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  1. @liv_well same, i so miss her and been wanting to see something new or to hear drama news very soon
  2. indeed, that she even wishes for the art piece it to be seen in new york lobby she recognized her friends’ works at very instant hehe
  3. i really miss her, so happy to see her behind the scene during the fact music award such a darling, funny, beautiful and forever a baby girl original link can be found through Ha Ji Won FB PAGE
  4. i need her to work also this year either a drama or short stint fixed cast variety show for her 2021 resume
  5. @ElectricHearts i think that’s the case, i’ve heard some casts came to Jeju last year for bigwang but probably most of the scenes will take place in Busan The plot is so promising, hope it won’t get delayed more.
  6. cine21 no. 1289 #비광 director lee ji-won interview (english translation based on the chinese translation by sea_yoo)
  7. cr. HJW IG i think she’s studying painting nowadays, then she’s sharing her artworks online
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