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[Web Drama 2015] Dream Knight 드림 나이트

Guest adikkeluangman

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I really enjoying this web drama.
Joo In Hyung is cute, his attention to Jr actually is sweet and pure, I just though how Jr can't fall for her for real, not because the secret they had. JB love is the charm in this drama. He can do anything for JIH. Still I prefer JIH realize how he love her, and the drama end with JIH sacrifice herself for JB, haha... I got imagine a lot lately...

I love sad ending... yet left with touching moment. but happy ending is okay with me too...

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Guest baekhyunnee

This is a nice drama!! Can't wait for Ep 11 already!!
The funny part of this drama is that everyone found love ((meaning a girl)) but mark with bambam? HAHAHAHA LOL

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Guest adikkeluangman

<Dream Knight> Behind Still Cut - Yugyeom and BamBamB8zSiZnCIAARaG5.jpg

<Dream Knight> Behind Still Cut - YoungjaeB8zSn8BCcAAFVpa.jpg

Web TV <Dream Knight> 1st SNS mini EVENT3) Yugyeom PolaroidB85J1FmCAAENuec.jpg

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Guest adikkeluangman

GOT7’s JB and Song Ha Yoon Enjoy a Sweet Date on “Dream Knight”
Web-drama “Dream Knight” featured sweet date scenes between GOT7’s JB and Song Ha Yoon as a sign of their characters’ developing relationship in their most recent episode.

Episode 11, which was released on March 3, showed the pair practicing for a dance competition and enjoying a spontaneous date in the meantime. Sporting school uniforms, the two of them engage in couple-y activities such as sharing a drink, playfully eating ice cream, and holding hands as they walk.
The lovey-dovey couple continues their date with matching sneakers and cosplaying as Superman and Wonder Woman as well as Batman and Cat Woman making for a very unique date.
Last, Song Ha Yoon dresses up in a wedding dress while JB dons a tuxedo. The duo definitely looks like a young and blissful couple who just finished their engagement ceremony.
Meanwhile, “Dream Knight” is a fantasy romance drama that is available on Naver TVcast on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The last episode will air on March 5.
Check out photos from their most recent episode below.
*Potential Spoilers Ahead*


-----OST List EP1B851rXECAAAMZvJ.jpg
GOT7 - Girls Girls GirlsGOT7 - 너란 Girl
OST List EP2B852a-sCIAAttuz.jpg
JJ Project - BounceGOT7 - 너란 Girl

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Guest adikkeluangman

From JYP Actors manager division. He tweet this after Dream Knight finished. 

드림나이트 김은영메인작가님은 투병 중이신데도 모든 스태프가 눈치채지 못할 정도로 즐겁고 행복하게 일하셨다. 당신의 귀중한 마지막 순간을 저희들과 함께 해주셔서 정말 감사합니다. 당신은 저희들의 드림나이트였습니다.

— Pyo, Jongrok (@redmoon0074) March 5, 2015
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