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Ha Ji Won 하지원 | Current Film: 2020 ‘PAWN/Collateral’ (NOW SHOWING)

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♥ Pearl Of Asia ♥  "I felt like I lack something, and that's why I always want to learn. " - Ha Ji Won “I think it’s my greatest joy and pride to have received so much love as an actress – I

Are you missing 1+1 couple ???....Looks like Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook beside the KNTV interview they did a photoshoot for Hanryu Pia Japanese Magazines  no 10/31....Pillow fight   They are so cute !

and this isn't she so lovely and beautiful??  HJW new muse for Styllus Jewellery   and she's been also a representative of Piaget, Swarovski, and Cartier   awww!! ama




ha ji won’s laugh is always epic :D 

5 hours ago, ElectricHearts said:

I followed the account she tagged! I can't wait to see what it is. I noticed she actually teased it in August by writing See's The Day :lol:^_^

Exactly! Please jiwon just give us the concrete idea of that see’s the day thing :coolshades:

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Yes she is indeed into something. Looks like something artsy?? Looking forward for it! :hwaiting:



I want to share (or re-share) this special HJY with Engsub. Enjoy! Remembering one of the best Saeguk :)



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((Book 'At This Moment Translation))

Her Story 2 :

#  Between  Panic  and  Passion  Page 170-175




After thinking over and over again, I decided to become Korea's national team player, Hyun Jeong-hwa. 

However, even though my body was on the table tennis court, the heart was still heavy. The high expectations around me were also a burden. 

"Jiwon is excellent in motor skills, so she will be good at table tennis."
The movie officials, the staff, and director Hyun Jung-hwa seemed to believe that I would be able to play table tennis like a pro soon.

 I started out because I liked the scenario, but Im still not in good shape. Words that I would normally hear as pleasant compliments made my heart squeeze.

 Perhaps because of the basic motor skills, from the first day, I learned a lot of things at once, such as hitting balls and smashing techniques.

 Usually, I learned everything I would learn over a week or two in three days. However, my head and body were playing separately. 

Then one day, as an interim check, the staff, the boss, and other officials came to the practice. As they watched me hit the ball, I heard murmuring here and there.

“You're doing well too.”

"Huh? Isn't that strange?"

"Ah, that's enough."

I also heard the voice of director Hyun Jung-hwa.

"The hips came out too much. Why are the swings and the hips opposite??

I knew that my actions were wrong. 

At some point, I felt like something didn't fit, and my swing seemed to be skewed even compared to the players' movements.

 However, no matter how much I tried to fix the swing while drawing in my head, my body didn't listen. In the front, it kept tossing the ball and I was hitting the ball like a machine.

Suddenly, my ears rang~ and I couldn't hear any loud noises from the practice range. 

Nevertheless, my hand kept hitting the ball regardless of my will. It was a complete panic. 

No way, how did this happen to me... … .'

The impact was great. When the practice was over, I felt like I couldn't do it, so I went to the boss.

“President, I can't do this. It was the first time I knew there was something that didn't work for me either. I couldn't enjoy Table tennis , and I don't think i can film a movie like this."

I was also surprised when I spoke like that.

 It was the first time that I said that I couldn't do it while working for 13 years. 

The boss was also surprised and began to appease me.

"You're doing really well right now. If it's too hard, do you want to take a few days off and practice? And does it make sense that you can't play table tennis?"

The boss asked me to think more about it, but I had already given up on table tennis in my mind. 

It was because I couldn't enjoy table tennis rather than because it was difficult and the practice was difficult. Whatever I learn, I've been enjoying it all, so I did it well. I couldn't do anything on those things i couldn't enjoy.

That evening, there was a dinner for actors. Even though I couldn't do the movie, I attended a dinner party because I wanted to relieve my mood, but Director Hyun Jung-hwa was also there.

 I drank a beer with the director and told her the truth. 

"Director, I was actually in panic before. So I said I couldn't."

I thought the director would appease me and persuade me like the boss, but she said a word firmly.

 "It seemed like that. But that's good. It's because Jiwon has a passion inside. Without passion, there's no panic." 

"Really? Is this good?"

 In a very simple way, i returned to original me, Ha Ji-won.

 'Yeah, I'm not this kind of person, why have I been so motivated?
I was suspicious of myself because I didn't play table tennis well.

 Are you not doing this because you don't want to do it now? while doing things. I always believed in myself and challenged new things, and I have learned to have fun each time, but when I had such doubts in myself, my motivation decreases.

However, the director's words cleared up such doubts within me.

The next day, I went to the gym. There was a preliminary round for the World Championships in the region, so there were no coaches around, and only two young student players, twenty-one years old, remained. 

Somehow I liked it too. I said to them, “Now I'll only practice until I want to. I won't even try to be good. And I'll just do what you tell me to do.” 

The friends filmed a video of me playing table tennis, and while watching with me, they advised me to raise my arms more or turn my hips.




Then, the wrong swing form was caught properly. Even the rally that started out as fun wasn't exciting.
 The rally is where the players continue to attack and smack the ball, but the first 20 challenges that they tried were successful without difficulty.

Then, the wrong swing form was caught properly. Even the rally that started out as fun was exciting.
 The rally is where the players continue to attack and smack the ball, but the first 20 challenges that they tried were successful without difficulty. 

Suddenly, I gained confidence. "Shall we try 50?" When the rally exceeded 40, there was a misconception that we should not fail, and we focused more.

 With 50 successes, I was excited and challenged 100. How many times did you fail and fail again about 80 times? Do it again and again When we succeeded in 100 rally, we ran around the gym with joy.

Table tennis was so much fun and exciting. 

I started playing ping pong even in my dreams, and became Hyun Jung Hwa and shouted "Fighting". 

The most powerful and overwhelming fighting in my life... 


credit to admin Lory in HJW-PH Fanpage


HJW’s journey while making ‘As One’ movie, she’s really an amazing woman! 
*clap *clap

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At This Moment Book Translation. 


Her Story 2 :

# Each piece has a goal.
Page 180-183


Whenever I enter a work, I set a goal that I want to achieve in that work.

When I filmed the drama Hwang Jin-i, it was after a difficult period personally, so I felt desperate to want to be recognized as an actor through this work.

Hwang Jin-i's meeting wasn't unusual. When I held the script book in my hand, the script really shined. (It looked so real to my eyes.) I held the script tightly in my arms, thinking that I really wanted to do this work. I wanted to live as Hwang Jin-i. I wanted to draw a nice picture of a woman named Hwang Jin as a free woman, not a prostitute, but as a celebrity.

The movie ``When I filmed Haeundae, the goal was to fully express the dialect 100%.
At that time, my script was close to sheet music. I marked the accent of the dialect like a sheet music and practiced as if singing. My dialect teacher was a friend from Busan who was one year younger than me, and I almost lived together like a family. As if being tutored by a native-speaking teacher, he communicated in dialect and wrote down accents. The conversation in my dreams was also a dialect.

"The goal of 「Sector 7」 was to become an action female warrior who could represent Asia. At that time, I was painting my room with a picture of Angelina Jolie. Because I just wanted to be like that. I wanted to show that there can be a wonderful female warrior in Korea. It wasn't awkward at all, even if a Korean actress played an action in a fight with a monster, and that was my goal.

“The goal of the Secret Garden was a little abstract: children, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and everyone in the world would fall in love. Surprisingly, the drama made a blast and my dream seemed to work.

“When I started Korea(As One), I wanted to move the hearts of young friends who weren't very interested in unification. Before I filmed this film, I was also interested in reunification and the issue of North and South Korea, but I did not think deeply. I hoped that many people would sympathize with the feeling that I fell in love with reading the script, so I felt really good when I heard that my young friends cried a lot after watching the movie. This is because I thought,'I have moved our friends' hearts even a little.' It was also a movie that I felt once again, saying,'The power of the movie is so great.'

``At The King 2 Hearts, the goal was to become a North Korean female officer who South Koreans would like to make friends with, and to become a hang-ah that feels friendly and looks great. I wanted to show that Hang-ah, who lives in the north, is no different from us, and I also wanted to make friends with her.

``The experience in Korea made me more greedy. I wanted to show that South Korea and North Korea just live in different systems, no one is wrong, and they are warm people like our neighbors. Someday, I hoped that a day would come when I could see this drama in North Korea, and people from the North could enjoy watching it.

The effort was as great as the greed. Learning the North Korean dialect thoroughly is the basic, and even if it is the same dialect, I added a feminine expression to my own rather than a blunt and hard tone. The teacher who taught me the dialect was also very passionate. He sincerely told me everything he knew about North Korea, as well as special forces instructors and female soldiers. Probably without him, it would not have been so natural and lovely.

I would like to express my gratitude once more to the teacher who helped me so much.
I was grateful, and I was very happy while we were together.

so one day I asked the teacher that North Koreans would like it, right?” I smiled at the teacher and nodded. I am also having.

I asked my teacher "maybe someday that North Koreans would like it to see Hang-ah, right?” He smiled and nodded. After that, I dreamed of becoming the first actor to have a fan meeting in North Korea.

When that day comes, how exciting will you be?

My heart is already pounding.


Her Story 2 :

# Things That I Want to Challenge More Page 184-185


Recently I've been learning yo-yo. This is because i have to do a yo-yo action in the next work. It's so fun that I play with yo-yo whenever I have time. A few days ago, my eyes opened at 5 am. My God, I woke up because I wanted to do a yo-yo.

I was playing yo-yo from dawn, ate fruit, and went to sleep again.

Whenever I like something, I hang in front of it without even trying. In the movie 'When I was filming a 'Babo', I woke up while playing the piano, and went to sleep under the piano.

If i think about it, all of my challenges were achieved in the process of moving toward my dreams within the framework of acting.

Even now, what I want to challenge is always in the world of acting. There may be some actions to show in the acting, but I want to challenge those things that convey emotions with just one eye and one fingertip.

The dream that I want to achieve in my life is acting, and I live in it almost every day, so my challenge will always be connected with acting.

Whenever I live a new life with a new character through a new work, there is a lot of trouble.

I am curious about what the audience expects from me, and I want to show the audience what they want or how they go beyond their imagination.

I have challenged a lot of things so far, but my challenge as an actor will always be in progress. Nothing makes me beat like a new challenge.


Credit to @adminlory Ha Ji-Won 1023 FB fan page. Full translation album 


Every pages I read just give me an awe to her :) Now I really want to hear more about her story after that, when she picked Empress Ki, TTWNIL, Hospital Ship, and Chocolate. Now I'm craving for her next memoir book already. 

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At This Moment Book Translation.


Her Story 2 :

연기 (Acting) Page 186


She learns to learn all kinds of martial arts for several months for a three-minute duel scene, and learns to hone her kicks a thousand times a day so that the knees fall out for one kick.

The person who fights within me is in tears where the camera does not turn, the person who constantly learns is the learner.


Her Story 2 :

# As much as I sweat drops
Page 187-189


One day in 2004, I received a call from director Lee Myung-se. He was planning a movie based on Damo, but since he wrote the screenplay with me in mind, it was a suggestion to work together. Damo again, who was the heroine of the drama Damo? Most of the people around me dried up, and I was also a burden.

However, since it is Director Lee Myung-se, my desire to try it arose.

It is because the director's unique style and video shown in ``There is nothing to see in recognition'' was very impressive.

There was also an expectation that if I worked with a director called 'the master trainer of actors', I would be able to grow as an actor.

" it will be a completely different movie. Forget Chae-ok too. You are Nam-soon."

The Director's words gave me a faith close to conviction. I was worried, but I had more expectations and excitement than that. Undoubtedly Detective: Duelist, decided to appear.

As a result, 「Detective: Duelist) became a movie that hit the turning point as an actor. It is the work that gave me the most pain and hardship, and made me grow that much.

"You shouldn't let the actor just try to act without sweating, because the audience loves it as much as the actor sweats." (trying their best)

This is what the director emphasized: In the meantime, I was a diligent actor who studied a lot before filming and learned everything I needed for my work.

Still, I was shocked by the Director's words. The sweat of the actor will be visible to the audience, but above all, the actor himself knows best.

The director's message seems to have meant that no actor does not sweat, but to look back on how much sweat they had and whether they put enough effort. These words made me nervous.

Three to four months before entering, the director told me about tango and other new things to learn.

All the cast members had to gather at the Namsan practice room and learn abdominal breathing, dialect, sunmudo, judo, swordsmanship, tango, sit-ups, kicking, and sliding according to the white schedule. It was hard training over 12 hours a day. There was no law to regard as an actress.

Training was hard, but the atmosphere of the practice room was always lively and pleasant. I had a strong bond with fellow actors who met every day for several months and sweated together. After my debut, I couldn't even take college classes properly and have been acting all the time.

“Detective Duelist was a movie that turned me over. Whatever I do, I'm going to the end, but all the things I never thought I could do. I do not know what the director brought out of me. I can't forget the blissful joy.

What kind of person is an actor? Throughout the filming period, these words lingered in my heart, and I got some answers.


Her Story 2 : Page 190


It is a person who has to learn all kinds of martial arts, memorize sums, and repeat dozens of rehearsals and filming for the dueling scene of the person in the movie.

Learned by a person who has to hone her kick in all manners a thousand times a day so that her knees fall out for just one kick.

Even where the camera does not turn, the person who fights with me so that I can cry, and the person who learns without stopping like that, is the learner.



Credit to @adminlory Ha Ji-Won 1023 FB fan page. Full translation album 



Duelist will remain special movies for me :) because I cannot forget action moves of her and KDW can be so beautiful. 

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Start my week with Jiwon's content flood  :rickroll: Now I'm ready for this hectic week!


13 minutes ago, strwbrry said:

the way she walks exudes confidence, and i love it 

She doesn't need red carpet nor fab dress for doing that :D


17 hours ago, strwbrry said:

cute hahaha

Hahahaha... how she utilize her staff to entertain her fans is lit! I love the manager who always keep his straight face and always ready to protect her every time

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