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  1. On SDC Season 3, there are four team captains whom ready to bring the best of the show. I will share their introduction performances here. Wallace Chung First Name: Hon Leung Family Name: Chung Native name: 鍾漢良 Also Known as: Zhong Han Liang; 钟汉良; 小哇; Xiao Wa; 小太陽; Little Sun Nationality: Hong Konger Gender: Male Born: November 30, 1974 Age: 45 Link of Wallace Chung Performance Lay (Zhang Yi Xing) First Name: Yi Xing Family Name: Zhang Native name: 张艺兴 Also Known as: Lay;레이;Xing Xing;Xing Tuo;Zhang Yixing Nationality: Chinese Gender: Male Born: October 7, 1991 Age: 28 Link of Lay (Zhang Yi Xing) Performance Jackson Wang First Name: Jackson Family Name: Wang Native name: 王嘉尔 Also Known as: Wang Jackson;잭슨;王嘉爾;왕잭슨;Jackson;Jia Er;Wang Jia Er;JiaEr;Wang JiaEr;잭슨왕 Nationality: Hong Konger Gender: Male Born: March 28, 1994 Age: 26 Link of Jackson Wang Performance Wang Yi Bo First Name: Yi Bo Family Name: Wang Native name: 王一博 Also Known as: Yibo;이보;Wang Yi Bo;Yi Bo;Lee Bo;I Bo;Ai Bo;Wáng Yībó;왕일박;왕이보 Nationality: Chinese Gender: Male Born: August 5, 1997 Age: 23 Link of Wang Yi Bo Performance
  2. Dancers come from all walks of life and embody many different styles from old-school to new-school hip-hop, urban to locking, ballet to wacking, etc. Young and old generations come together to create/perform some of the most intricate pieces. The four captains guard the Chinese style old Beijing street, Guangzhou arcade street, Shanghai Shikumen street and graffiti street. They choose street dancers for their team and the teams battle in different street formats, but they still maintain the motto of the show that is “Love and Peace”. STREET DANCE OF CHINA: SEASON 3 No Sub Official Youtube Channel Link of Episode Playlist STREET DANCE OF CHINA: SEASON 3 ENGLISH SUB LINK: Jiaersubs: Visit this link Kiss TVShow: SDC3 Ep 1.1 : Ep 1.1 SDC3 Ep 1.2 : Ep 1.2 SDC3 Ep 2.1 : Ep 2.1 SDC3 Ep 2.2 : Ep 2.2 SDC3 Ep 2.3 : Ep 2.3 SDC3 Ep 3.1 : Ep 3.1 SDC3 Ep 3.2 : Ep 3.2 SDC3 Ep 4.1 : Ep 4.1 SDC3 Ep 4.2 : Ep 4.2 Upcoming Episode will be update soon
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