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[Official] Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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bravo and good luck ,zzainal!              103 followers!...........it soo real,,,,,,,,,,,,,the number of course

,selfish man!...you abuse the car for a picture ? ..you need a lawyer , because this is't a domestic violence( the car is't considered a member of the family ).....

@asiaren I wish Sukkie work with Bo Young unni again and thank you for all the updates and posts chingu    


Swaying blooming flowers 

4 hours ago from iPhone client

"Romantic is a separate appendix" road shot 


5 hours ago from iPhone 6

2019.01.29 "monkey hotel" album introduction 
jannabi's first regular album "Monkey Hotel" 
consists of a total of ten tracks composed of all the tracks of this album constitute a story. 
Please listen to it! 
1. "Goodnight" (Intro) 
tortured and devastated John in the annoying daily life of his hometown. 
Flee from the exhausted daily life to the first night of the monkey hotel. 
A song that sings and sleeps while insomnia. 
The intro of the Jonh singer who will become the observer of everything that happens in the monkey hotel. 

"People are very lonely, no one is a special case, don't think too miserable" 
2. " There is nothing left in the summer after the summer," 
John, who woke up from the song that didn't know where to come from, overheard whether I don't know if Amy's love for the lost love, who missed the love of the lost love. 
It’s already a thing of the past, so now I’m determined to open my heart for a new love. 

"After the rest of the summer night like much but still for the next coming who have reservations" 
starting today, will be updated in a regular series 1 song in digital video - daily 
video selected in 2017 The official version of the year-end concert. Although the Chinese characters of these two songs have been issued not long ago, the song "Summer Summer" has every unique feeling in every game. Please always see the last, there will be surprises. Surprise only belongs to the treasure@bandjannabi ~ 
Lyrics / album story translation: @舞的崔政勋 
Video production: @史  jannabi #bandjannabi# #jannabi中字# Jannabi_Club's Weibo video
timeline_card_small_super_default.png timeline_card_small_video_default.png
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Swaying blooming flowers 

4 hours ago from iPhone client

Shooting only needs to play a few bars, but one month in advance to practice the whole song. "Romantic is a separate appendix" 1, 2 episodes of shooting jpgif Cr. RANG5959[Be careful for you]
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 Li Baoying met in listening Zhang debate in the know "mother" of Jiang Xiuzhen your smile on your tears for your forthright about your desire not to tender your resistance to the outcome of the people you have no resistance Brief Encounter I'm sorry I'm late accompany you through the rest of the day together there to give me share some cute little British treasure Ernie high-quality pictures thanks[love you]
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