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  1. Great ...new Jiwonnie IG update today It seems that the Queen receives a gift ..a book Maximalism by Sig Bergamin (architect and designer)... a blond, beautiful, happy and surprised Jiwonn !!?? I learn something new thanks to my Queen .... about this book
  2. " Good morning" "I've a good sleep today" "Have a nice day" "Sesa Living ...so she is at SESA photoshoot !!?? cto.
  3. hahaaha speaking about SeGa ... lot of young actors and actress choose Jiwonnie as their role model ! "My Rolmodel is Ha-Ji-won senior. When I was a kid, I really liked SBS 'Secret Garden' (2010). Since then, I saw the works of my senior, and I thought it was charming, without acting or acting. I want to be such an actor. " Choi Jung Eun https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=018&aid=0004308122
  4. Jiwonn update today "The best fried chicken in my life" So she liked the movie too or she liked KFC fried chicken only ??? I don't watch this movie yet ... Jiwonnie looks so good in this pic ...I miss her so much too @icyphoenix and hi! glad to see you after long time ...I wonder if her projects , drama and movie , are still here???
  5. Jiwonn with NZ Ambassador Philip Turner for diner at his residence ...Jiwonnie is the NZ Cultural Ambassador since 2005 when she went to NZ - Auckland to study English...So beautiful my Queen cto.
  6. At last I can see her at some social event ...Jiwonn at New Zealand Embassy ...she looks so pretty ...I miss her on screen so much .. ...Jiwon with Song Ji Eun ??? Is she in talk with Haewadal ?? It will be great !! cto.
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