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♥ The Official Hunnie Couple ♥ MINJUNG ♥ BYUNGHUN ♥


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^ Oh.. in soompi, we've been calling Byunghun "Hunnie" derived from his name to sound like "honey" .. it's an affectionate call to him, someone we adore and appreciate. And right now, aren't they real honeys to each other. <3
Have nothing but love and support for Byunghun and Minjung. SInce we're in the couple section, it's somewhat the "word" that came to mind to sort of synchronize with the others. Of course, they're also known as Mr. & Mrs. Lee.. but it could also mean the couples Lee Sang Soon & Lee Hyori or Lee Bum Soo & Lee Yoon Jin, etc.
To be honest, we've never followed (or even known) what the Korean fans call the couple. Lee-Lee? It really didn't register to me that we have to follow what Korean fans call them. My first time starting a couple thread. Does Baidu fans call them that, too?
So, I'm really sorry for the confusion. I've just checked that the Korean media called LBH-LMJ the "Hun-Jung" couple. We can go with that if you prefer that better. Or maybe Minnie Couple.. as opposed to Hunnie. Similarly sweet & adorable, imo. wub2.gif

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LOL.. Lala and Nina.. it's my bad that I didn't ask before "naming" the thread. bricks.gif
Both of you have been the ones always posting and sharing or it would be so lonely.. tell me what should we call this lovely Couple thread as? in_love.gif
th_0012.gif th_0002.gifth_0008.gif


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Thanks Lala and Nina for the responses, a "couple name" if such a trend is supposed to be fun, heart-warming and nothing stressful.. right? I guess my mistake was to get a bit carried away which I will rectify later. The name "Hun-Jung" probably suits the couple more but the name never really catches on despite the couple being in a relationship since mid-2012, earlier even. Real life couples doesn't really need these nicknames unlike Kdrama popular pairing to keep the drama interest going, for instance. It's obviously more acceptable for popular couples like the onscreen couple pairings. I remember coming across news of top stars Jang Dong Gun & Go So Young being called the "Jang-Ko" couple.. I suppose the moniker was coined by the Korean media based on their names but it doesn't sound so fetching to begin with, unfortunately.. 
Here's a capture of BH at the filming site sometime last week. It's not a clear shot but it's him taking a break and texting on his phone, he does that a lot in the past year, too. Definitely say that he's chatting with his wife. LOL.


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October 11, 2013
Beautiful Diamond-studded Chopard Rings Promise of Devotion & Eternal Love
Source: Nate

Renowned brand Chopard which boost a 153-year of history in exclusive Swiss jewelry and timepiece is no stranger to the Korean celebrity circle. In their 2010 wedding, high-profile couple Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young's highlight of Chopard wedding gift set brought instant popularity to the exclusive brand. In the August 2013 wedding of top stars Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung, the couple have personally chosen Chopard rings as their symbol of love. 
Lee Min Jung's distinctively heart-shaped ring said to be the only one in Korea (based on the Chopard signature design) highlights a beautiful design that can be worn in public as personal jewelry without losing its iconic style.

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Here are more pics from the wedding :

Min Jung is best friend with both ... he's her friend from school and she's her neighbor friend ... LOL She's friend with both of them since childhood! ;)) She was the responsible of that wedding ... haha and she was in charge of the rings XD 

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Lala, Nina.. they're too quiet, indeed.. probably planning a surprise.. well, we can always assume that. Though it would be nice to see real couple pics, right (maybe one or two from Maldives would be so cool). It's understandable that perhaps, Byunghun & Minjung do not want to overexpose their private lives but will surely appear together when the time is right. Sometimes.. when we're least expecting it.. they would surprise us like no one else.. pwettybunny.gif
A couple website sounds nice but (even between me and Nina), we'd already have sites/FB/blogs highlighting updates of LBH and LMJ individually yet at the same time will definitely share their news when there's any. LOL.. we do need some news first and foremost to post & share, huh huh.
For me, I'd highlight this couple thread instead .. in a way, we'd be promoting the soompi forums as well.


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Still no sign of the couple today, huh.. together or individual sightings no2.gif. They sure kept it quiet and serious when working.. and kept it private and secret when playing.. I mean when they're together.. like in Maldives. LOL..
So.. sharing some pics.. just some cool (put-together) couple captures..

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I'd probably be off the pc the next few days, so I better post some pics for the thread while I still can. Have to say this is one of my fave pics of the couple.. of course, not quite the together photo but coincidentally sporting the same outrageous fashion+pose. LOL. My co-admin at EverythingLBH.com, we chuckled when we put the pics side-by-side. We had it very earlier on but did not post at soompi.. Byunghun posed for VOGUE magazine (the Dark Angel pictorial) in 2008. It was so funky and dark that we thought no one would be wearing such bizarre fashion till we saw Minjung's pictorial for Stonehenge late 2012. Somehow .. whether it's cute.. chic or sexy or plain crazy.. they just .. matched. laughing.gif

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av-4239.gifI'm probably risking the wrath of Beautiful Days drama lovers but it's really nothing bad, no no. I'm myself a BD fan for it's the drama that got me hooked to LBH 12 years ago till today, and always. That is one truly classic KDrama romance melo, through and through. So, seeing some of the wedding captures had surely reminded some similarities where Byunghun is concerned. While Minjung had worn wedding dresses in all(?) her dramas, All About My Romance was definitely the one most watch-worthy in terms of a beautiful wedding and significant ending. Byunghun had done a lot of dramas in his rookie years but the ones I remembered showing wedding scenes were Beautiful My Lady (1996) and Beautiful Days (2001). When he did BD.. he was rather bulky at the time and sporting blonde-streaked hairstyle (the trend at the time). He's definitely more fit and so maturely attractive these days. But other than that.. trait similarities could be seen from Minchul's wedding to Yeonsoo.. and Byunghun's wedding to Minjung. Really don't mean anything in any bad way.. not ever.. because I love BD (will always be) and I adore BH&MJ, obviously. Choi Ji Woo who acted with LBH in Beautiful Days remained a close friend and colleague to LBH till this day. They've worked together in a drama, a movie, concert and CFs. CJW .. just like SHK (Shin Ha Kyun, MJ's co-star in AAMR -- BH's co-star in JSA) attended the wedding in August, celebrating the lovely couple's own beautiful day. Hopefully one day the couple will in return attend their friends' wedding.
Just love the way BH held MJ so tenderly and with so much love and care when he kissed her. It'll forever be a wishfully hope to see glimpses of the bride and groom kiss during the ceremony. 
Will we be so lucky?

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October 15, 2013
Survey: Married Couples Most Likely Envied by Singles
Source: Naver l thanks to mistymorning for the gist & highlight ^^

Chosen by young male
1. Do Kyung Wan - Jang Yoon Jung2. Lee Sang Soon - Lee Hyori3. Seo Taeji - Lee Eun Sung
Chosen by young female1. Lee Byung Hun - Lee Min Jung2. Ji Sung - Lee Bo Young3. Baek Ji Young - Jung Suk Won
Chosen by older single male1. Lee Byung Hun - Lee Min Jung 
Chosen by older single female1. Han Hye Jin - Ki Sung Yueng

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