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[Drama 2012] Syndrome 신드롬


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I can understand both YH & HJ's optimism, but I'm curious how much the two will feel the same way once they are the one to do the operation/have the life of the person placed in their hands. And can either handle the consequences. YH wasn't there when after the operation of the little boy and EH explained the situation to the mother, which ended with her bawling on the floor. Luckily, the boy woke up.

It seems like one side of the room was surprised at TJ's agreeing to EH's assessment during the conference.

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I really appreciate all the explanations thus far. They certainly help me understand the story line better but nothing beats English subs to get the entire picture. 

if any of you who are bilingual (Korean/English or Chinese/English) and have a bit of time, please consider giving a hand in the subtitling of the episodes on darksmurfsubs.com 

All you need to do is register and sign on as a translator. 

Here's the link again.

Thanks again for all the posts which help clarify the plot!!

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone!

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Clearly, Eun-hee still hasn't figured out a fool-proof way to recognize people. Very observant of Sung-joon to see that something wasn't right when Eun-hee didn't react to seeing her son.

Hae Jo's father being blind threw me for a loop. And I have to give her props for going in front of that interview panel when she hadn't turn in her application in time. From EP 4 preview clip, Yeo-wook somehow helps her getting in.

Think I will rewatch to regather my thoughts and see what questions I will need to ask in the thread.

Oh yes, at the end of the EP, before the preview, we get the "Syndrome Medical Dictionary".

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This episode progresses to another emotional level that has me wondering the full conversation of Eun-hee and Sung-joon. Great episode!

Here’s the recap scenes of Episode 3 – kindly treat the spoilers as guideline and the contents may not be accurate (please accept my apology). Please correct me if I am wrong – gomapta. :D

The story continues with TJ revealing to SJ that YW is his son. TJ was not happy to see YW delivered some papers to SJ (in seeking his help) and his action kind of embarrassed him. He told him off….

EH made some changes to the hospital’s management which pissed off one of the head doctors. He claimed that her decision could be the result of her health condition.

Meanwhile YW hasn’t given up hope to seek help from SJ. His presence annoyed SJ who was in the midst of preparing his speech – he yelled at him. After the conference is over, YW continued with his pestering gestures and his behavior was totally unacceptable as SJ accused him as stalker. Did he get annoyed because YW is TJ’s son?

TJ and EH discussed some present and past issued that turned out bitter and full of resentment. He brought up some past mistakes/issues related to EH. EH bumped into the “shameless mistress” and her words were full of sarcasm and I wonder why she wears a red pair of court shoes while on duty – it’s rather inappropriate right?! Her first appearance with that pair of red court shoes and her body language with TJ had given me a puking impression on her.

HJ’s scene with her father is one of the most heartfelt scenes (other than SJ/EH scene) in this episode as the father/daughter exchanged some warm and loving gestures – a far cry from the hospital scenes. Looks like HJ gave up her further education in Seoul because of her father’s condition (like creidesca mentioned, he is blind and I guess they must have gone through a lot of hardships).

At the rooftop scene

EH met up with one of the doctors in the hospital who is a good friend of SJ. She asked him about his well-being and she seemed happy to hear he is doing fine. The doctor is willing to set her up to meet SJ.

EH found an envelope on her doorstep (office room) – someone wanted to let her know /reminded her that she is suffering from “Prosopagnosia”. I think it could be from Eun-hyun or the shameless mistress (SM).

When EH bumped into SM, she tried to confuse EH – she told her straight in her face that she doesn’t know her. EH recognized her red pair of shoes and that’s how she manages to associate things with people’s name/face. Out of suspicion, EH followed her and viola! She saw her husband with SM heading to somewhere and they behaved more than just sunbae and hoobae. TJ warned her to be careful but it looks like SM is least bothered.

After that scene, EH asked a hospital staff to open TJ’s room – she tried a few times to gain access to his computer but failed due to password errors. A stack of papers caught her attention and she flipped through it, she found a letter addressed to Yu Wook Cha which is from UCLA.

She went home and threw some pills downing it with liquor –TJ witness what she just did and gave her a concerned advice (as if he cares..). Anyway, looks like another one of those exchanges that might somehow blow up - think she asked him of his intentions (she thought it was him that reminded/warned her of her sickness). He denied and threw the piece of paper on the table. Aish….what a rude husband!

SJ’s hotel room (my favorite scene)

SJ had a visitor – he was shocked to see Eun-hee standing in front of him. She greeted him by addressing him formally. He asked her to leave but she pleaded him to let her stay for a while. The sentimental song played is an appropriate song to stir our emotions – nice song. EH looked around and observed his clothing left on the couch and examined him in a concerned manner.

EH : How are you?

SJ was amused by her greetings as he flashed back to the earlier scene when they first met but EH ignored him like a stranger.

SJ : What is it that you want?

EH : I wish to meet up with you after hearing that you are back in Korea.

SJ : You want to see me! You and I are not in that kind of relationship to meet again since we’ve broken up and ………and you have lost your dignity (shameless) and meet me here. Please leave.

EH : It’s you who left me and (she said something like she tried to stop him from leaving)

SJ said some very hurtful words to EH.

Meanwhile, YW is on his way to his room – before he could press the doorbell, the door was ajar as SJ showed EH the way out. SJ yelled at EH – Please leave. YW was shocked to see her mother leaving and as expected or at a moment we least expected, she left without acknowledging him.

SJ observed her actions and asked YW why his mother did not acknowledge her own son. As shocked as SJ but with other reasons, YW asked SJ about his relationship with his mother. Don’t tell me this is the effect of the surgery, he asked YW. How long has this been going on? asked SJ.

YW desperately needed SJ’s medical advice with regards to a baby’s case (must be complicated). He begged SJ to help the poor mother.

While on his own, SJ recalled the strange actions of EH (how at times she couldn’t recognize people) – he seems concerned. SJ left his room with his luggage and bumped into EH who has been waiting for him. He asked, “Why are you here?” EH begged him not to go – she back-hugged him. She cried as she poured out her feelings, begging him to stay. “Why are you doing this?” SJ asked. Because you have a son! What are you saying” The guy you met is your son (not sure whether she was referring to YW since she could not have recognized him at the hotel - a bit confusing since I didn't really get what she said - mian). SJ was shocked …how do you expect me to believe it? So sad…she had to kneel down to beg him. Turning back he walked away leaving poor EH behind.

At the airport scene

Still in shock, SJ contemplated whether he should stay or leave for US.

There’s only a brief encounter between YW and HJ – sweet moments and I prefer YW’s hairstyle without the curls. Apparently like what creidesca said, HJ tried to squeeze her last-minute application form during the interview session which she failed to penetrate through the strong objection from the two main interviewers. A dejected HJ hasn’t given up hope but she was kind in offering good words to YW when she left the hospital. Her positive attitude kind of impresses YW.

TJ was informed that SJ is in his room – this is the best outcome in this episode! SJ decided to stay back in Korea and I think he has decided to take up the baby’s case or could it be that he wants to follow-up on EH’s case?

Conclusion : Though EH is suffering from prosopagnosia, she is fully aware of her circumstances and she has the ability to recognize other objects that is associated to faces – like the red pair of court shoes worn by SM and the clothing worn by SJ.

Sorry for the long-winded post/spoilers – :sweatingbullets:

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Thanks, Felicia Soh for filling in some of the gaps!

Now I'm confused as to the exchange b/w Eun-hee and Tae-jin

after Tae-jin saw that Yeo-wook had turned in the application for residency. Did Tae-jin use that as some type of blackmail? And what did he announce at the hospital meeting. Even Eun-hyun was surprised.

Also, what was the conversation b/w Eun-hee and her father about?

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from asian-drama.org

Han Hye Jin Hopes Syndrome is Loved by Drama Enthusiasts

Actress Han Hye Jin (31 years old) cut short her black long hair, turned into a short haired girl. Han Hye Jin is playing the role of neurosurgeon Lee Hae Jo who has strong self-esteem and outstanding capability in JTBC Monday and Tuesday drama series Syndrome. In order to perfectly portray the role, Han Hye Jin decisively cut her long hair.

- It is said that you’ve always wanted to challenge the medical TV series, right?

“Yes. The shooting of this kind of drama is very hard, has to have full preparation in advance, is a rare genre for drama series. Therefore, I often think that I should try to challenge it if given the chance. When I received the script of the Syndrome it was before the debut of JTBC channel, at that time I didn’t have a precise concept on JTBC, didn’t understand the production team, but I still decided to star in the drama, because the role is very charming.”

- It is easy for the people to compare this drama with the recently ended medical themed drama series Brain, Syndrome when comparing with Brain and other medical dramas, what’s the differences?

“First of all, very thank you for comparing me with the higly acclaimed TV series. However, other than Syndrome and Brain both has similar theme, the images of characters and the setting scenarios are completely different. Generally drama usually has only two hero and heroine to lead the development of the whole story plot, but the plot of the Syndrome is built around six characters, so the story is more colorful.”

- What kind of drama you hope that Syndrome can become?

“I hope it can become a popular drama series that is well loved and supported by TV series fans, and also hope that it can become a drama series with a stronger sense of identity by audience. Hope that the surgery scenes in future can be even more simple and agile, presenting even more clearly the feelings of main characters to audience. During shooting, very series in every scenes, hope to present a high quality drama to the audience.”

- How the atmosphere at the shooting scene?

“The atmosphere is very harmonious. Park Gun Hyung and Song Chang Ui prepare for the drama like a musical performer, other actors who participated in shooting rest silently in the car to wait for the shooting, but both of them has been “mamama” all the while to practice the voice, they also sing during rest time, very interesting. Thanks to both of them, making the atmosphere on the shooting set really good.”

- Have been in relationship with singer Naul for 9 years, when do you plan to marry?

“We often heard people around us said the kind of words, ‘two people in love relationship for too long, cannot not marry anymore, dangerous.’ But in fact, we haven’t think exactly when, how to marry. As an artist, even if marriage will be getting attention, cannot privately and quietly prepare, so need to be very careful.”

- Previously you have always wanted to participate in entertainment and medical drama, and now the dream has been achieved, is there any other role that you particularly want to challenge?

“I want to be an actress since when I was in high school, perhaps because of having my own dream and goal, has always been very obedient, did not provoke any trouble, did not skip school, this life is too ordinary and boring, in future want to live more passionately. If given the chance, hope to go for language training myself, without family members and friends around, live carefree for some time.”

from hancinema

"Syndrome" Kim Seong-ryeong reveals that she has a song, gets on her knees and begs Kim Yoo-seok not to go to America

On the latest episode of JTBC drama "Syndrome", aired on February 20th, Oh Eun-hee (Kim Seong-ryeong) got down on her knees in front of her first love Min Seong-joon (Kim Yoo-seok).

"I was scared. I was so afraid but there was no where else to go. I know I am shameless. You can think I am pathetic, hate me or insult me but just don't leave me".

Oh Eun-hee was suffering from facial recognition disorder after having a tumor removed and revealed that Cha Yeo-wook (Song Chang-ee) was Min Seong-joon's son. She was previously forced to break up with him because her father, the director of the Korean Hospital, demanded it.

Her father had chosen Cha Tae-jin (Jo Jae-hyeon) as her husband after that. He also threatened her with the life of Min Seong-joon.

It was a month after she got married to Cha Tae-jin that she found out she was 5 months pregnant. "My husband wants to stab Yeo-wook. You are right. I am your hell but you're the only person I can ask for help".

Min Seong-joon headed for the airport to leave to America. However, he turned around and went to the Korean Hospital. He decided to carry out heart surgery to save his son Cha Yeo-wook.

While Cha Tae-jin and Min Seong-joon are about to go to battle, Cha Yeo-wook applied for neurosurgery courses, following in the footsteps of his real father Min Seong-joon.

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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Episode 4!

Some major spoilers while I go watch EP 4 a second time!

I couldn't believe Tae-jin's expression when he wanted Sung-joon to fail during the standard still operation. Eun-hee reveals that she has prosopagnosia in order for members of the hospital to accept Sung-joon as ___. Hilarious when Yeo-wook pretends to be someone else on the phone to contact Hae-jo about a position at the hospital. Also, first time I see Eun-hyun smile. And that one guy (what is his name, the one who seems to have a thing against Yeo-wook) is super scary--screaming at the first year residents??? Exactly what did Yeo-wook do to get Hae-jo into the hospital? And haha! She showed them! But wow, Tae-jin had once operated on Hae-jo's father...did that mean he used Hae-jo's father as an experiment of some sort in mapping out the brain? Because Hae-jo's dad also had a brain tumor and then after the operation he is blind? CUTE, CUTE, CUTE ending to the episode.

Hopefully someone will be able to answer some of my questions I placed in the spoilers. Plus, are both YH & HJ still interns or what? And any idea what is going on in the preview for EP5?

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I just watched Ep 3 and look forward to Ep 4 tomorrow. 

Wow, great recaps and 'spoilers' - but rather than spoilers, they sure help clarify the story line. Getting more and more interesting as the drama unfolds. Can't wait for love triangle to develop between Hae Jo, Yeo Wook and Eun Hyun!! I must say I never knew until I watched this drama that 'stay awake surgery' was possible and now there are more medical / mental conditions to discover too as the drama progresses on. 

Thanks Creidesca for the English translation of the Han Hye Jin interview. I saw the Korean version and of course google translator didn't make much sense of it. smile.gif

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Thanks for the update creidesca – I have to say this drama is totally different from Brain – it pays more attention on their love lives and like HHJ said, it focuses more than the usual two main leads character. Yup, the ending of Episode 4 is soooo sweet and it’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Another outstanding episode full of hearty scenes : heart-breaking, heart-warming, heart-thudding, heart-pounding and a heart-analyzer that propelled the two newly appointed NS to bloom into another level of relationship – I am heavily rooting for two couples – Min Sung-joon with Oh Eun-hee and Cha Yeo-wook with Lee Hae-jo!! Hwaiting!! heartburst.gif

I enjoy this drama tremendously that I forego my morning daily drama today. ^_^

Here's the recap scenes of Episode 4....MUST-WATCH.... :wub: Enjoy....and like I said earlier - please treat it as guidelines as I do not fully understand the entire conversation. :D

Episode 4 starts of with a “BANG”! – Dr. Min Sung-joon will be performing a high-profile “standard still” operation that requires the whole procedure to wrap up in 30 minutes time. The operation was led by SJ with few other doctors (involving Eun-hyun) in attendance which also include Yeo-wook and his mother, Eun-hee (so the MIN family is in action….). The entire procedure was witnessed by doctors needless to say it include Tae-jin and one of the doctors who are constantly against EH. SJ has his buddy doctor friend supporting him as he explained some of the complicated procedures to the rest of the doctors watching the process.

HJ’s father presented a gift to HJ who has no idea yet that she has not gained acceptance to the hospital – it was a gift for her successful acceptance to the hospital. Her father gave words of encouragement to her daughter.

TJ was smiling cunningly when there was a slight mistake encountered during the procedure but within seconds, SJ managed to control the spilling of blood. In the end, it was a successful operation. All the doctors clapped happily except for TJ and another doctor who seems to be supporting TJ.

When SJ walked into EH’s room, she gave words of encouragement to him for the successful operation. It was a teary scene as both parties had tears in their eyes when SJ released his pent-up feelings which I think he brought up past issues which has hurt him badly. EH asked him to understand her position and I think he blamed her for some of the things that took place years ago. Their conversation was cut short by the interruption of TJ who cold-heartedly congratulated SJ. TJ informed SJ that EH is suffering from prosopagnosia. What TJ said after that (don’t know what he said) stirred SJ to grab TJ’s collar (I think?) but he was made to stop his action when he reminded him that EH is his wife. (aish…).

I notice there are many instances YW were seen greeting Eun-hyun cheerfully be it off and on duties but yet all he gets in return is his cold responses. I think he needs HJ to warm him up.

Looks like YW has an admirer in the NS nursing department – she gave him a congratulatory present and welcomed him to the NS dept. HJ has a competitor.... :lol:

After finding out some details (maybe another vacant post …..) from his sunbae, YW has HJ in his mind and decided to find her application (out from the trash). He picked it up and he was surprised by his own actions….hahahaha…. secretly-hoping-to-see-her-again!

When he called her, she was in the midst of helping her father in the dumpling eatery shop. In a disguised voice, YW called LHJ to give her some details that she has been successfully appointed in the NS dept (think something along the lines…). When he hung up, he couldn’t believe himself that he took the trouble to go through that….he didn’t realize yet that he has a soft spot for her. Anyway, what he did, he felt great in his voice-disguise mission. Congratz Yeo-wook – you’ll soon be seeing your love of your life!!

YW met his mother in her room – EH gave words of encouragement to his son for working hard in the OT. You were great, mother – he said. YW enquired his mother of her relationship with SJ. You must be curious, son and she did mention that they were friends. I think she didn’t explain much but it was YW who concluded that his mother played an important role in convincing him to stay.

EH called for an emergency meeting where she announced two important things : one, her decision to appoint Dr. Min SJ due to his successful performance in the “standard still” operation and second, she informed everyone present that she is suffering from prosopagnosia. When she announced MSJ’s appointment, quite a number of doctors were against her decision but I think when she went into further details of the appointment and her health condition, some of the doctors understood her position. In the end, it is the vote against and for MSJ’s appointment that decide his future with the hospital.

Meanwhile, SJ is in his hotel room (probably awaiting for the news) – he revealed a picture of EH in his watch locket necklace.

I was very curious to know the result of the ballots and it was a close fight within the two camps. SJ’s good buddy doctor was in full support of EH’s decision and he was the only doctor who gave heart-warming words after discovering her health condition and he patted her as a gesture of support. In return, she asked him to help her in the future.

EH arrived at SJ’s hotel room. They paused and looked at each other at the doorstep - finally EH announced that the voting process is over. You are now officially appointed by us. YAY!! Chukai hamnida Soon-Jung Ssi! My decision to stay is not because of you or our (your) son (I think he said something like that). Anyway, what he said are probably those pent-up feelings that he has not been able to say earlier on.... but the bottom line is that his heart still cares a lot for EH. His words stirred EH into another round of tears. Pride is probably another reason he is not willing to expose his inner feelings.

TJ threw a tantrum in his room and SM (mistress) dropped by to dig something out from him with regards to SJ.

SJ’s appointment brought a horde of reporters bogging TJ as he entered the hospital. Aigooo…you guys found the wrong man to interview.

On his reporting day, MSJ met up with his buddy doctor friend who welcomed him warmly to the hospital. They met up with some NS seniors (or rather those who are sunbae to YW and HJ).

Coincidentally, it was also HJ’s first day at the hospital and she bumped into YW on the roadside where he pretended (how she managed to gain acceptance) and asked her why she is in the hospital. HJ explained to him and he beamed (he can be very cheeky….) in delight of his successful mission.

HJ and YW were assigned together under one sunbae who seems to be enjoying giving stern orders. While YW has a proper duty to perform, HJ was assigned to carry out menial roles that somehow unrelated to medical scope of works. Anyway, she managed to convince her sunbae and was given a much tougher task (think he wasn’t expecting her to be able to execute…).

HJ’s beauty caught the eyes of the nurses in the Nursing Station and they gave her some kind of compliments (maybe her flawless skin..). YW joined in as he mimicked HJ’s action – his teasing is beginning to show some kind of interest in her…hahaha!! They were interrupted when MSJ and his group of doctors bumped into them. YW greeted MSJ immediately while HJ was speechless upon seeing the “ahjussi” in his proper uniform. MSJ acknowledged her as he recalled the incident where they first met – HJ was reminded to greet her sunbae and it was so hilarious when she found out his name – whoa…the famous and well-renowned Dr. Min Sung-joon!! She impressed everyone with her string of medical terms which MSJ is well-known in his practice.

During the rounding procedures, HJ offered to lead – she explained all the patients’ medical record in such a detailing manner, she impresses everyone with her skillful memory – what an impressive of 1st day performance! Her outstanding performance somehow irks some of her seniors. YW was smiling to himself – you go my girl!

HJ bumped into TJ and they exchanged a pleasant conversation until HJ brought up her father’s case whom years ago TJ had performed an operation that result her father to turn blind. A flashback scene revealed that due to some probable complication, the operation wasn’t exactly as planned. I believe it was HJ’s kind-hearted father who had accepted the consequences without blaming TJ (it could be a malpractice case on his part). TJ apologized to them …(end of flashback scene). During the entire conversation, YW overheard how her the operation affected her father's eye-sight.

During a night break, YW saw HJ alone in a glass-retreat-house which I think has been a private rest-place for YW. YW saw HJ holding on to the analyzer and teased her about it (like how expensive it is...) – she told him that it was a present from her father. These two were playing doctor’s game – listening to one’s heart beating sound. When he passed the analyzer to HJ, she listened to his heart beat intently with her eyes closed – they were siting facing each other and it allows him a chance to admire her beauty. Oh…that was such a sweet and cute moments!! Doctors playing doctor game – testing heart-beating soundheartpump.gif – what sound is it? ….crazyfaint.gif

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Felicia Soh, I don't think the reporters

would go looking for Sung-joon. Remember the times he turned them away with his words? He even did it slightly to the the NS sunbaes when he wanted them to move out of the way. Hae-jo basically up-staged one of the NS sunbaes. This is the same sunbae who was asked to explain about the standard still operation to the others. Yet when it came to something simpler like about anticoagulant he had a hard time giving the answer.

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Thanks creidesca for highlighting the part on HJ - think most of the NS sunbaes will feel threaten by her outstanding knowledge.

With the kind of arrogant treatment he had given to the reporters earlier, I don't expect them to interview him personally but I would have expected a representative from the board (other than TJ - sorry I am biased) to provide an official announcement to the press. I guess they randomly chose someone to interview who happens to be TJ.


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I believe TJ is a well known personality of Hankuk University Hospital, plus he's pushing a brain center of some sort? Also, the scene we saw w/ the reporters and TJ took place a month later after the voting by the board. Maybe they're asking him because SJ could pose as a threat to his position?

from hancinema:

"Syndrome" Han Hye-jin's father loses his sight after surgery

Lee Hae-jo (Han Hye-jin) from the JTBC drama "Syndrome" became a resident of the Korean Hospital.

She couldn't submit her papers on time on the way up to Seoul as she met an emergency patient but she ended up being recruited in the department of neurosurgery in the hospital's new cerebropathy center.

Lee Hae-jo showed signs of being somehow connected with Cha Tae-jin (Jo Jae-hyeon) in the previous interview. Cha Tae-jin greeted the first year rookie of the neurosurgical department and then found out that Lee Hae-jo had signed up for the extra recruiting spot.

When he told her that she looked familiar, she told him, "My father underwent tumor surgery under your hand 15 years ago". Her father had become blind after the surgery.

At the time, Lee Ki-jo said, "A human brain can't be controlled by humans" and showed appreciation for his work. Lee Hae-jo said, "I wanted to be trained by you" and got down on all fours to bow.

Meanwhile, Cha Tae-jin became director of the hospital and instead of building a critical care patient center, he pushed forward with the cerebropathy center to make it a medical tourism destination. In this process, Oh Eun-hee (Kim Seong-ryeong), who has facial recognition disorder, couldn't do anything to stop it.

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credits to allkpop:

U-KISS releases “Remember” for ‘Syndrome’ OST

Idol group U-KISS has just released a new song for jTBC‘s medical drama, ‘Syndrome‘!

“Remember” expresses the regret felt by a man who let his lover go. He didn’t appreciate her and fought with her over petty jealousy; now, however, he realizes what he’s lost and he can only hope that she would one day come back to him.

Check out this beautiful ballad below and remember to support the artist by purchasing the music!

listen to the full track here on youtube (english subbed)

English translation of lyrics from infotaip:

U-KISS "Remember"

You'll probably meet me at least once

You just said words that you didn't mean

When you said you didn't want to see my face, that it was hard

On the day you said we should end it

In the middle of the night, a rain storm fell

As I drank, I thought of you so I got wasted

Like a habit, I went to the front of your house

And lingered there as I regret and came back

* You're My Everything

An unforgettable love that I will long for is leaving me

I'm hurting from separation, I lack so much

Please forgive me - no matter how hard I try

No matter how much I try to erase

I still remember

Because I love you, please give me a chance

I guess I'm a bad guy

Like a fool, I let go of one girl

When she was here, I didn't know and only received

I was so selfish

A jealous love grew inside of me

I tried to hold her down and we fought

Cruel words became thorns to each other

And now I finally regret because I can't go back

* repeat

I wait like this every day

I miss you so much

But you don't come today either

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