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When a smile is much more worthy than million words ^^  Cr: @._PUTitbackon 


if we talks about their relationship only then we rarely will have any updates here we all know why. Both no matter what will keep their relationship very private   so it is better to update about bot

The song ... Paul Kim: Every day, every moment (from the drama  "Should we kiss first OST#3) what Seung Gi chose for a competion in MITH latest episode ... I really like it ;-)







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I like these pics ;-) lol



looking into someones’ camera, smiling ... and even hold her phone ... such a funny combination ... least for me boosting my imaginations  ;-) lol

She seemed a good mood today, more smiling ;-) 


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No he doesn't own a phone. People lend him their own.




Seriously? Seriously!?


I guess all these phones belong to someone else.
























My thoughts? Trash it in the can.


I'm so tired of the bs, pure lies, and fabrications that surround these two. People who don't have the slightest clue.


From that point of view, separating was the best decision.


Not that that will stop them, but at least it'll lessen them somewhat. What's worse, is that Y contributed to them. Only justifiable if this is part of some greater good plan, because otherwise..


Good chance that it is.


If they paid any attention to any of this or gave it the minimum of importance, they'd go nuts.


Thankfully, through their songs, we know the real and true story. Otherwise we'd be completely lost and running around in circles.

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3 hours ago, starrytart said:

i always check this thread. this is my first time posting here. just found this article in facebook. what are your thoughts? hehe


LSG doesn't have a phone? http://dlvr.it/RKWHWD


"They started dating 2013 but formally announced their relationship in 2014."


"announce" ?!



They were hunted, followed, photographed and disclosed by Dispatch!

... after that they admit it ...


Just for the accuracy ;-)


I hate such kind of articles and always wondering who might order and paid for them ?! 











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This person must be talking recently as in the past year/two years, but it's not true that they never tease her.


Heechul did. Yuri kind of did. Sooyoung did, and that's before his discharge.


She was definitely waiting for something/him, as her saying the months with every season in English on IG/weibo suggests/shows.


LSG is not giving anything away (he just said he doesn't disclose nor reveal because he wants to. I'm not sure whether that also means his single act is meaningless or not) and we're not getting anything from him until his new album is complete, but YoonA's are clear and direct.


This is how ALH starts:


I cannot hear your voice, calling out my name earnestly.

I can't hear your voice calling my name

I can't hear your sincere voice calling out my name.

I do not hear you with your voice calling out my name so sincerely


This is how WTWB Chinese ver. ends:


Our ending
Standing under the moonlight

Where will we be at
At the end of this season
I want to hear your voice


Our ending is stood under the moonlight
We will be there at the end of the season

I wanna hear your voice








After that came Promise (Dreaming, the night, the stars, holding hands. All recurring things in their lyrics/story.)


It took a very long time
There were so many words I wanted to say to you so I worried
I need courage, you know me well
I wrote many letters and erased them again
I wanted to start over
In the end, it’s you

Embrace me


I love you, on the black night sky
Stars that shine brightly
They resemble you, do you know that?
Embraced in your arms, as if dreaming
Let’s promise


So much time has passed
Looking at your eyes I will tell you today
Come back to me
Hold my hand


I love you, on the black night sky
Stars that shine brightly
They resemble you, do you know that?
Embraced in your arms, as if dreaming
Let’s promise


One, two, three
If I open my eyes, will you be there?
Come and permeate through me like a scent
You will never leave my side again

Promise me
Promise you need you


I love you, on the black night sky
Stars that shine brightly
They resemble you, do you know that?
Embraced in your arms, as if dreaming
Let’s promise, let’s be together


Even when the whole world blackens
I will think of you
And endure and endure
I hope you will go with me
Under the warm pink sunlight
Let us promise






If she was getting no (encouraging) response and/or was with someone else, why would she go through the trouble continuing doing this? It makes absolutely no sense.


Unless her intent is to mislead, which also wouldn't make any sense at all lol.



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