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  1. @nhatkhanh I can't read chinese/korean but from Google Translate ^^ I guess it's a NongShim Noodle fan sign event (today).
  2. Thanks @stearly for the pictures !Yeah he looks very happy This one is too cute lol cr http://www.facebook.com/pages/Joo-Won-Thailand-Fanclub
  3. 2 interviews @ Spring Awakening http://blog.daum.net/cov7a/15921250 http://blog.daum.net/cov7a/15921251 Some pictures (sorry if already posted ^^) http://cafe.naver.com/musicalheaven.cafe
  4. Oh thanks @mojobobo, I like the Morning Calm Village pictures very much !And the 1st picture of him wearing glasses, is it during his university days :x ? I don't know if this already is posted, here is a YT video of his horror movie Don't Click (no sub)cr cometgirl1203 on Youtubehttp://youtu.be/um6iTHFFUiU
  5. Thanks @mrdimples, there is this youtube video for the same interview with english sub (start from 8:00) and this one (from his musical days ?) where Joo Won sings several songs (i can't embed the video)http://www.sarangtv.co.kr/love_tv/board.php?PHPSESSID=1b94c7c4e0d54c7129a75b9fa7da5646&board=loveguide&command=body&no=50&page=1&sort=hit
  6. Thanks @lyra_brillantez I watched lots of Joo Won videos recently, and he is indeed very cute in real life and so different from his personas on screen He is really cute in this one ^^ and very funny in this one lol and I didn't know he is so good at singing (thanks wanida99 for these videos)
  7. Hi, I am a new Joo Won fan (thanks to Gaksital!!!)Yes I watched today's 1N2D eposode, hilarous as always !! I laughed so much !!It was surprising how he can run with hiiiiigh heels (myself really can't do that lol) @renney_lim you can find the 1N2DS2 videos here http://joowonenglish.wordpress.com/category/1n2d-season2/ Can't wait to watch Gaksital ep18 !!!
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