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[Drama 2013] 7th Grade Civil Servant / Level 7 Civil Servant 7급 공무원

Guest sunshine4ever

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Thank you guys for your updates ^^

but yeah Chansung's and 2pm's threads aren't active like it used to be
now everyone is spazzing at twitter and tumblr ><

but here is a military look when 2pm made a military dance concept in 2010


I don't think that they'll give a flash back of him in the military though hmmm


yes it seems that they've started filming ^^ in Thailand
and I can't wait to watch the stills of them filming there ><

Twitter update


121202 2PMagreement211 - ‘7th Grade Civil Servant’ drama!! Finished the first filming in Thailand yesterday..^^
Together with director Kim Sanghyeob and writer Cheon Seongil, we’ll create a cool Gong Doha..^^
‘7th Grade Civil Servant’ fighting!!

source: W2D

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Caution: This is fictional, any resemblance to the drama characters is purely coincidental. It may be a health hazard to those who lost their funny bone. Parental Guidance is advised.
How Gil Ro And Do Ha Rivalry Startedviewimage-2-1.jpgI am Han Gil Ro, I am the Manchansung_signature-1807-4.jpg
Says who? I AM the MAN
Let's just thrash it out on the dance floor, shall we? 

credit: Joo Won YT to AngieBrad and Chansung YT to youngchunify
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Guest bubbly1430278225

@mojoboboI was hoping @sunshine4ever would reply me instead. I disagree with you about sunshine4ever not wanting us to abide rules pedantically.I was in Faith, Arang and Nice guy threads recently - to name three threads that have been highly popular. Have you been there? Do I need to write the differences between this thread and the other three? People post sex related stuff and individual news and photos in those threads and nobody called moderators. People who posted these kinds of photos actually received most "LOL" and "awesome". So how does it come people can talk about sex and drama unrelated stuff freely in other threads while we can't say a single funny thing here? I see a lot lurkers from other drama threads who are usually very active. But they're not active here. Makes one wonder why... BTW movies are rated PG-13 even if there is a bed scene.
I won't quote pictures, I won't post multiple posts per page, I won't ask for subtitles, I won't post streaming links, BUT I refuse to act like there are only minors in this thread. Just because a thread starter and ONE person who PMed her are conservative I won't stop talking about adult stuff. I'm amazed why nobody voiced their opinions earlier. 
@sunshine4ever, I don't know you and I have nothing against you personally, but I do think you turned this thread into an unfunny place where nobody wants to spazz - people are even asking if it's safe to post anything. If you knew you were a conservative type, maybe you should have not started the thread in the first place. Maybe someone more open minded should have done it. I think you can see that after that posters incident people are even less active.
I can be very wrong and people here think like sunshine4ever and the person who PMed her.
I'm going to post Chan Sung's very hot pictures here. If you think those pictures are too sexy and we shouldn't post such photos like these (it means that if Chan Sung or Joo Won will be topless or Kang Hee and Min Seo will wear revealing clothes in the drama, we shouldn't post photos here because we would offend conservative readers), then flag my post, so I can see that I'm actually the one who doesn't fit in this conservative thread. Thank you all.
source: Men's Health Korea & M-R flickr account

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hi everybody, my first post here. I'm not direct like @bubbly, but I have to agree with her to some extent. I feel like I have to think twice it thrice before posting something here unlike in other threads where people write more spontaneously.

but because I'm a silent reader most of time, I guess my opinion doesn't matter that much. It's.. I'd prefer to come here after a long day to read cheerful posts. as someone said it before... you all seem to be so serious.

btw thank you everybody for the updates. can't wait to see Thailand scenes!

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Agent Gil Ro has been charged for overexposure and corrupting the minds of pure, virtuous women, both which he strongly denies. He is incarcerated in Level 7 maximum security prison. There he finds a note wedged between the bricks. It was written by the former ex-prisoner nicknamed the “Not So Innocent” guy. In it, Gil Ro finds a shocking revelation.

Meanwhile, news reached Gil Ro that not all is well outside the prison walls. Winter has cast spell of gloom over Drama Land. The streets are silent, only whispers are heard behind closed doors, only state news are broadcast, merriment is dead, laughter a memory.

What can Agent Gil Ro do from his prison cell? What was the secret revealed in the written note of the “Not So Innocent” guy? Will Agent Gil Ro be able to escape and come to the rescue of his beloved Drama Land?


Who can free Agent Gil Ro? 

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Awwww so I see people are saying that it's too quiet in here for fear of posting the wrong things. Have no fear, Han Gil Ro is here! He's escaped on his own since he's a capable agent!
Stills from the drama:

Source: http://news.heraldcorp.com/view.php?ud=20121204000644&md=20121204113948_ANhttp://etv.sbs.co.kr/news/news_content.jsp?article_id=E10001715928

@bubbly, I believe that @lyra_brillantez has laid down the rules clear and simple. Faith thread is Faith thread, this thread is this thread. I've seen the comments made in that thread when I checked the latest posts in Soompi and I've never gone into it because of the content. It doesn't mean that just because no one objects there means that no one would object anywhere else on this forum. If you think talking about sex or other unrelated stuff is funny and helps move this thread, I would disagree. Just because no one voiced them earlier doesn't mean that it has been condoned/agreed to and they can't voice it out anymore. 
I'm pretty sure there are other appropriate forums if you wish to have fun and talk about adult stuff but this certainly isn't one.There also isn't any restriction as to who can/should start a thread. Just for your information, @sunshine4ever only started this thread after a bit of discussion with others who might have wanted to start the thread. She's doing her best to make sure that this is a safe place to discuss about the drama so I don't see why of how she has made it unfunny. There are lots of ways to be funny [aside from making sexual jokes etc] without it having to be at the expense of any human being. Sunshine has been doing a bit of work to maintain this thread and the least you could do is to not begrudge her for it even if you are not thankful.  
I cannot stop you from posting whatever you wish but it would be very gracious of you if you could just be more mindful of the less "open-minded". 

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Guest alysanne

JW is rocking the secret agent look now!  Quite different from the first "boy next door" pics that they released.  Loooooove the pics!  Thanks, guys!   >:D<

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whoawhoa, i find it totally weird how in the first script reading pictures, everybody was included except for our soohyun when she was right there! I found her picture today, so I just wanted to share it TT_TT
and some other people I found that weren't included in the other photos(dont' know them though)

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Guest sunshine4ever

@purexorange, thank you so much for the lovely pictures of the other cast. I hope more will keep coming. :) If you know her fans and/or if you post at her thread, will you please tell them of this thread so they can visit also?

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7th Level Civil Servanrt - Joo Won takes up the gun, perfecting his transformation into a NIS agent


Actor Joo Won has transformed into a NIS agent! 
MBS' new Wednesday/ Thursday drama 7th Level Civil Servant (Director Kim Sang Hyeob, Writer Cheon Il Sung) has released filming stills to the media. Joo Won has perfectly transformed into lead character and NIS agent, Han Gil Ro.
In the released stills, Joo Won, who is wearing a bulletproof vest, bears a sharp gaze while aiming his gun at the target. Holding the gun, Joo Won exudes a strong and solemn charisma. 
Joo Won plays the role of Han Gil Ro, who wished to become James Bond after watching a 007 movie as a child and thus trains diligently at various shooting, fighting and racing skills, in hopes of becoming a NIS agent. 
Joo Won has also expressed through the production team "Putting on the bulletproof vest, I don't know why but I suddenly felt very solemn. Through this drama, you will not only be able to see a funny and cunning image, but I will also show the audience my charismatic and dependable image too."  
7th Level Civil Servant is a drama about new agents who clash with each other, leading to internal conflicts, but still find love along the way. Choi Kang Hee, Joo Won and Hwang Chan Sung will star in the drama. This drama is also written by Cheon Il sung, who wrote the original movie. the drama is also directed by Kim Sang Hyeob whose works include Dong Yi and Royal Family. 
7th Level Civil Servant is slated to air in January 2013. 

Source: Nate NewsChinese translation by minidadalove @ Joo Won Baidu TiebaEnglish Translation by mojobobo @ soompi forums

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@sunshine4ever, sure thing! unfortunately her thread is inactive over here... she's pretty new i guess. i'm sure she will gain more fans after this show =]. I do know @Han.Ji.Yoon is also her fan, so I guess me and her will be active in Soohyun's news over here =] hehehe 

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Guest Han.Ji.Yoon

@sunshine4ever Yesss! :) Hehe. It feels like @purexorange and I are two of the only active fans of SooHyun here on Soompi.... But hopefully her fanbase will grow over the next few months! ^_^
Here is another tweet that she posted a couple of days ago! They're probably back in Korea now, right? Ooh.. I wonder if they plan on filming in other pretty overseas locations... :3

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