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[Movie 2012] 26 Years 26년


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Some updates:Apparently there will be a concert where the cast and director will be singing on Nov 16 - Seoul Plaza in front of City Hall - details in this tweet:
영화 26년 ‏@movie26years

[26년 콘서트에 초대합니다] 11월 16일(금) 저녁 8시, 장소는 무려 시청앞 서울광장! 감독님과 배우들의 토크, 미공개 메이킹 영상, 그리고 여러 가수들의 축하공연까지! 누구라도 환영합니다! 광장을 가득 채워주세요!

Hope some of you living in Seoul will be able to make it and take some photos or even better, video clips! ^^ Please remember to include Han Hye Jin if you can! ^^
Also, this is the link to some short video clips on 26 Years:http://telly.com/NDZ1X
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wmpc, thanks for the update about the concert. If I understand Google Translation of several media articles  correctly,  singer Lee Seung Hwan ( one of the main sponsors of the movie)  will be holding/organizing the concert.  It would be great to have the cast and director participate as well  - especially since one cast member is a member of an idol group :)

Im Seul Ong tweeted these two cute pics of HHJ and himself today:



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Yes, cynkdf, I just saw these cute photos and came here to post them but you beat me to it! LOL!In case anyone is wondering, these snaps were taken during their "dubbing" or post-synchronization session. This usually takes place after filming, during the post-production / editing stage, when the audio of the voices during filming is not of good quality due to background noises or to have a better emotional tone of the voices of the actors. They have to match or sync their voices with their mouths/lips on the screen so that's why they have to concentrate hard. I think they both look adorable! ^^ 

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Guest jjsweeter0211

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October 31, 2012 8:00 pm dkrogers


Pictures of 2AM’s Im Seul Ong and actress Han Hye Jin, who appeared on the movie 26 Years together, were recently released.

On October 30, Im tweeted two pictures with the comment, “I’m doing the post recordings for a movie with Han. I’m focusing on the monitor but she looks relaxed.”

In the pictures, Im and Han are doing the after recording for the movie in comfortable clothes. Im, who made his first appearance on the movie, is focusing on the monitor with a serious look. Han, however, looks more relaxed as a veteran actress.

The movie, which will be released on November 29, is based on the web cartoon with the same title. It is about the 1980 pro-democratic movement in Gwangju. Han played the role of a shooter named Shim Mi Jin and Im played the role of a police officer named Kwon Jung Hyuk.

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2AM’s Lim Seulong Recovering After Surgery For Fractured Foot

November 1st, 2012 by Oh! Kpop

2AM’s Lim Seulong is receiving treatment for a fractured bone in his foot.

Big Hit Entertainment revealed the news on November 1 after Lim Seulong severely sprained his left food while exercising the day before.

After going to a hospital for examination, it was revealed the metatarsal bone and part of his toe had become fractured leading to the singer receiving surgery on the same day.

2AM’s Lim Seulong Recovering After Surgery For Fractured Foot

His agency added that the singer will have to spend a minimum of two to three weeks recovering and his schedule afterwards would be determined after monitoring the progress of his receovery.

Lim Seulong’s upcoming movie 26 Years premieres on November 29.


Photo Credit: Big Hit Entertainment



Get well soon, Im Seul Ong!

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