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Guest sunshine4ever

[Drama 2013] 7th Grade Civil Servant / Level 7 Civil Servant 7급 공무원

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Guest jjsweeter0211

Joo-won shoots (hur hur) for Level 7 Civil Servant

by javabeans | December 4, 2012 |


Now THIS is more like it. The first shoots for Level 7 Civil Servant, MBC’s upcoming spy-action rom-com, were a little (and I don’t mean this negatively)… ordinary for the premise. By which I mean, you didn’t really get “spy” or “action” or “rom-com” from them.

Here, though, series star Joo-won transforms into the secret agent identity that he’ll spend some time trying to conceal from his co-star and love interest Choi Kang-hee. Who also happens to be a secret agent. I know, what are the chances? (In dramaland, 99%.)

Joo-won’s played a cop/detective/gun-toter in a bunch of roles so far (Gaksital, Ojakkyo Brothers, Special Investigative Unit), but what can you say, the man knows how to wield a gun. Or should I say man-boy, because he’s looking adorably young and rosy-cheeked in these stills, where he’s portraying the “comic and mischievous” hero Gil-ro. In addition to shooting, Gil-ro can also add hand-to-hand combat skills and car-racing to his list of abilities. And noona-killing, and melting hearts.

Level 7 Civil Servant follows melodrama I Miss You and premieres in January. Aw, that’s probably a good thing, so he won’t have to go head-to-head (for very long) against his hyung and castmate Cha Tae-hyun’s drama Jeon Woo-chi, which is also a Wednesday-Thursday show. Because that just might have ended in tension and tears on the 1N2D set. Okay, maybe not actual tension, but food-stealing and name-calling, definitely.




Via News1

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Guest sunshine4ever

Hi all, I hope we will try to post pictures/clips that relate to the drama only and not actors or actresses. Please post pictures of actors/actresses in their thread. Thank you.

Dear all, although I replied to these two posts and some of you have probably moved on; however, I appreciate you very much if you could please read as I am not sure how I can address myself to the public as some of you may take things personally after the James Bonds' posters issue.

slightly edited

cuour said: hi everybody, my first post here. I'm not direct like @bubbly, but I have to agree with her to some extent. I feel like I have to think twice it thrice before posting something here unlike in other threads where people write more spontaneously.

but because I'm a silent reader most of time, I guess my opinion doesn't matter that much. It's.. I'd prefer to come here after a long day to read cheerful posts. as someone said it before... you all seem to be so serious.

btw thank you everybody for the updates. can't wait to see Thailand scenes!

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Meet Korea's top secret agents.....
Han Gil Roprickly & cunning
1a.gif 1b.gif

Gong Do Hafierce & determined
2a.gif 2b.gif

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Guest rynhanna

This drama will be competing with Iris 2 next year in rating battle. Quite scary.

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Guest Bati

WoW thank you guys for the updates
Now I wish they would release more stills lol

Korean News headlines translation

-'7th Grade Civil Servant' Hwang Chansung, transformed into special force agent on the film site in Thai

-2PM Chansung, Transformed into charismatic special force agent in "7th Grade Civil Servant"

OMG hold me guys plz T_T
Chan is looking so manly and so everything <33

He really shines the most while he is acting
Even though he is a great dancer and I love to watch him dance but his acting
with those eyes just make me love to watch his acting even more

Hi @mrdimples ^^

I've known soompi since 2009 when I started to have interest in 2pm lol
and yes the groups' sections were more active in the past years.
but to answere your question, I think it's mainly because of the fan-wars
that happened between fans of different groups.

Chansung and Joo won doing orange cramel hahaha

So they have started their rivalry be competing who is cuter than the other huh ? lol
They look so beautiful .. yes .. beautiful >< it's so unfair lol

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More pics of Gong Doha *O*I really like his character. I'm going to be on a big trouble with Joowon and him ;____; 


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I am getting more and more excited whenever I see stills or updates or anything on 7G. 
Here are 2 fancams of the 2 Hotties at Thai Airport

Agent Gil Ro Completes Mission On Way Back To Korea

credit: littledevilek
Agent Do Ha Setting Runway On FIre in Thailand, on Flight Back Home
credit: jubjibz

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OMMMIIIII.........................Isn't this Uhm Tae Woong? 
So he is indeed doing a cameo for the dramadb926481800a19d83afdb9ee33fa828ba71e460f
and is that Ahn Nae Sang pouncing on him? 

87c27ec6a7efce1bfad5f521af51f3deb58f650fAnd this is Gil Ro's car? ?This is a Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster , Awesome!!!
CR:오롱잉 DC post on baidu by 元元竹
I can't read the Korean words so I am not sure if  they are really going to use this car.  At first I thought it was an Aston Martin, James Bond car but looks more like the mercedes. Still it is the most impressive car I have ever seen in a kdrama. Wow! I am impressed if they really are. The budget!

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                           More on 7G Filming

Caption in Korean when google translated seems to say that Joo Won/Han Gil Ro is the one in red box



              The Car Chase

*wonder what car Han Gil Ro is driving but I hope its the Mercedes SLS AMD R

fr DCinside

*I can't help but to think... how hot Gil Ro will look driving a fast car (just be careful Joo Won!!!)

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Joo Won's 7G MBC News and other news in one

*First news is about Joo Won's 7G, succeeding is about Joo Won so just concentrate in 7G news.

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Hi @Bati
Thanks for answering my question. I have heard of fan wars in kpop fandom, wow sounds scary. 
As for the 2 men, isn't it amazing how macho and cool they can look when they act or pose for stills. And then be totally dorky and cute when offscreen or be so hilarious in a drag? Yes, that's what we fans love, right? I hope they will entertain us with their antics in 7G and make us swoon at the same time. 
7G Hwaiting!!!

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Guest Bati

Actor Choimin posted some pics on twitter from the filming set with Chansung

MBC Mini-drama “7th Grade Civil Servant” Thailand filming. with 2PM Chansung.



source : @ gong doha

I don't know why he said mini drama !! ><

Group 2PM’s Chansung perfectly transformed into a special forces agent.


Chansung, in his transformation into a special forces agent, boasts sharp eyes and firm muscles in on-set pictures released by MBC’s new Wed-Thurs drama ‘Level 7 Civil Servant’.

Chansung, who is given the nickname ‘beastly-dol’ for his strong charisma on stage, shows off his manliness without obstacle in this drama as well.

‘Level 7 Civil Servant’ will film in Pattaya, Thailand for four days starting from last month’s 30th. There is buzz about Chansung, who plays Gong Doha in the drama, showing his willingness to do anything in acting in action scenes. The gathering of dozens of 2PM’s fans on the set further shows his popularity.

The production company says, “This is an important scene in Thailand for special forces agent Doha who is caught in mental confusion where the rebels and army are in sharp opposition,” and that “Thus, rather than putting things on a huge scale, the scenes in Thailand captures the emotional side. After filming some stable and firm scenes in Thailand, ‘Level 7 Civil Servant’ is set to film in domestic locations like on Mt. Taebaek.”

Meanwhile, Joowon, Choi Kanghee, etc, who appeared in the original ‘Level 7 Civil Servant’ movie, will also appear. The drama will air after ‘I Miss You’ on next year’s January.

Reporter Pyo Jaemin, Credit Osen, Article osen

Translated by khy127 @ W2D

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Guest alysanne

Nice pics! Chansung is definitely looking the part. I hope they release more pics of CKH, I really want to see how they've transformed her for the drama.  Also, more of the supporting actors.  :)
But yay, UTW!  \:D/

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Guest sunshine4ever

Not sure if this news is a duplicate of the other one, but it has some other stuffs in it that are too similar. The picture from this news is the same as what Bati posted, so I didn't reupload it. I feel like fans source translation is a lot better than some of the English news translations from news sites. It barely has any meat in it. I just wanted to post just in case anyone wanted to read and get something more out of it. I tried to google for Choi Kang Hee's news and nothing showed up. Ahh.

Hwang Chan-seong becomes an agent
Source | 2012/12/06

Hwang Chan-seong became a special force agent.

Coming back as an actor in the upcoming MBC drama "My Girlfriend is an Agent - Drama", Hwang Chan-seong was seen in still cuts of the scene shot in Thailand.

The Thai location showed Kong Do-da (Hwang Chan-seong), a rookie NIS agent from the Special Forces. Hwang's sharp eyes and lean body makes one fix their eyes on him.

According to sources, hwang displayed outstanding action and was appraised by the staff. Thousands of 2PM fans were gathered on the site and proved his global popularity.

The production claims, "While rebels and Special Forces conflict against each other, this is an important scene where Do-ha goes through a mental confusion so we focused more on tension than overly big scale".

The drama "My Girlfriend is an Agent - Drama" is based on the same movie about agents of the National Intelligence Service and the cast is Choi Kang-hee, Joo Won, Hwang Chan-seong and more. To be aired after "Missing You" in January 2013.



remember how I used to wake up early to watch Bridal Mask and then went to work? Well, US's time got changed and we are now an hour earlier than before. That means the drama that was intended at 6 am is now 5 am. I work earlier now, but gosh, I can still catch some of it earlier. I actually woke up at one time to watch Missing You live. I hope this drama isn't going to tempt me to wake up that early when it airs! It's funny with the time changed for us and the time changed for my work in the fall. Haha. You don't have to reply to this message. Just sharing with you. Shh, keep quiet about my time!

@Han.Ji.Yoon and purexorange: Thanks so much. :) Looking forward to seeing you both here more often. I can't help with any news as I am not anyone's fan except Joo Won's and I do not know Chinese and/or Korean. So I'm stuck at relying on a lot of you for anything at all for this drama. That's awesome we got some news from you both.

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I'm getting more and more excited as more stills are coming out. Can't wait to see stills of other characters too.

Original poster:


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Kim Soo Hyun (or Claudia Kim to differentiate)'s look revealed for Level 7 Servant!
LOVE LOVE LOVE her killer look.
more@ http://blog.naver.com/bobby0204/40173590031;) ;) ;)totally what I imagined it to be~

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        New Stills of Han Gil Ro : 7G







fr Naver: Cupitter blog

I died looking at it.... AHHHH!!! Joo Won... I mean Han Gil Ro!!!! :bz


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