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[Drama 2013] That Winter, The Wind Blows/Wind Blows in Winter, 그 겨울, 바람이 분다

Guest sunshine4ever

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January 11, 2020 / by Insight Books   Famous lines from drama 'That Winter, The Wind Blows' comes to mind when winter comes.    

Yesterday, owner shared photo of her with Song Hye Kyo from TWTWB set.    

I borrowed the DVD from the library (Director's Cut) there are 2 special features discs but they aren't subtitled  why did they bother putting it in there if international viewers won't understand wha

Wow, finally some pictures of the casts filming! Thanks for sharing!
I don't want to get my expectation high but I'm seriously hoping this drama will turn out good. 
Been anticipating Jo In Sung comeback eversince I last watched him in What Happen in Bali.
And I like everyone who is involved in this: writer Noh Hee Kyung, pd Kim Kyu Tae, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Bum, Jung Eun Ji. 
The synopsis doesn't interest me much but with these people, I have good feeling about it. February just can't come soon enough! 

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Guest sunshine4ever

This news is similar to the ones that were posted. Thanks so much to everyone for all the BTS pictures. In Sung & Hye Kyo look super awesome. Can't wait to see this drama. :x *group hug to all those came from Missing You/I Miss You thread---looks like we'll meet up again after Jan. hehe*
class="content-title"BTS Photo of Song Hye Gyo and Jo In Sung on Set for Upcoming Drama jnkm December 14, 2012

A behind-the-scenes photo of Jo In Sung and Song Hye Gyo on set for the upcoming drama “That Winter, The Wind Blows” has been revealed.

A post was made on an online community forum with the photo of the two leads of “That Winter, The Wind Blows,” which is to air next February. The two actors have been captured walking on a street.

The photo shows both actors’ beautiful side profiles. Eyes were especially drawn to Song Hye Gyo holding onto her white cane, as she will be playing a blind person in the drama. It is said that Song Hye Gyo visited a blind welfare center in order to observe and learn about blind people to improve her acting.

“That Winter, The Wind Blows” is written by Noh Hee Kyung and will be the comeback project for Jo In Sung, who was discharged last year. This is Jo In Sung’s first drama since “Spring Days” eight years ago and is also Song Hye Gyo’s first drama in five years since “The World They Live In” in 2008.

The drama is about the love story between a hopeless gambler, who was left by his parents during his childhood and his first love (Jo In Sung), and an heiress of a big company, who suddenly went blind and lost her father (Song Hye Gyo).

English Source
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LOL..are they comparing JIS with the person next to him? not sure thou.. this is a latest article on this pic..t explains that this is twit pic of jis with TWTWB staff,his comeback thru TWTWB,and how handsome In sung looks!! i cudnt agree with them more,, the man looks awesome..  :x



source: the star.chosun.com via naver

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His name is Jong Hyun Kim........ yes, though a small role but he's excited to work with the sunbaes :)


a tweet an hr ago, outdoor shooting at cheongdam -

여긴 청담동ㅋㅋㅋ 여기 송혜교랑조인성옴ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 드라마 촬영ㅋㅋㅋㅋ pic.twitter.com/1VcSYl8l

트위터 IdenTitymess| 원문보기


can see only cars   :D

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