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[Official] Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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bravo and good luck ,zzainal!              103 followers!...........it soo real,,,,,,,,,,,,,the number of course

,selfish man!...you abuse the car for a picture ? ..you need a lawyer , because this is't a domestic violence( the car is't considered a member of the family ).....

@asiaren I wish Sukkie work with Bo Young unni again and thank you for all the updates and posts chingu    

Swaying blooming flowers 

3 hours ago from iPhone client

A man who walks freely between a juvenile teenager and an elegant youth Cr. hoha / loverddot[love you]
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今天 00:49 from the iPhone
Roman history is a separate appendix  Li Zhongshuo 
tells the truth
that the development of the character of the female character is
really the Korean drama Mary SuBensu, the
current two episodes, it does not feel like the other dramas of the two masters from scratch High energy
should be a drama
thattakes the pure love route.After seeing the second episode, the next notice
may be followed by a sweet direction (sister and brother + cohabitation, brain supplement Xiaotianwen[not simple]).
In fact, the first two After the episode (especially the first episode)
, the story should start to develop. It
should be interesting. I
believe that the vision of the two masters
will not be really fragrant. I[笑了cry]
look forward to the development of the plot next week

. The most important thing is
that the role of Ershuo is finally not to bear so much.[笑了cry]
I’m so inlove, how good areeveryone, so what do you think of the female host? I think the female is actually very good-looking.[笑了cry]
今天 22:24 from the ultra, then edited
Roman history is an appendix of the album , the second episode:
Dane ’s heart that Lian Enhao does not know~Li Zhongshuo ,李奈映 
恩浩 looked at it and found that Danyi’s resume is on the entry list; In the written test, Yi wrote the words that moved him. Enhao opened the view. Dany wrote in the words "I want to say to myself": To Danyi, I have been with you for 37 years, but I still don't. I understand you, so I want to understand from now on; I have been working hard until now, I am sorry to bully you, I am sorry to treat you casually, so that you are always so weak and sorry, you are very hard, you must be very tired and want to cry Come, sorry; but you are smiling, really hard, then please live happily, don't look at yesterday, go back and find what you want to do, continue to cheer, don't lose, work hard together, Fighting~
In the people who think that this kind of bitter person can work, then wonder if Enhao is not touched, Enhao said that there is nothing to pick, no typos;Oweb link
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I love the first episode of Romance is a Bonus Book !!!! It started  of in such an interesting way and then ingot bleak for a bit but there’s definitely happier bits in between and AHHHH!  It’s been a while since I’ve watched a fluffy show and enjoyed it to the max but I can’t wait for the ride!  The SLS might be a problem but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there…https://knifeinmyhand.tumblr.com/tagged/romance-is-a-bonus-book/image

Lee jong suk’s new drama is out today :wub:

I am low key happy with how the face turned out in this one! :wub:




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5 hours ago edited

timeline_card_small_super_default.pngRomance is a separate appendix Ep 1-2 Theatrical "The Life Will Be " #李钟硕# #李钟硕罗曼史是别册附附# 李钟硕#罗曼史是别册附附# #李奈映# After reading the first two episodes, If I say that housewives are the most risky profession in the world, no one should object. The risk is that few people will think that it is a profession. All the time, energy, and sacrifice that Tanyi has invested in this work are taken for granted. Life does not give her corresponding feedback. You do It is all right, it is your fault to do it badly. There is no room for promotion in this job. Tanyi has no way to improve her social status by cleaning the toilet brush. And all year round, all-round occupation of Tanyi all the time, not to mention the salary increase, basic life security may not be maintained. The most terrible thing is that she has always been in the competitive mechanism. Someone wants to replace her at any time. She thinks that this man is so frustrated, except that she can't see it, oh leak, no, the world is not lacking more than her. Awkward women, all the grievances and tolerances of Tanyi and even the dusty pleadings can't change the softness of the man after the decision. After all this happened, after Tanyi realized all the bad things and the incomprehensibility of life, everything went back to the original point and couldn't help but ask himself: Why did you want to get married? Yes, why do you have to get married? When Tanyi was holding a pot of onion and was talking in the rain with a shochu and a car, she said the answer: Now, no matter what man appears, I will go with him. This is the mentality of her marriage. Before her marriage, she also suffered a huge change in her life. The death of her father, the pressure of debt, and the fragility of her mother made her fall into this mode, no matter which man went with him. And just happened, there was a man around. She was not unaware of the problem with this man. She also fled in the moment before the wedding, according to her own heart. But in the end, she still succumbed to her own life. At that moment, she still believed that others had more faith in herself. She still refused to admit that she was a real eye. Innocent thought that marriage can change everything.timeline_card_small_super_default.png 

This is the life that will be, life is always such a bully and fear, the more you are wronged, the more arrogant it is, it will fall into the limelight in the desperate, unless you really realize that everything can only rely on oneself, only to find yourself, can you Really live. 

The feelings of Tanyi and Enhao have many levels, the benefactors who save lives, the like-minded friends, the like-minded confidants, the relatives who can rely on, except love. Years have already punished Sandy to lose her behavior, then she used her instinctive choices, has been obsessed with the love of things, has achieved through the efforts, has unwittingly affected the life track of Che Enhao . 

Born to the present, Tanyi finally understood that the past is the past, no matter how sad, she can not stop the speed of time, at least it is not too late to recognize herself; can not grasp the man who changed his mind, just pot The scallions are given to others; if you can't keep the glory of the past, then tear it off from scratch. 

The only thing she cherishes is the relationship with Che Enhao. She has always been carefully protected, carefully taking care of the scale, not letting him fall into his own unbearable life, not to slap any of his editors and professors to teach any of them. Also continue to care for him as an older sister. 

This screenwriter is very good at portraying the complex and subtle changes in the relationship between two people for a long time, to see if two people can join the weight of Romance in such multiple relationships. Cohabiting with such a handsome and talented younger brother, at the end of this year, it is a strong aphrodisiac for a young woman like us.:heart:
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Swaying blooming flowers 

2 hours ago from iPhone client

Being edited by the editor of the publishing house, Cr. EDIT / rang5959 / yeowoo_byul2[haha]
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    Swaying blooming flowers 

    2 hours ago from iPhone client

    Without the eyes of Che Enhao, 
    there must be 
    a chance for 
    Danyi to encounter Cheen Ho in reality. However, he can learn to cherish himself like Jiang Danyi. Cr. yeowoo_byul2 / inhighsummer / 
    loverddot /rang5959
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Swaying blooming flowers 

4 hours ago from iPhone client

JShine Lee Jong Suk Fans Club 
withJS Philippines 
withJS Malaysia 
withJS Indonesia 
withJS Myanmar 
Lee Jong Suk Fans Club Indonesia 
いjiょsanそku - CLUBJ 드림 
as "Romance is not, Appendix" a joint should aid 
A-Man Project issued ins thanked 
" refueling efforts will shoot, everyone is master clock actor's self-esteem :wub:
Cr. amanproject2018 
동남아 팬 그리고 달글 여러분 
응원 감사 합니다 :wub: 
# 힘내서 _ 열심히 _ 촬영 할게요 # 여러분 은 _ 종석 배우 의 _ 자존심 :wub:
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  • e838d6c5gy1fzm4yid634j20u00u0jvz.jpg
  • e838d6c5gy1fzm4yiw1v9j20qn0qmwiz.jpg
  • e838d6c5gy1fzm4yjg7n4j20qo0qojup.jpg
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 Lee Jong-suk  Lee Na-young [tvN romantic comedy " # # Romance is a separate volume appendix " - laughable, and we finally played two Shuo "slag man" again! ! When you are splashed with water, you should also cherish the "slag man" Che Enhao! ! ! 
Last night, Li Zhongshuo's new drama was broadcast, starred in the publishing house that did not believe in love, representing Che Enhao. He kept changing women's sleep but never mentioned marriage, nor was he responsible. Mom, we have finally played the slag. male"! [允悲][允悲]
Let's take a look at the "Slag Man" Che Enhao who also wants to cherish the coat when splashing water! ! ! Unfortunately, the ex-girlfriend does not love Enhao's jacket, a cup of water to Enhao, a cup of water his jacket! ! [haha][haha][haha] L new drama can not stop Weibo video
[Be careful for you]// @ fish in the water YL : very moving period, as the woman really should look at O link to this page     O Web links
 Lee Jong-suk  Lee Na-young [tvN romantic comedy " # # Romance is a separate volume appendix " Episode 2 (word) - Jiang Yi Tan would like to say to myself super touching! ! This is the story of her re-recovering herself, and the story that every woman should be alert to, and should not lose herself at any time! 
A woman gave up her self for marriage and love at the best age. What will happen in ten years? Most will lose...expand the full text c
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Cr. highcutstar 눈빛 
이곧장르가되는마법.:wub: 주말저녁을설렘으로채워줄<로맨스는별책부록> 이종석의멜로적순간을담았습니다. 이종석의화보와인터뷰는하이컷234호에서만날수있어요. . 
하이 컷 # # highcut #highcutstar # 이종석 @ jongsuk0206 #leejongsuk # 만다리나 덕 @mandarinaduck_kr # 로맨스 는 별책 부록 # 차은호 swaying blooming flowers seconds to shoot videotimeline_card_small_video_default.pnge838d6c5ly1fzmgl7a43aj20hs0m8aak.jpg

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Official] Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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