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The Hunnie Couple Appreciation thread



Byunghun & Minjung
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Proud parents of first son Lee Joon Hoo born on March 31, 2015.

imageWedding Ceremony August 10, 2013





Lee Byung Hun interviews:

First issue of Saramu magazine (2006)
As he does not like to be restrained, they asked him towards the end of the interview: "You are single now; maybe you like to lead a liberated life?" He shook his head and replied with a serious look: "I don't know what I will do, unless I am in love. I can only say, the "real me" and the "one working" in the movie is not the same. If the love of my life appears, I would be more gentle and loving than any other man. I believe I will be a very caring and affectionate husband.

Men's Uno 2007
Love, to me now, need not be earth-shattering. Every night, before sleeping if I can hug the person I love, tell her some minor things about life, or doing nothing, and just enjoying the serene moment. The calm and peaceful feeling like water flowing slowly, the mutual respect, the unpretentious sincerity; it would be a rare kind of happiness.”

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Photo credit: BH Entertainment

More wedding photos, clips and updates compilation at 

Lee Byung Hun-soompi // Lee Min Jung-soompi // Just Min Jung // EverythingLBH.com

Let's be positive & considerate when posting and please abide the soompi forum rules

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August 11, 2013
“We will live life the fullest appreciating the simple things.” 

Actor Lee Byung-hun and actress Lee Min-jung revealed details of their future plans at the press conference at 3pm on August 10 before their wedding. They will tie the knot at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul at the same day. “I had to prepare thoroughly because marriage is a major event in my life. But there was not enough time due to the promotion of the film, ‘Red 2′ and preparation for my next movie. I’m really sorry to some people, whom I forgot to send invitations. We will live life the fullest as actors as always after marriage.” Lee Byeong-hun told the reporters.
“It hasn’t really sunk in to be honest.” (by Lee Byung-hun), “I feel like I’m attending a production press conference for my new TV drama series. I don’t realize my wedding yet. (by Lee Min-jung)”, “We haven’t talked about how many kids should we have but whatever the number will be, we will raise our children with love.” He added. Their income-earnings is to be managed by each. “Because I’m really bad at that stuff, I need to ask Min-jung for some advice about management of money and I will have help from her.”
The couple were quizzed on their plan about life as actors. ” I will begin a new life today but my life as a actor will not be changed at all. I will try to grapple with my performance and so will Min-jung.” he added.
She also agreed with his opinion. “He never mix business with pleasure. I will ask some advices when I choose my next project. Husband is likely to change a lot of my priorities when I pick out my work while I used to talk to my family, friends and management agency.” She added.
At the conclusion of the press conference, they told the reporters that they will live happily ever after appreciating the simple things and going through both big joys and sorrows.
Meanwhile, the wedding will be held at 6pm on August 10 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul as a private event. Senior actor Shing Young-gyun is to officiate the wedding. And the event will be hosted as two part by actor Lee Bum-soo and comedian Shin Dong-yup each. Top singers, Park Jung Hyun (Lena Park), Kim Bum-soo, Park Sun-joo and Dynamic Duo are to sing a song to celebrate the couple’s wedding.
They are planning to honeymoon on August 12 and set up their home at Lee Byeong-hun’s house.
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August 12, 2013
Lee Byung Hun-Lee Min Jung Leaving for Maldives, just the two of them
Source: SportsSeoul via Naver 

Newlywed top star couple Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung left on August 12 to Maldives for their honeymoon. The lovely celebrity couple will be spending time together without any companion accompanying them unlike some celebrities who would bring (personal) photographers along.
This is what they had wished to do together just like planning the August 10 wedding without any sponsorship. Byunghun and Minjung spent about 7 days in Maldives relaxing in the enchanting ocean paradise and enjoying each other's company.
Both of them upon return to Korea will start their respective filming and work activities straightaway. Lee Byung Hun will soon start filming his new film "Memories of the Sword" with actress Jeon Do Yeon while Lee Min Jung will continue with endorsement events while deciding on her next drama project.


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August 20, 2013
Newlyweds Lee Min Jung & Lee Byung Hun Shares More Wedding Photos With Elle Korea
posted by amiueno jpopasia.com
Newlywed celebrity couple Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun will be releasing additional photos from their wedding pictorial.
Some wedding pictures were already revealed online before but more of it will be seen on the latest issue of ELLE Magazine. To follow the full stunning pictorial, an inside story about Lee Byung Hun's movie theater proposal and the August 10 wedding itself will also be featured in the magazine as both shared their thoughts and experience of their wonderful union.
The Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun's special wedding spread will be on the September issue of ELLE Magazine (Korea). Grab your copy!
Source: ELLE Korea Facebook 

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August 20, 2013
Lee Min jung to release additional images from her wedding pictorial with ELLE magazine
[by Joy Kim] One of the hottest celebrity couple, actress Lee Min jung and Lee Byung hun got married on August 10, and the happy couple’s wedding pictorial was released online. 
With fashion magazine ELLE, actress Lee Min jung revealed her wedding pictorial and behind stories from her wedding. Previously, Lee’s image of wearing a mini dress was released and it had become an issue on internet. With ELLE, she released additional pictorial. 
From the additional pictorial, Lee is wearing a beautiful wedding gown and a veil. On top of her she is holding a crown. She looks like a princess in her pictorial. 
Also from the interview, Lee talked about her marriage with actor Lee Byung hun. ELLE asked if she feels she met a husband and actor who can give advises for her and Lee answered “As an actor, I have lot to learn from him.” 
She also talked about her episode of marriage proposal. After reading Lee Byung hun’s interview from August issue of ELLE that he does not understand why he have to make a proposal, she wasn’t happy. However, she did receive heart warming proposal infront of her family members. “I could feel his sincere thoughts and feelings. I couldn’t help myself from crying.” 

On ELLE magazine, Lee Min jung’s friends and Lee Byung hun’s side of stories will be on. Lee Min jung’s special wedding pictorial and full length of wedding episode will be on September issue of ELLE magazine. (photo by ELLE Korea) 

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August 14, 2013
Lee Byung Hun's Saxophone Serenade for Lee Min Jung Revealed
by jnkm soompi.com
user posted image
Even though it’s been a few days since Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun got married in a private ceremony, more details have been leaking by the day!
It has been reported that Lee Byung Hun romantically serenaded his new wife with the saxophone!
A photo has been circulated online of Lee Min Jung in a black mini-dress happily listening to her husband’s saxophone performance dedicated to her.
Lee Byung Hun's saxophone surprise at wedding after-party
Source: STARN News
Lee Byung Heon played saxophone for Lee Min Jung at wedding party.
On August 14th, a photo of Lee Byung Heon playing saxophone for Lee Min Jung at their wedding party was unveiled by a source.
The photo shows Lee Min Jung in a black mini dress, and Lee Byung Heon playing saxophone in front of her.
It is said that the wedding party was attended by many close friends of Lee Byung Heon, including director Lee Hyun Seung, actor Song Seung Heon, and saxophonist Danny Jung.
Lee Byung Heon and Lee Min Jung's wedding ceremony was held on August 10th at Grand Hyatt Hotel located in Hannam-dong, Seoul, and approximately 900 people attended the wedding.
Netizens who saw the photo left comments, such as "They are looking so happy", "Looks like Lee Byung Heon practiced saxophone for Lee Min Jung", and "I'm sure Lee Min Jung was very surprised."
On the other hand, Lee Byung Heon and Lee Min Jung had their honeymoon in Maldives, and they will be residing in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province. /Reporting by Oh jin ju en@starnnews.com

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August 25, 2013
Lee Min Jung Talks About Lee Byung Hun and Her Wedding
CJ E&M enewsWorld Jeon Su Mi Translation Credit : Erika Kim
Lee Min Jung revealed more about her marriage along with a wedding shoot.
After releasing a cut of her in a stunning wedding dress, Elle released more photos from the same spread of the lovely couple.
Lee Min Jung talked about her husband in the interview attached to the spread.

When asked whether she believes she got not only a husband but also a mentor, she answered, "Lee Byung Hun is a great senior to look up to, so yes I do feel that way."
She also talked about how she felt about Lee Byung Hun′s big proposal.
"I was a bit annoyed when Lee Byung Hun said in an interview with the August issue of Elle that he didn′t understand why we need a proposal, but I was touched at the one he prepared," she said.
Lee Byung Hun played a special video for his proposal after getting their families together.
The actress added, "I couldn′t help but show tears because I could really feel how sincere he was."
The September issue of Elle also talks about Lee Min Jung′s wedding styles with stylist Ahn Mi Kyung.
Photo credit: Elle

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August 26, 2013
Eiffel in Seoul

Lee Byung Hun (이병헌) and Lee Min Jung (이민정) tied the knot at The Grand Hyatt in Seoul, South Korea on August 10, 2013. The star-studded wedding ceremony was dubbed by the press as 'The Wedding of the Century'.
The beautiful bride met the press in a gorgeous lace gown from Marchesa Bridal Fall/Winter 2013 collection. During the ceremony, she was seen wearing a strapless voluminous gown with a lace bustier from the same collection.
Which is your favorite wedding gown on Lee Min Jung?
Check out the link to vote at 

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Love the writing on the wall  in the first ELLE photo

And if I open my heart to you

I'm hoping you'll show me what to do

And if you'll help me to start again

You find that I'll be there for you in the end :wub:

Thanks so much to @TheRealCZ at Lee Min Jung thread for the wonderful, insightful and most heartwarmingly ELLE interview by Lee Min Jung. A must read, recollection about LBH and how they met. It is an amazingly heartwarming feeling reading the words of someone who knows and understands Lee Byung Hun the way fans and others do not.
Please check it out, it's a straightforward and amazingly sweet sharing by Minjung about Byunghun. There's a Part 2 later ~
Lee Min Jung, When A Woman Loves A Man

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laquetahodge said: I don't even frequent couples threads because it's just fan fics and randomly putting them together based on their dramas or variety show appearances. The only one I truly will go to once in a while is the YongSeo thread, Just like the Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo thread, these two are an actual couple. Rubie, you just gave me a new reason to practically live on Soompi :)

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September 3, 2013
Lee Min Jung has her first post-wedding official appearance today at the Jill Stuart A/W Launch. More pics at the actress' thread or here :) Seems that there're a similar aura/appearance of Byunghun (last week) and his wife this week.. the hair color/black outfit. Well.. obviously, the newlywed glow... :x
Lee Byung Hun photos on August 27



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Awww.. didn't know that DC fans even do artworks for MJ&BH as they seem more dedicated and into drama couples. That's a really cute gif, thanks for sharing at the thread.. definitely makes a brighter day, Nina.welcome.gif
Thanks to Lala for the highlight.. . hope it's ok to call you that like @thegirlwho did. I wanted to announce the thread to the world (which I did via twitter and FB ^^) but kinda wary with the soompi fans' response whatnots. Really silly, huh but once bitten twice shy.. yet can't help adoring this couple. More and more. wub2.gif
Frankly, it's actually a relief because Byunghun and Minjung are married. It means that we won't interfere or offend any other celebs or fans about anything. It's like starting anew and enjoying more beautiful couple moments by a lovely pair. So, please keep on posting and sharing !
Re-posting their dating pics from December last year, the only one time discovered by the media..

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