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  1. [Pop Interview③] Ha Ji-won "Concentrating on the real me, not the actor.. I'm still thinking about getting married" Input 2020.10.01. 2:51 PM Original view Actress Ha Ji-won/Photo = Provided by CJ Entertainment [Herald POP = image reporter] Actor Ha Ji-won revealed the latest situation. In an interview with Herald POP, recently held at a cafe in Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, I was impressed by saying that Ha Ji-won is spending time focusing on human Ha Ji-won, not actor Ha Ji-won. On this day, Ha Ji-won said, "Because I have time nowadays, I am spending more time focusing on the real me rather than myself for an actor life." “When I work, I don’t have time to see me, so when I have private time, I do what I really like.” He said, “I feel calm and good by doing things I like, such as listening to music, reading, watching movies, and walking.” I confessed. He said, “When I was working hard, I didn't think it was difficult because I was immersed in it again. “If I focus on one, I can't see the other,” he added. “Since I have a lot of space these days, I think I have to spend time for myself naturally. “There may be times when I want to marry, but I do not live consciously. It seems like that as I spend my days doing things I like. I would love to have a romantic relationship, but it is not a style that is conscious of what I must do. I have never even received a blind date. I tend to pursue a natural encounter. haha." On the other hand, Ha Ji-won's new film'Collateral' is a story that happens when'Doo-seok' and his junior'Jong-bae', who are unacknowledged, go to collect money and raise 9-year-old'Seung-i' as collateral. Currently being screened. popnews@heraldcorp.com K-POP Hallyu star'Real Jic Cam' [Herald Pop Naver TV] SOURCE
  2. Yup the review is good, and its like saying if only there is no pandemic it will really be hitting more than that. It is a pity that such movie comes in times like this.
  3. Let’s all be happy because PAWN movie is getting all the good reviews and high rating rates
  4. Actor Ha Ji-won and Yeo Jin-gu met at tvN entertainment program'House with Wheels' / Photo: CJ Entertainment, Chosun Ilbo Japanese version DB source
  5. so pretty "I am a daughter who listen to my parents. Since I was a child, my parents haven't told me what to do. they didn't even force me to study. One time, when I was going to the audition, my mother said,'If it's hard, you don't have to do it.' That word gave me the will to 'must do it.' From then on, it was amazing because i went to audition and went well. Honestly, I have never even rebelled against my parents. So I'm sorry. I'll try to deviate and rebel (laughs)”“It was a pity to see that not only'collateral' but also many films were delayed due to Corona 19. I have listened to a lot of music, watched a lot of movies, and had personal time to discover what I like in everyday life, but it wasn't just happy. Everyone is having a hard time because of Corona 19. Various movies are released this Chuseok, so I hope all goes well.”"After 'Pawn', I am preparing for ' Bigwang' This movie is also a family story, but I plan to show a different image. As it has been our 24th year since our debut, I want to show better acting to the audience and viewers. And I want to be a good senior to my juniors.” SOURCE
  6. [HanCinema's News] Ha Ji-won Talks About "Pawn" By William Schwartz on 2020/09/29 at 20:17 PST For the first time in five years Ha Ji-won returns to the big screen with "Pawn". In the family film, Ha Ji-won will play the adult version of Seung-i, a young girl played by Park So-yi as a child who is handed over to characters played by Sung Dong-iland Kim Hee-won as collateral for a debt. Consequently, Ha Ji-won has been speaking about her role and her return. According to Ha Ji-won, she expected to be out of practice for a major film shooting environment but was surprised by how much fun it was. Ha Ji-won credited that content of "Pawn" to that sentiment, describing the movie as having a strong healing tone. At the same time, Ha Ji-won described the process of watching Park So-yi's scenes as hurtful, but necessary to put in a strong performance due to the difficulties the younger version of her character had experienced. Purportedly Ha Ji-won's scenes are all quite emotional, as they deal with Seung-i coming to terms with the difficulties of her youth and her various imperfect father figures. Ha Ji-won's legendary reputation as a melodrama actress are the major reason why she was cast. Though quite different from her long for drama work, "Pawn" is said to have a similarly bittersweet if cheerful mood. Ha Ji-won has also expressed a wish that her future parks may allow for more naturalistic acting, though she has also claimed some level of satisfaction with the diversity of roles in her existing filmography. Ha Ji-won has stated that she does not think she can do too many more roles in the future, However, she has also admitted to having often had this thought before only for new roles to come her way nevertheless. Ha Ji-won said it would be nice for families to see this movie during the five day Korean Thanksgiving weekend, although she also noted the importance of being careful in these difficult times. "Pawn" is currently trailing "The Golden Holiday" in reservations, although it has better user ratings. Ha Ji-won's next film will be "Bigwang" which is expected to be released sometime next year. Written by William Schwartz SOURCE
  7. Ha Ji-won's New Film Set for Release in Time for Chuseok Actress Ha Ji-won's new film "Pawn" is set to hit theaters just in time for Chuseok or Korean Thanksgiving. "I hope the film will console viewers in difficult times [amid the coronavirus epidemic], making them feel good", Ha said at a press event in Seoul last week, just a few days ahead of its release on Tuesday. "It is a heart-warming and beautiful story with some heavy emotional punches. It is quite impressive to see how those who are not bound by blood form 'family bonds'," she said. Asked about her co-stars, Sung Dong-il and Kim Hee-won, she heaped praise on them, saying she was "very comfortable" while shooting the film with them. She added, "I had been especially hoping to work with Sung. He is really considerate. I felt I became his daughter as soon as we first met". The film revolves around two debt collectors who are offered a child as collateral and end up raising her, thereby exploring the true meaning of family. "These days, many people feel distant from their families, and some people are more attached to non-relatives than their own families", she said. "Many viewers will find it interesting to see those who are totally unknown to each other become one as a 'family'." Source
  8. ha ji won: “this chuseok i plan to cook with my mom and prepare the ancestral rites. i’m good at work. (laughs) they say it’s hard since everyone talks about marriage stories during holidays, but it’s good that there’s no such thing in my house.” ha ji won: “after pawn, i’m preparing for bi-gwang. this movie is also a family story, but i plan to show a different image. since it’s been 24 years since my debut, i want to show the viewers better acting. also, i want to be a good sunbae (senior) to my hoobaes (juniors).” Source translated by bernice OMG BIGWANG UPDATE FROM HAJIWON HERSELF
  9. [SBS Star] Ha Jiwon Shares Her Thoughts on Romantic Relationship & Marriage Lee Narin Published Tue Sep 29 16:14:00 KST 2020 Updated Tue Sep 29 16:14:00 KST 2020 Actress Ha Jiwon talked about romantic relationship and marriage during her recent interview. On September 28, Ha Jiwon sat down for an interview with the press. During the interview, Ha Jiwon was asked when her plan was to get married. Ha Jiwon answered, "I don't know, because I've never really thought about marriage that hard in my life." She continued, "I'm sure I'll get married one day when I want to or when the time comes, but I don't consciously think about marriage." The actress said, "I generally spend time doing what I like to do, and wouldn't say being in a romantic relationship is my top priority." She went on, "I don't like to meet my potential other half in an unnatural way, so I don't like people setting me up for a blind date either. I don't let anybody set anything up for me." Lastly, she added, "So, I just let it flow. I believe I'll be able to meet the person naturally as I live my life." Born in June 1978, Ha Jiwon has turned 42 years old this year. (Credit= 'hajiwon1023' Instagram) (SBS Star) LINK
  10. Pawn' actress Ha Ji-won craves more diverse, inclusive stories 29.09.2020 Actress Ha Ji-won poses at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul, Monday. / Courtesy of CJ Entertainment By Kwak Yeon-soo Ha Ji-won, who has performed in movies spanning a variety of genres including action, romance, drama and comedy as well as created numerous hits for both TV and cinema, has returned to the silver screen with the tear-jerker "Pawn." The film revolves around debt collectors Doo-seok (Sung Dong-il) and Jong-bae (Kim Hee-won) who take a nine-year-old girl as "collateral" from an illegal immigrant named Myung-ja (Kim Yun-jin). Myung-ja gets deported and the two are left to look after the child. The three come together to create a familial bond. Ha Ji-won plays a grownup Seung-yi, while child actress Park So-yi plays the younger version of the character. Returning to the big screen four years after her last film "Life Risking Romance" in 2016, Ha said she wanted to join the cast despite the part being relatively limited. "Before reading the script, I knew that my part wasn't going to be huge. However, it seemed like my role was perfectly adequate because the grownup Seung-yi leads the beginning and the ending of the story. The film isn't about a traditional family, but reflects that there are times when strangers can become family. This message touched my heart," Ha said during an interview with The Korea Times at a cafe in Seoul, Monday. She confessed that it was challenging to play the older version of the character, as she had to maintain continuity with the younger Seung-yi. "I tried to portray the character who had grown up receiving so much love from two 'ahjussis' (uncles). I thought it was important to show how much she was loved and cared for. Luckily, So-yi is bright like I am, so I was able to carry on her feeling and energy," she said. Ha picked calling Doo-seok "dad" as the most touching scene in the film. "If Seung-yi hadn't met her birth father, she wouldn't have been able to call Doo-seok dad," she said. "She realizes that Doo-seok is her real family after meeting her birth parents, and I cried a lot in that scene because I was moved by the love I received from him. There are people who mean more to you than your actual family. " The actress also reflected on her 24 years of acting and shared how she was able to continue to showcasing a new side of her talent. "I pour all my energy into my work and try to envision the character as much as I can. For instance, when I was preparing for the boxer role in Miracle on 1st Street (2007), which is based on the life of Korean female boxer Kim Ju-hee, my management agency took me to a luxury gym to work out and practice. However, I insisted on working out where Kim practiced because I wanted to learn more about her," she said. On the growing presence of female filmmakers and female narratives, she expressed satisfaction that women were gaining more representation and called for more diverse and inclusive films. "I hope there will be more diverse stories and content in the future," Ha said. "I will continue to push myself and not get complacent." "Pawn" is currently playing in cinemas nationwide. SOURCE
  11. Ha Ji Won Says, “If I get a chance, I’d like to work with Jo In Sung once again” by krishkim12 hours ago1.2kViews Ha Ji Won made her comeback to the big screen for the first time in five years with Pawn. Credit: CJ Entertainment Pawn is about a man, who would do anything for money, and his co-worker raising a child they took as a collateral. She and child actor Park So Yi played the role of Seung Yi, who grows up as an interpreter. One day before the release of Pawn, Ha Ji Won held an interview and expressed her feelings about her upcoming movie. Confessing that she cried when she first read the script, Ha Ji Won talked about her first impression of the movie. “I thought a lot of my dad. He passed away, so I missed the moments I called him ‘dad,’ and I just felt the same way as Seung Yi. This part was really touching.” Credit: CJ Entertainment She then laughed as she recalled the moments she had to play 20-year-old Seung Yi. “At first I strongly opposed playing a 20-year-old role, but the director told me that it would be more smooth in connecting the emotions if I was the one to perform Seung Yi from her college days. I was reluctant, but I still prepared for it. I took more attention to clothes and hairstyles to look more like a college student. I tried to look younger with less makeup, and chose clean color tones for my clothes, like shirts and jeans.” To the question, if she physically feels her age, Ha Ji Won gave an honest answer. “I used to play a younger role than my age, but now I’d like to talk more about those I can express at my age. I’ve worked on many projects, but I’m looking forward to doing more in the future. I want to express characters I haven’t tried before.” In the past interview, Ha Ji Won cited What Happened in Bali co-star Jo In Sung as an actor she wants to work together once again. “When we filmed What Happened in Bali, me and Jo In Sung both had a ‘strong’ love story. So we said to each other to someday work together on a good project. That’s why I said that in the past interview, and if we really do get a chance, it will be fun to work with him one more time. When I act, I tend to accept everything and give everything. I think I act because I like to exchange such breathings.” Credit: CJ Entertainment Ha Ji Won also expressed her feelings about becoming Sung Dong Il’s “eldest daughter.” “I really wanted to work with him, and I really enjoyed his natural charm. Then he told me that I am his eldest daughter (laughs). He always jokes about wanting to do a romance with me, but at the scene, he treated me as his daughter.” She candidly opened up about marriage and love. “I’ve never really thought about these in particular. I do think I can get married if I want to, but it’s not like I don’t have any plans for marriages. If there is a chance, and if the right moment comes, I will get married. I’m staying busy these days and spending more time for myself. I watch the movies I missed, read books, and spend time with my family and friends. It’s fun just looking back on me, not me in the works.” Pawn is set to be released on Sept. 29. Source (1, 2, 3) Link: https://zapzee.net/2020/09/28/ha-ji-won-says-if-i-get-a-chance-id-like-to-work-with-jo-in-sung-once-again/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
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