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Guest sunshine4ever

[Drama 2013] 7th Grade Civil Servant / Level 7 Civil Servant 7급 공무원

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class="headline"Joo Won and Choi Kang Hee Featured in Funny Trailer of “7th Level Civil Servant”KpopFighting.comBy Korea Star Daily | KpopFighting.com – 2 hours 34 minutes ago

MBC TV’s new drama series “7Th Level Civil Servant” is about to air its first episode. To build up hype, a funny teaser preview of the series featuring main characters played by Joo Won and Choi Gang Hee was released.

The 40 second preview shows thrilling parachute jumps, car races and epic fight scenes which leaves viewers on the edge of their seats with suspense. The sparks that the two protagonists may create as the series develop is another thing viewers are looking forward to.

“7Th Level Civil Servant” depicts the relationship and love of two secret agents in a world of lies and deception. The series features big stars such as Joo Won, Choi Gang Hee, 2PM’s Hwang Chan Sung, Kim Min Seo and other Korean idols - a truly star studded cast.


from yahoo philippines, koreanwave section

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Only One Button? !!Seo-won (Choi Kang-hee) and Gil-ro (Joo Won) took a dancing class during the National Intelligence Service training. This scene was like a real ball with 3 cameras and 30 or so supporting performances


Also, it was Christmas on this day and the shoot took place in a merry atmosphere.

The highlight of this day’s dance scene was the exchange of eye sights between Gil-ro and Seo-won. The way they looked at each other was like they were about to kiss and even the staff around them were mesmerized. Also when Choi Kang-hee‘s button fell off from her dress, Joo Won put it back on for her.

With no break during for the New Year, the crew compliments the actress and actor saying, “What Choi Kang-hee and Joo Won are doing can be highly anticipated”.

Meanwhile, MBC mini series “My Girlfriend is an Agent – Drama” is an action romance about agents who do nothing but lie and is going to be aired after “Missing You” in January.

source: ohkpop 

The way he held her hand and looked down on her, I am surprised she was still standing up....my knees would have given way

Only 1 button dropped from ALL that excitement from that HOT HOT HOT stare? If I were her, it won't be just 1 button..........AND HE PUT IT BACK ON FOR HER??????


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Article on Dramabeans
Level 7 Civil Servant’s ballroom flirting and agent trainingby girlfriday | January 7, 2013 | 


Finally, a tux! Who’d have thought it’d be so hard to get a wannabe-James-Bond in a tuxedo, for pete’s sake? Priorities, Show. We’ve got more stills and teasers for spytastic rom-com Level 7 Civil Servant, featuring leads Joo-won and Choi Kang-hee in that one ballroom dancing scene that for some reason has to be in every single spy rom-com. You know the one: two spies dance while spying on neighboring diplomats/terrorists/informants waltzing nearby, stealth-attack henchmen while doing fancy dance moves learned at Spy Academy, heat up their sexual chemistry, catch all the bad guys, aaaaand big dip to finish. That’s storytelling economy for ya.

The other stills feature second lead Chansung in special ops training, led by Ahn Ne-sang and his lieutenant Jang Young-nam. The pair of them should be a riot together, though you wouldn’t know it from the stills. But you wouldn’t cast two comedic talents like them and waste them on buttoned-up serious roles, would you? Would you?

Overall the teasers give a good feel for the show — light, fast, heavy on the comedy and the action, thank goodness. The actors don’t seem afraid to look ridiculous, so I think we’re in for a good time. I’m ridiculously excited for Uhm Tae-woong’cameo, just for the meta bromance alone.

The closer we get, the more my excitement level rises. Maybe I’m conflating my impatience for seeing Joo-won as 007 Lite with my anticipation for the show. Oh who’re we kidding. That pretty much encompasses all of my excitement for the show. Bye-bye melodramas, hello secret agent shenanigans!

Level 7 Civil Servant premieres January 23 on MBC.
















Via Xports News


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More pics of Gong DoHa e_______e Look at that gunshot at his belly Btw, that gym is CS GYM (Chansung's gym in which he is the CEO in real life LOL)Can't wait for thiiiiiiiis!!!
Source: 2pm fanpage memoria

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Guest Bati

class="blog_h2 entry-title"2PM’s Chansung shows off his abs on My Girlfriend is an Agent


2PM’s Chansung recently attracted a lot of attention by showing off his perfect abs.

The production crew of MBC TV’s new drama series My Girlfriend is an Agent recently released some still photos

of Chansung working out in one of the scenes. He’s showing off firm abs and a bullet wound on the abs.

In the series, Chansung plays the role of Gong Do Ha, a rational, brilliant agent who is secretly

in love with Seo Won (played by Choi Kang Hee).

One of the crew of the series says, “Chansung must be really exhausted by working out

for a long time, but we are very surprised that he is still very energetic and hard-working.

He’s very serious about acting. Please look forward to his charismatic, mature look to be seen in the series.”

My Girlfriend is an Agent is a romantic comedy about new agents who lie about everything except for love.

It will start airing in the middle of January.

@ en.korea


OH MY >_< This is gonna be a lovely scene <333
I'm happy they went to Chan's GYM kkkk

Gong Doha FanArt


credit to 2pm fan-art at tumblr from korean fans

Chansung with his Chilli Hotdog lol

7th-level-civil-servant COME ON


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@bati, Awww the abs... *coughs* :D:D:D  Now if we can only see more of this... *coughs* *coughs*

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Hi everyone (newbie here >_<)
I've been waiting for this drama for so long !! I can't believe it will be aired soon ! I can't wait to see Joo Won in a romantic comedy ! It is really nice to see him take new challenges and get away from the heavy and tiring roles he is used too.
I can't deny the fact that I am also excited to see Chansung in a drama !!! He looks particularly involved in his role from the stills I saw !
Can't wait ~

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          Our Korean James Bond : Joo Won


note: Han Gillro's character wants to be like James Bond, hence my use of a James Bond poster. I did not use Gillro's name in the poster since the poster depicts the real surname/name of the actors playing James Bond so I used Gillro's real actor name, Joo Won.

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Reporter] [Newsen bakahreum

Actress Choi Kang-hee neck, the neck of the 'public' MBC tree mini-series '7-level public officials yidwae had won '(a play went / directing Sang -) side January 10 Wooden allergic attacks in succession to hwangchanseong JW and Choi Kang-hee's comic appearance being released said.

Choi Kang-hee's expression handeuthan godalpeum actress's subsequent attack of the actor without being forced to facial expressions evoke a laugh.

Samora's in the title shot jammed on hedeurak Choi Kang-hee has the look and action rehearsal junghwang kidding me a favor and look this day publicly steel.

Choi Kang-hee is referred to as these two male actors from leading domestic maeryeokga hedeurak incidentally put to me looking harder than comical expressions built Iroha yeogeum laughter. Facing netizens

"Choi Kang-hee's sincere expression of contrast in favor of naughtiness, such as facial expressions and deout chaff", Choi Kang-hee's throat, "I want to be," nerves of steel, "Choi Kang-hee seemed" different opinions, "Choi Kang-hee Age" seemed to transcend you said. '7 grade civil servants' shooting Choi Kang-hee, despite the fact that the actress from getting enough smoke skydiving, car racing and other dangerous action taken from the body does not richard simmons foot around the staff and actors from a colleague 'actress' reputation to present.

Action applies even in rehearsal, younger actors Action Partner, without reserve forward the ultimate white have.

Between the actors for the crew, "Choi Kang-hee preferential treatment at the scene senior despite being senior actor said mine eyes not try to do it under any circumstances think that her first breath of the actors and to do my best and because respiratory seems better, "he said.

On the other hand-MBC mini-series '7 grade civil servants 'love, except that everything is a lie I want to see new NIS agents fighting action romance.' "Coming January 23 as the successor to be the first broadcast is scheduled (Photo dramatic Tok)

fr DCinside Google translated

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“Level 7 Civil Servant”: Choi Kang Hee Gets A Headlock From Joo Won & Chansung

Posted by couch kimchi on January 10, 2013 · Leave a Comment 

This probably isn’t a girl’s dream hug from a couple of cute guys.

In these new stills from Level 7 Civil Servant, Joo Won and Chansung have locked their muscular arms around Choi Kang Hee’s poor head. Choi Kang Hee’s facial expression is especially drawing laughs from netizens, as she appears to gasp for breath while a determined Joo Won strangles her.





Sources  |  TV Daily  |  Star Daily News

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"My Girlfriend Is An Agent - Drama" Joo Won and Hwang Chang-seong reveal bodies

Source | 2013/01/08  from Hancinema


Upcoming MBC drama "My Girlfriend is an Agent - Drama" revealed still cuts of Joo Won and Hwang Chan-seong.

Joo Won is wearing a grey tuxedo and Hwang Chan-seong is wearing a black one.

Joo Won dressed himself in black pants, a grey tuxedo and a bow tie but is holding a gun. Hwang Chan-seong is dressed all in black like the typical spy. Many are anxious to see what this 2PM member will do to take over the drama with the charisma he used to take over the stage.

The other person in the picture is Son Jin-yeong who is dressed in a white tuxedo. He starred in MBC drama "Lights and Shadows" and succeeded as an actor from being a singer.

This still cut was taken last month during a shoot. Apparently Joo Won, Hwang Chan-seong and Son Jin-yeong had a fun time making the scene like brothers.

MBC drama "My Girlfriend is an Agent - Drama" is an action romance drama about agents that lie about everything but love. To be aired on the 23rd of January at 9:55PM.

Source : www.newsen.com/news_v... ( English )

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@mrdimples, You said before, its ONE button, right? Aish... ...  if that was me, I'll have no more buttons.



My GOD.... I just stared at his hand and ..... AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! What a sexy hand it is.

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I am so excited! Chansung and Joo Won look so hot. So hot. Thanks for all the pics! I must say Choi Kang Hee's hair looks much better in these stills than the ones I originally saw. I felt so bad for her before with her weird bowl haircut. It's growing out a little. But I still wish she had long hair...

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