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[Drama 2013] ★ Secret | Secret Love 비밀 ★

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Secret (비밀)



Genre: Melodrama, romance

Episodes: 16

Broadcasting network: KBS2

Broadcast period: September 25, 2013 to November 14

Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00 (Korean time)

Replaces: The Blade and Petal

PD: Lee Eung Bok (School 2013, Dream High, Dream High 2, Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang)

Writer: Choi Ho Chul, Yoo Bo Ra

Official Site : Secret (Korea) | Secret Love (KBS Global)




(Credit to KBS Global)

 In the present time, it is believed that a person should first increase their own value before they fall in love. This is a period when everything is valued according to its exchange price. Love, which was once regarded as an immutable value, has become a fashionable concept.

 Here is a man who does not believe in love. He thinks that love is something worthless to be handed over to dogs.He has huge wealth and a handsome appearance. He is confident about himself and is not concerned about affairs involving women as he can always meet any girl he wants and change partner whenever he likes.   Then here is a woman who believes in love. She believes her man will never change. She has dated her sweetheart for several years, but she does not rack her brains weighing the pros and cons of her relationship, and remains indifferent to the rewards for her efforts and investment she made for her sweetheart. In addition, she would even give up part of her life for the sake of her sweetheart. The two meet. This program tries to rethink the meaning of love through the meeting of a foolish man who does not know the art of love and a brave woman, who is braver than anyone in love.




Other Characters 
Kang Nam-gil as Kang Woo-chulAhn Ji-hyun as Yang Hae-riLee Deok-hwa as Chairman Jo Han-ilJo Mi-ryung as Madam Hong In-jooSong Min-kyung as Jo Min-jooYang Jin-sung as Seo Ji-heeLee Seung-joon as Choi Kwang-minChoi Woong as Choi Kwang-sooYang Hee-kyung as Park Kye-okKang Shin-il as Ahn In-hwanKim Hyun-kyun as Park Hyun-seokHan Ki-joong as Yang Ik-tae



Recap and Review by @Ripgal
First 6 Episodes Impressions : Secret of MakjangnessYou’ve gotta give it to the MAN! by @ripgal

Review by Resident @c_gunawan541
Episode 1-6 : Secret Like an Addictive Drug Episode 9

Other Reviews
by hellochloeby Musings of a Twinkiepinmil6.jpg
나비(Navi) - 불치병(Incurable Illness)(Feat. Kebee of Eluphant)

구자명 (Gu Ja Myoung) - 그 사람 (That Person) (Secret OST) (Audio)

에일리 (Ailee) - 눈물이 맘을 훔쳐서 (Because of Tears)pinmil8.jpg





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Update #4 - New rule: "No Instagram embedded posts




Added by @partyon :

Rules for the Revenge re-watch party (autumn 2020)

  1. The re-watch party starts on Tuesday 6th of October 2020.
  2. We will watch 2 episodes every week
  3. You can post your thoughts about the week's episodes no earlier than on Tuesday each week
  4. Posts about episodes 1 and 2 can be added to the thread no earlier than on Tue Oct 6h 2020
  5. You have time to post until Monday the following week
  6. The same rules apply as on normal drama threads; there will be staff available on each re-watch party thread
  7. It doesn't matter if you are a first time watcher or if you have watched the drama before - everyone is welcome to join the party! :kiss_wink:
  8. Please be aware that there will be chingus who have not watched the drama before, so no spoilers, please!
  9. The most important thing is to have fun!




The re-watch drama schedule:


Oct 6 -Oct 12 -- ep 1, 2

Oct 13 - Oct 19  -- ep 3, 4

Oct 20 - Oct 26 -- ep 5, 6

Oct 27 - Nov 2 -- ep 7, 8

Nov 3 - Nov 9 -- ep 9, 10

Nov 10 - Nov 16 - ep 11, 12

Nov 17 - Nov 23 - ep 13, 14

Nov 24 - Nov 30 - ep 15, 16


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황정음, KBS '비밀' 출연설에 "긍정적 검토중"

마이데일리 기사전송 2013-07-26 08:45


기사 이미지

[마이데일리 = 이지영 기자] 배우 황정음이 KBS 2TV 새 수목드라마 '비밀' 출연을 고심 중이다.

황정음의 소속사 싸이더스HQ 측은 26일 마이데일리에 "황정음이 '비밀' 출연을 검토 중이다. 아직 확실하게 정해지지는 않았으나 긍정적으로 검토하고 있다"고 말했다.

황정음이 고심하고 있는 역할은 뺑소니 사고를 일으킨 남자친구를 위해 대신 교도소에 가지만 결국 배신을 당하는 캐릭터다.

현재 배우 지성 역시 사랑과 사람을 믿지 않는 냉철한 재벌 총수의 후계자 조민혁 역을 두고 검토 중에 있다.

'비밀'은 네 남녀의 치열한 사랑 이야기를 담은 드라마로 KBS 미니시리즈 극본 공모전에서 우수상을 수상한 최호철 작가의 작품이다. KBS 2TV '학교 2013'과 '드림하이'를 연출한 이응복 PD가 연출해 기대를 모으고 있다.

지성과 황정음이 출연 검토 중인 작품 '비밀'은 '칼과 꽃' 후속으로 오는 9월께 방송된다.

[배우 황정음. 사진 = 마이데일리 사진DB]

(이지영 기자 jyoung@mydaily.co.kr)

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20130726n05354?mid=e0101

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Hwang Jeong-eum revising KBS "Secrets"



Actress Hwang Jeong-eum is revising the script of upcoming KBS 2TV drama "Secrets".

Sidus HQ reported that she is currently still thinking about if or not she's going to star in it.

The role she has been offered is a woman who goes to prison for her boyfriend who causes a hit-and-run accident but gets betrayed in the end.

Ji Seong is also revising the role of Jo Min-hyeok, a rich plutocrat's son.

"Secrets" is written by Choi Ho-cheol who won an award at a script contest. The directing will be done by Lee Eung-bok from KBS 2TV "School 2013".

"Secrets" will be aired in September.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )

Translation: HanCinema

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Hwang, Ji may join drama


Will actress Hwang Jung-eum of the MBC drama “Golden Time“ and actor Ji Sung of MBC drama “Royal Family” work together in a drama?

After the two celebrities showed great harmony in a commercial for a local retailer last year, many are excited to hear that they are now considering roles in the upcoming KBS drama, tentatively named “Secret.”

If they take the offer from the broadcaster, Hwang will play a cheerful character who takes the blame for a hit-and-run accident that was caused by her boyfriend in the drama scheduled to start in September.

The boyfriend, a designated heir of a local conglomerate, may be played by Ji, who later leaves Hwang despite her courageous act.

The drama will replace “The Blade and Petal,” in which actors Uhm Tae-woong and Kim Ok-bin play roles, when it ends its run in September.

By Lee Sun-min

Source: http://koreajoongangdaily.joins.com/news/article/article.aspx?aid=2975164

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Hope it'll really be Jung Eum and Ji Sung's reunion (after Hi Mart CFs). I like this pairing already, can't wait to see them here. Though at this point I'd dare say it's a done deal. They're planning to round the casts and start filming early Aug. Some news today saying Bae Soo Bin and Lee Da Hee (the one from I Can Hear Your Voice, not IRIS 2) will join as second leads. Here I try to call @cynkdf as one of BSB's fan, maybe she knows something  :D

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@Pavlichenko, I came to this thread in order to find out more as there is only one solitary article mentioning BSB's (unconfirmed?) casting in "Secrets" .  Unfortunately I know absolutely nothing. Hope that BSB's Korean fan @Logicalsong can enlighten us but she has been very busy recently.  IF BSB is the second lead, does that mean that he will be the evil ex-boyfriend? Oh dear, not another villainous role please  - but then he hasn't been in a K-drama for two years.  However, he is so busy getting ready for his wedding (on 14 September) that I am wondering how he can fit in a drama (that's provided he is confirmed)

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It's OK @cynkdf.

Thanks for coming. We still don't know whether second leads will be evil or not in this drama. Initial plot often misleading and even if it's true, there still many factors/reasons which influenced characters' decision. Forced circumstances? maybe 2nd male ex never really love female lead? I know BSB been played gray and evil characters before (twice?) but they always had nuances right, never unreasonable straight out evil. So if BSB really take the role, he must be see something that he likes. I personally like my 2nd male lead to be nuanced, not just a saint to be sacrificed for female lead  :)   Though yes with his upcoming wedding, it must be difficult. But then, when it's already so close to the filming date, I really don't think production team just throwing speculating names anymore. 

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This show is on my radar for sure...i've read a few little things on Dramabeans and it seams that it will be 3 guys that fall for the heroine or more like that...the show has all the stereotypes in drama land,from head to toe but the script has award on his side and it's enough to make me curious...I like very much the actress so is a plus ans Ji Sung is a good actor...i'm expecting a different kind of drama even if it has all the things seen in drama land,that sepcial thing that make it the winner so i'm gonna wait for the actual 1st episode before comenting...till now sinopsis and characters always tend to mislead...i'm sure that Ji Sung if he takes the role will be the main,i guess maybe the writer will play with the idea who she'll end up from the 3 guys maybe... :))

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@Miky88:  No it won't be 3 men 1 woman but the usual 2 men 2 women, hence as the present rumor saying second leads gonna be BSB and LDH. Despite my love for HJE and liking JS-BSB too, even if those 3 won't be in this, I'll still want to try it as like you, I'm curious as to how the writer will concoct these various familiar ingredients into an award-winning script. The PD is good too, Dream High and School 2013 were successful drama. Gotta see how he'll handle "adult" drama next.
My fellow HJE's fan told me that she was courted for The Wang Family before, but turned it down. Dunno if it was b'coz of Secret or she was just not too fond of the script. Nothing against TWF but IMO Secret sounds like a meatier drama and role for her.

Ockoala posted a rumored plot but since there's no source cited just take it with grain of salt for now. Female lead went to prison for 2nd male's hit and run accident, 2nd male betrayed her by marry 2nd female, who actually still loves ex bf the male lead who never loves her back. After female lead out of prison, male lead finds her to take matters further b'coz the one killed in that accident was his bro. But then he falls in love with her.
I really don't think it'll be that simple, though. There must be other things inside that make it won script competition   :))

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@Pavlichenko. BSB has played evil characters a few times but since I haven't watched "Emperor of the Sea",  I don't know if his role as Kim Yang was that of an outright villain or not.  Certainly hope he'll confirm taking part in "Secret" 
Interesting article here:


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Whew, it's about time. Good! Can't wait for this cute Hi Mart couple :))

Thanks @the girl who! for bringing the news. Now waiting for 2nd leads (which at this point, IMO 95% will be BSB and LDH. There are no other names being thrown, means KBS2 most likely already sure of their participation).

@cynkdf:  JS, who's just a few days ago announced his wedding plan (also in Sep), can still join this drama. So I think there's a big possibility with BSB too. If he really join, then what a coincidence for this drama LOL.

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Ji Sung to Star in ′Secret′ with Hwang Jung Eum

2013.08.06 10:36 CJ E&M enewsWorld Jeon Su Mi Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Ji Sung will next become a rich bad guy and get himself tangled in a love he can′t resist.

The actor recently confirmed he would be appearing in the upcoming KBS2 drama Secret. His costar, Hwang Jung Eum, has already been cast.

Secret is about how a man falls in love with a woman who killed his lover. It is expected to be another deep romance the likes of which were showcased in the drama Nice Guy.

Ji Sung will appear in the drama as Min Hyuk, a rich guy who has everything but a good personality, and burns with revenge.

Hwang Jung Eum will take on Yoo Jung, who refuses to give up on life even though she′s been thrown into despair. She′s left behind by a man she dedicated her life to, but she will end up emerging as a stronger woman.

The couple′s chemistry has especially been drawing anticipation as they′ve previously met for commercial shoots.

A rep from the production company of Secret said, "We thought Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum were the best cast to draw out this deadly love story of Secret. We′ll work hard to put on a real deep romance this fall. We hope you look forward to it."

Secret will air from September in KBS2 Blade and Petal′s time slot.

Photo credit: enews DB


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Just realized something changed from Ockoala's initial plot before. The one killed isn't the male lead's brother, but lover instead. So yep, that makes it much more dramatic,  and also more complicated for 2 main leads' relationship.

Some early fan-made pics of JS-HJE:






And for you @cynkdf, with the rumored second leads BSB-LDH:


Source: DC

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class="titles2" Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, Bae Soo Bin and Lee Da Hee cast in the upcoming melodrama “Secret”

secret drama bc1 Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, Bae Soo Bin and Lee Da Hee cast in the upcoming melodrama Secret

The upcoming Wednesday – Thursday drama finally confirmed its leads 5 weeks prior to its premiere. Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, Bae Soo Bin (kyaaa, I miss you, BSB!) and Lee Da Hee have confirmed to join the newest melodrama Secret. Secret will be Ji Sung & Bae Soo Bin’s last drama as bachelors & first drama as married men; as they both will tie the knot during the drama’s run. Ji Sung is getting married to Lee Bo Young next month and Bae Soo Bin will marry his 8 years younger girlfriend in October.

Secret is a revenge melodrama about a complicated love square. There’s very little info about the plot, especially about the second leads’ characters. So at the moment, we’re playing a guessing game icon biggrin Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, Bae Soo Bin and Lee Da Hee cast in the upcoming melodrama Secret

At the moment, the plot so far sounds like Nice Guy. A man who falls in love with someone he’s not supposed to fall in love with; because… she killed his lover. Sounds interesting?

Hwang Jung Eum will play the heroine, her life crashes down when she decides to cover up her boyfriend’s hit-and-run accident and goes behind bars, believing that her boyfriend will wait for her. But too bad, he betrays her and this whole process shapes her into a much stronger person. The hero, aka her boyfriend, will be played by Ji Sung. He’s the usual Korean drama’s second generation chaebol, cold, bad boy, doesn’t believe in anyone, doesn’t believe in love. Some news reported that he falls in love with the heroine who killed his lover.

I still don’t understand how and why Hwang Jung Eum’s character became a killer; probably it was an accident, or maybe she did the same thing with her ex-lover – covering the truth and pretending that she’s the bad girl. But maybe the killer is not the heroine, but the second female lead? Because it’s reported that the four leads will be entangled in quadrangle as exes and lovers.

This drama is written by a newbie scriptwriter who won a scriptwriting contest through this script and directed by PD of Dream High & School 2013. Somehow my gut feeling tells me that Secret will be a fresh unique melodrama.

Secret premieres on 11 September 2013, it follows the Blade & Petal.

cr: dramabeans & Nate


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@Pavlichenko, many thanks for reposting that blog entry about BSB and LDH being confirmed for "Secret". BTW  it was great to see both male leads at the VIP screening of "The Flu"  this evening :) class="H" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: none; outline: 0px; font-weight: 400; font-size: 26px; font-family: 'Open Sans', 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, sans-serif; vertical-align: baseline; line-height: 1.4em; color: rgb(30, 30, 31); text-shadow: white 1px 1px 0px;"

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Bae Soo-bin and Lee Da-hee in "Secrets"

Source | 2013/08/07 | 71 views | Permalink | 0 Comments

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Actor Bae Soo-bin and actress Lee Da-hee are joining the 4-way romance with Ji Seong and Hwang Jeong-eum.

Bae and Lee have been cast for the upcoming KBS 2TV drama "Secrets" which Ji Seong and Hwang Jeong-eum have been cast for previously.

Bae Soo-bin takes on the role of Do-hoon, who dreamed of being a prosecutor but becomes a dreamer due to a big incident. Lee Da-hee takes on the role of Se-yeon, who is thirsty for love.

Bae Soo-bin is coming back for the first time in a while since the drama "49 Days". He is a character who coldly turns away from Yoo-jeong (Hwang Jeong-eum) who has sacrificed so much for him.

Lee Da-hee was recently in the drama "I Hear Your Voice" as was noted well done. She acts the character who is in the middle of authority but has to hide her love and feeling.

"Secrets" is about a woman who kills the one she loves and a man falling for her. To be broadcasted after "Sword and Flower".

Source : starin.edaily.co.kr/n... ( English )

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class="entry-title" style="margin: 0px 0px 20px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-size: 2.4em; vertical-align: baseline; font-family: inherit; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); line-height: 1.375; "Lee Da-hee to Join Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-eum’s DramaPosted on 2013/08/07 by Kang Jung Yeon in TV with 0 Comments

Korean actress Lee Da-hee [sBS]

Korean actress Lee Da-hee [sBS]


Korean actress Lee Da-hee has been cast in actor Ji Sung and actress Hwang Jung-eum’s drama.

Lee Da-hee will be joining the 10-part Wednesday Thursday drama titled “Secret” (translated title) the girl’s agency Management Koo said through a press release on Wednesday.

The melodrama will center on a man falling in love with a woman who murdered his former girlfriend, and Ji Sung will play a bad boy who has everything in the world except good character.

Lee will be playing the female lead character who also has wealthy background, while Hwang will play an innocent yet unyielding woman.

The drama will premiere in September after Uhm Tae-woong’s martial arts drama “The Blade and Petal” ends its run.

Lee, who made her debut as a supermodel in 2002, has appeared in several films and dramas, and most recently was in hit TV series “I Can Hear Your Voice.”

Reporter. Kang Jung Yeon atoz@tenasia.co.kr
Editor. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of SBS

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