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[Drama 2013] 7th Grade Civil Servant / Level 7 Civil Servant 7급 공무원

Guest sunshine4ever

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Three More Days Before 7G Airs!!! Can't Wait!!!

My Korean James Bond... looking good. :D


-original post-
Yahoo!!! New Joo Won. Drama! I love it!!! January 2013 is one of the best upcoming month. *let's hope the Mayan prophecy will pass peacefully, lol*

@mojobobo: Ah, dear, don't really care who the lead actress is, you know me, no OTP for me. Any Joo Won cutie partner is fine by me. As long it's Joo Won as the lead actor is awesome.

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You are AWESOME! 
thanks @sunshine4ever, I couldn't have done a better job. I have been spazzing the whole morning in anticipation. I don't care if I sound like I have no life but suddenly the sun shines brighter, the air smells sweeter and I am "ALIVE!" 
Here's some reasons I am going nuts. (hint: I have a weakness for hot guys with guns) 

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Credit: Dramabeans http://www.dramabeans.com/2012/09/joo-won-signs-on-to-rom-com-spy-drama/

Rejoice! Joo-won’s back! He took all of two seconds off after working himself to the bone in Gaksital, but I’m pretty sure nobody’s gonna complain that he’s signed on to a 20-episode drama, Secret Agent War.

I know what you’re all thinking: He just did that drama! But this one’s a romantic comedy (ah, so his interview was a hint!), and based on the rollicking action-romance movieLevel 7 Civil Servant. That film starred Kang Ji-hwan and Kim Haneul as exes who broke up when she was a spy hiding her identity from him. Then they meet years later when he’s become a spy, but they’re part of separate units so they have to keep up their covers in real life. All while juggling their cases and fighting their crackling chemistry, giving us basically one big shenanigan. The movie cracked me up, and I’m ALL SET for it to be a drama.

The drama will retain the basic premise of the movie, with both spies hiding their identities from each other. Joo-won plays our passionate hero Gil Ro, who decided in his youth that he wanted to be a spy after watching a Bond movie. That cracks me up. His father became rich practically overnight, so he grows up in wealth and comfort, with a generous spirit toward others and a chic, refined appearance. Gil Ro gets accepted as a secret agent, but he’s not your usual veteran agent; he thinks and acts like the new generation he belongs to, and he makes mistakes and causes conflict. That sounds similar to Kang Ji-hwan’s character (who was forever making hilarious gaffes on the job, then able to turn around and be awesome, and then gaffe again), but we’re told Gil Ro will be a different character from the original.

Secret Agent War will have the movie’s writer-producer Chun Sung-il onboard as its scriptwriter, who has since also written Chuno and Runaway Plan B. I’m hoping Chun has learned from Runaway’s failures (which also was an action-comedy with secret agents and glib humor) and gives us a bit more heart, a little less superficial gloss. I suppose it’s too much to hope that he’s suddenly learned how to write women characters, but still, I’m gonna hope my heart out that they cast an awesome female lead. Someone badass, who can stand up to Joo-won and hold her own, or maybe kick his butt around a little.

The drama is aiming for a January 2013 premiere. Start your countdown clocks!

Via SBS E!

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Guest sunshine4ever

Actor Joo Won Confirms MBC Drama “Battle of the Secret Lovers” 

English translation by mrdimples @ Soompi

Production Company “Apple Pictures” announces on the 28th that Joo Won will be taking on the lead role in the drama “Battle of the Secret Lovers”

In the show, both parties who are highly skilled agents, hide their true identities, in this mutual deception, a romantic love blossoms. The script is based on the movie “7th Grade Civil Agent” and the story is about the relationship between these 2 new generation National Intelligence agents and their conflicts and issues in their love lives, friendship, within the group and between themselves.

Joo Won acts as the main lead “XX”(cannot translate name), who was inspired to become a secret agent since young because of the movie “007”(James Bond?LOL!) He is a passionate character, he lives a comfortable life with his father who had overnight amassed a great fortune and became an instant millionaire.

“Battle of Secret Lovers”  will be aired in January 2013

Actor Joo Won confirmed for MBC drama "The Battle of the Secret Couple" (Script - Cheon Sung Il)

English translation by mojobobo @ Soompi

Drama production company Apple Pictures released the news on the morning of 28 September that Joo Won will be taking on the lead role for The Battle of the Secret Couple.
The Battle of the Secret Couple is a romantic comedy about two highly skilled secret agents who disguise themselves and lie to each other continuously. The script is based on the movie "Level 7 Civil Agent" which was about the romance and friendship between two intelligence officers whose jibs became a source of dispute for them. 
Joo Won will be playing the lead role of Gil Ro (??) who, because of a 007 movie he watched when he was young, set his heart on becoming a spy agent and is a person full of passion. He lives together with his nouveau riche father who became a millionaire overnight and enjoys a wealthy lifestyle.

The Battle of the Secret Couple will begin to air in January 2013.

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