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When a smile is much more worthy than million words ^^  Cr: @._PUTitbackon 


if we talks about their relationship only then we rarely will have any updates here we all know why. Both no matter what will keep their relationship very private   so it is better to update about bot

You won't believe it but I'm only watching and listening to JTBC's broadcast of Knowing Brothers 2017 now. I'm talking about that part.


SG blasting YoonA with Seunggi is even more hilarious and telling than Netflix's. I knew that they had put 'Because You're My Woman' as BGM when he did that, people tweeted about it, but I never listened to it myself until now lol.


YoonA got literally pwned there, and some of them didn't even get it. The laughs in the background are great haha.


They mocked her hard.






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I’m just slightly hurt that he had never did this to his official gf even during that 1.5 years (or just no one shared)  ;-( 







I’ve just read in a tweet the translation  that what ssang_gamja said on the video: 

“good work Seung Gi shi, no, I mean Dal Gun shi “ ;-)  (cr. swagmedikasi)


I can’t let out from my head in the last couple of hours and finally realized why I found the situation familiar ;-) lol






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Quote ... @incoty said:

“Again with that nonsense? They made sure not to ever be seen together and you think he would publicly do that if presented with the opportunity? lol.

No one does that. And it wasn't 1.5 years”



well, as said from 2013 sept/oct to 2015 aug is almost 2 yrs actually, I’ve just counted from the official time ;-) (what you or me think about how much the real time could be not really  matter ;-) lol



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I want to highlight something else that I find extremely important, if not crucial to them being back together, or at least YoonA wishing to.


Since that day, all they've done was avert their vision, gaze down, turn their head away, and put on forced smiles. We've seen LSG doing that on 150815, YoonA on 170106, the members and cast on KB, YoonA again on the cover of WTWB, and finally the boyfriend in the MV.


We've seen them at ad nauseam.




YoonA goes out of her way to break the fourth wall on WTWB's MV by staring directly at the camera to tell him those words.






What happened after that?


171115, AAA - They meet again, she doesn't look at him directly, but she tells him they'll be there at the end of the season through WTWB.

181128, AAA - This time, unlike the previous year, she does glance at him.


Now in 2019, through Promise, she says it directly.


So much time has passed
Looking at your eyes I will tell you today
Come back to me
Hold my hand


Her looking at him, at his eyes, is key (other than the rest), but this is another dead giveaway.


The fact that she's saying it directly is simply, once again, a huge invite for him to go to her.


And again, she's staring at his lookalike portrait in Summer Night's MV.




As you can see it's a continuous cycle.


This part also makes it obvious.


There were so many words I wanted to say to you so I worried


Realistically, she could only be or feel worried about it if it was about him lol.


So yes, all of this just adds more credence to it.



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Well, now I’m waiting more eagerly for the upload online the translated version of today MITH episode ...


Wondering is it consider he kept the promise and they can meet again?,  ; j rofl 



just as a reminder the promise ;-)






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Oh those turtlenecks ;-) I love “coincidences ” 


translated version of LSG Tiktok  ;-)




I've just read a comment on IG about who can be the friend he wants to show ... it says might be Jasper Liu ... than that makes sense as Together should be on Netflix soon,  probably from Christmas day ?! ;-) lol




Btw ... I’ve edited my Pandora’s post with translation ...


MITH team cheerleading;-) lol













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