention by pulling off different styles with the same school uniform, ready to show their unique charms in the web drama Dream Knight.
Meanwhile, the web drama Dream Knight is a fantasy romance drama is set to begin on January 27 through Youku Tudou’s Dream Knight main page. The drama will air on the same day in Korea through Naver TV Cast.
-----Web Drama ‘Dream Knight’ Flooded with Publication Right Inquiries from America, Japan and More
The web drama Dream Knight, being co-produced by Youku Tudou and JYP Pictures, has been getting flooded with publication rights inquiries.
Having gathered attention by casting the ‘boyfriend-dol’ GOT7 and the charming actress Song Ha Yoon, Dream Knight is a fantasy romance drama, harmonizing dance with music, depicting the story about a girl with pain sharing dream, love and friendship with a group of mysterious boys who appears in front of her one day.
Dream Knight, which is set to air on China’s Youku Toudou (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) and Naver TV, will also be airing through Thailand’s Line TV. The publication contract was signed in Korea even before the preview was released, increasing anticipation on its content.

With its teaser and preview videos alone, Dream Knight has reportedly been flooded with online publication rights inquiries from America, Japan and more.
Having introduced the lead characters, including GOT7, Song Ha Yoon, miss A’s Min and more, along with the cameos, including 2PM’s Chansung, 15&’s Park Ji Min, Lee Guk Joo, Choi Woo Shik, Park Jin Young and more, Dream Knight is set to begin on January 27 through Korea’s Naver TV Cast, China’s Youku Tudou, and Thailand’s Line TV.
-----“Dream Knight” reveals photo teasers ft. GOT7, Song Ha Yoon, and Min in school uniforms
JYP Entertainment continues to tease fans with another set of photo releases featuring GOT7, actress Song Ha Yoon, and miss A’s Min for their web drama Dream Knight.
On January 22nd, JYP Actors released still cuts of the actors and actresses of the web series posing in casual outfits. Dream Knight continued to raise anticipation as more pictures were released through JYP Pictures on Twitter on January 26th. This time around the characters of the web drama were captured dressed in school uniforms.
The boys of GOT7 were seen smiling happily towards the camera, and captured looking chic and serious in their still cuts. miss A’s Min is seen posing with a group of other actresses, while Song Ha Yoon was caught showing off her natural beauty in an off guard picture.
Dream Knight is a Chinese-Korea web drama that is set to premiere on January 27th on Naver TVcast and Youku Tudou. The drama will also feature appearances from other entertainers such as comedian Lee Guk Joo, Clara, and JYP Entertainment artists like 15&’s Jimin, 2PM’s Chansung, and 2AM’s Changmin.

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Guest adikkeluangman

This drama air on every Tuesday and Thursday 12PM KST on respective web platform. It got 12 episode and 12 minute on each episode.
Thanks for the sub. So no wonder it been released so far since it only 12 minutes. 

#Songhayoon #GOT7 #Min Finally came the premiere of JYP Pictures Web Drama 'Dream Knight'♥ http://t.co/xe102Kb7ND


January 27, 2015
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Guest adikkeluangman

GOT7’s Jackson and Lee Guk Joo to Show Couple Chemistry on ‘Dream Knight’
GOT7’s Jackson and Lee Guk Joo will be showing fantastic chemistry.
The web drama Dream Knight released a set of stills featuring one of the four mysterious boys, Jackson, and Lee Guk Joo, who appeared as a cameo.
Lee Guk Joo, in a leather jacket and sunglasses, blushes upon Jackson’s appearance, showing her embarrassment. Jackson is seen holding Lee Guk Joo with one arm and caressing her face with the other, catching attention with natural skinship, reminiscent of a kiss scene. Jackson’s gaze is fixed on Lee Guk Joo while she is gently grasping Jackson’s uniform vest, as if they are lovers.

JYP Pictures cast Lee Guk Joo as the cameo before filming began, in the summer of 2014. Jackson and Lee Guk Joo, who showed couple chemistry as they filmed Dream Knight, were late cast in SBS’ Roommate, continuing their special connection.
Meanwhile, Dream Knight is a fantasy romance web drama that airs every Tuesday and Thursday at noon (KST) through Naver TV Cast in Korea and on the main page of Dream Knight on China’s Youku Tudou. Jackson and Lee Guk Joo’s chemistry will air during the second episode set to air on January 29 at noon.
-----#Choiwooshik special starring on JYP Pictures Web Drama 'Dream Knight'! Wonder why he hid the flower bouquet? Check it out on 'Dream Knight' 2nd Episode at 12PM(KST) :)
*Dream Knight TV Cast: http://tvcast.naver.com/jyppictures10393934_1027213383962189_61512968699252

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Guest leinbou

Ep. 2 is out! Although no other links than naver one as provided by the tweet, and it might not be available on other countries.

GOT7 웹드라마 Dream Knight(드림나이트) 2화! http://t.co/D6vOYABHzH 여러분의 감상평을 지금 GOT7 공식 한국 라인 계정(KR)으로 보내주세요~ GOT7 라인 친구 추가 : http://t.co/H68jAvIcl1

— GOT7 (@GOT7Official)

January 29, 2015
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Episode 2 Rawhttps://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2fvrj8_150129-got7-dream-knight-2%ED%99%94_tv#from=embediframe
Episode 2 Eng Subhttp://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2fw5jp_engsub-dream-knight-ep-2_shortfilms

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Guest adikkeluangman

GOT7′s Web Drama “Dream Knight” Gets 3 Million Views on First Episode
“Dream Knight” the web drama that GOT7 is headlining has received an unprecedented amount of popularity in China.
The first episode was released on January 27 through Chinese video sites Youku and Tudou. Considering the web drama is not a traditional television drama, the number of views received is quite exceptional. Within 12 hours of releasing part one, 1.16 million views were reached (Youku 840,000, Tudou 320,000).

After three days since releasing the first episode,  there are currently over 3 million views (Youku 2,380,000, Tudou 770,000). It is gathering more interest than some dramas from public broadcasting stations even though they typically perform the best. It seems as though the web drama is already a success, it even received a high score of 9.4 out of 10 on Youku’s website.
“Dream Knight” is proving to be popular in both Korea and China; it started gaining attention since it was announced that GOT7 would be a part of it. Despite the fantasy romance genre being a first for the members, they are showing their acting talents naturally and receiving good reviews.
JYP Entertainment’s artists have proven their brand recognition in China and continue to be popular there.
Youku, Tudou Group, and JYP Pictures are joint investors and producers while GOT7, Song Ha Yoon, and MissA‘s Min are the main cast. “Dream Knight” can be watched every Tuesday and Thursday through Naver’s TVcast, China’s Youku, Tudou, and Thailand’s Line TV.

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Guest adikkeluangman

^ The number is good but it only limited to viewers from few countries only. Beside that, knowing fangirls habit they will keep on repeat so the numbers may be skewed. Online drama is a good platform to brush up their talent but in the long run it not suitable if the actors want to get more recognition from public.
GOT7 dolls and Okcat spent time together. Okcat thinking hard which one he want to bring.

"우리 오늘 뭐하고 놀지?" GOT7은 JYP 선배 옥캣형과 함께 즐거운 시간을 보내보려 합니다. 진지하게 회의 중이에요! 어디 갈 지 궁금하죠? pic.twitter.com/PuCR5c4FxG

— Dream Knight (@JYP_PICTURES)

January 13, 2015
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