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  1. very nice compilation of HJW’s character roles: a must watch
  2. I feel emotional also about Galileo is about to end this coming Sunday I think I got attach every sunday to get to see Jiwon and the team having their normal convo, and one thing can’t forget about the show was that Jiwonnie would like to have a baby son and she would bring him to MDRS LOL.
  3. but I think I will give credit to Nichkhun more than HJW after watching the video HAHAHAHAHA
  4. omgggg Jiwon, why you are so confident??? introduce to us the appa of that baby please
  5. aww we can see a glimpse of Ha Ji Won’s new house Atila and Jiwon
  6. i think from now on, it will be really impossible for Jiwon to act alongside with Jiwon with the same A+ status with her. Given the fact, that her usual role is more bigger than the male lead. Or shall we say female centric dramas. awwww.
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