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♡ 2X GRAMMY Nominated BTS (방탄소년단) Official Thread [#BTSonVacation #ArtistMadeCollection #7FATES_CHAKHO #StayAlive]


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EVENT: Tweak my oppa! COMPETITION - Win prizes! :love:


Now you have a chance to show us your photo editing skills and promote your oppa or favorite drama!

Tweak a picture of your oppa, a drama poster and/or a picture we Event Organizers have picked out for you.


You don't have to be a master of photoshopping in order to participate. There are lots of free SW and apps available to edit pictures, even on your phone. So don't be shy! :kiss_wink:

We have great prizes for the winners! :partyblob:


Your Event Organizers,

@partyon @Lmangla @Sleepy Owl

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I don't know why..  I also love the lady's voice 


Credit to the owner


p.s I'm having a critical time till mid of April. However, it's so difficult not to know or take note on what's happening around BTS.:sweet:However I know for sure all of you will be fine .... 

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I also don’t buy their Japanese album physically because it is too expensive! I usually buy specific tracks off iTunes - like their original Japanese songs. One day if they go on sale - maybe I will pick up the BluRay edition for video content. Oh need to zzzzz - work is busy now! Take care na friends.

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  • YongZura⁷ changed the title to ♡ 2X GRAMMY Nominated BTS (방탄소년단) Official Thread [#BTSonVacation #ArtistMadeCollection #7FATES_CHAKHO #StayAlive]

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