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[Drama 2013] That Winter, The Wind Blows/Wind Blows in Winter, 그 겨울, 바람이 분다

Guest sunshine4ever

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thanks for the article putriN...

here is an other one,about the second snap..


source:tv report via naver

EDIT:an other one..



picsource: as labelled via naver 

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twitt by JUNROC82 , i wonder it's him who will sing the OST for TWTWB

드라마 '그겨울,바람이 분다'(송혜교,조인성) 촬영중 2012.12.12 Rhythm Monsterz & D-FAM 드라마 섭외 해주신 양혁준형님께 감사의 말씀 드립니다.

whome, it is said JIS is 186cm :D

edit: ria, could it be? not sure, but we will find out soon.

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kim: is he goin to sing the ost? got this article from twtwb naver news feed..


Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung are shooting a new TV series

December 13, 2012 6:30 pm dkrogers


Actor Jo In Sung and actress Song Hye Kyo were spotted while they were shooting a new TV series together.

An online community posted a picture of Jo and Song shooting SBS’s new TV series That Winter, The Wind Blows, which will air in February next year.

In the picture, Song is walking along the street holding Jo’s arm. Song plays the role of a big company heiress, who suffers from a sudden visual impairment. The two stars drew a lot of attention with their perfectly proportioned figures and profiles.

The series, which is written by famous writer No Hee Kyung, received considerable attention with the news that Jo and Song will return to the small screen together.

Source: Money Today via korea.com

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this article is a bit more detailed...

Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung spotted filming ‘That Winter, the Wind Blows’


Actors Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung were spotted filming their new drama.

Recently on an online community board a photo had been posted titled,
‘Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung looking beautiful’.

The photo shows Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung on the set of the upcoming SBS drama ‘That Winter, the Wind Blows’. In the drama, Song Hye Kyo plays the role of Oh Young who is blind and she can be seen with a cane in her hand while filming a scene with Jo In Sung.

Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung look amazing together and they can be seen completely immersed in the scene. Their passion for acting is both charismatic and exhilarating for the fans to watch.

Netizens commented on Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung’s photo,
“Even a snapshot of the two is beautiful”, “I’m so looking forward to this drama”, “Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung look much better together than I expected”, “When is it going to be on the air? I want to watch it already!”, and so on,.

‘That Winter, the Wind Blows’ drew lots of attention even before the filming began, because of the news that Song Hye Kyo was coming back to the small screen after 5 years of hiatus. The drama will tell the love story between Oh Soo, a gambler (played by Jo In Sung) who grew up as an orphan and Oh Young, a blind young woman who has inherited a fortune as the heiress of a conglomerate.

Source: Newsen via Nate-Kpopfever

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Guest mickey710

Hello, I'm new here :P
I know about this drama because of its news, and Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung are in it. At first I wasn't too interested in it, and just waiting calmly. When I found out the fact that this drama is a remake of Moon Geun Young's Love me not, I searched and watched the movie (I know I'm late :P). OMG. Now I'm crazy more. How can I wait until Feb 2013 to watch it? =((
Because the story is known, so I hope that they will focus more on acting and directing. Now I will be a camper here for sure. Thank you everybody who update the news, fanpic,... :x 

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Guest wendy89

2012.11.30~~~2013.2 ?? this means the major shooting will all be here? and means, only  Feb the drama  will be aired? am i right? can't wait this long  [-(

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OMG, I screamed when saw those updates pics! Ttanks chingu @utkim its really gonna compete on IRIs? Anyway my love for INSUNG will still remain so I stay to watch this and my very TOP list to be watch hehehehe Its getting more exciting , the house filming is so huge! I agree with the no tragic ending pls! Lolz thanks Hello to all TWWB followers!

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