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  1. I can’t wait wednesday to come! Hopefully they will make up and Yi sang needs to tell her about he is senile. i still believed it will be miracle too!
  2. Oh my word! The ep 13 is intense and funny! I love the scene were the F5 doin shop shopping and poor little boy he wanted the uniform so bad! i love the scene when they where eating chicken they reaction on the soccer was hilarious! Towards the end scene when CG try to shoot JH AND he shoot him back! I was screaming like shoot more more kill him, kill him! Then he stop rat guy pick the gun and that was like crazy I was yelling go go go shoot shoot its your revenge kill him shoot him in the head!!!!! Hahahah my husband is laughing at me! I cant wait to see the next episode!
  3. I couldn’t agree more! My husband is more excited than me! yet pissed off that there is no ep this week! Lol
  4. Oh my! Congratulations CJW! Im so behind in news and drama’s lately! Cant wait to see her cameo!
  5. I love her new character in the drama! And yes with HB
  6. Oh My I just started this the day! Its been a long time for a great drama! Wohooo!!! And my top K actress are in together! My husband is the one found and watch this first and now Im behind! I usedto be so updated in all Kdrama
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