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[Drama 2011-12] TV Novel Dear My Sister/Bokhee Noona TV소설 복희 누나


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Have questions to those who are on the current episodes:

Remember the ahjussi who "stole" Bokhee's food during the bus journey to Seoul? It looks like he's now a well-to-do businessman. Bokhee recognizes him, but does he, or has he yet?

And what has gotten the Grandma so upset recently? Does it have something to do w/ the letter she has has?

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Guest inezjang

'Ello!..yeh..thank you KBS for making me sit watching TV Novels again..

thanks for the thread!

Ryu TaeJun is the reason i'm stuck with the weepy breakfast drama..n that Choi Wooseok..

i hope Bokhui will be famous n meet his brother...later..of coz..

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i am watching this drama too....was hooked when i stumbled upon this drama on kbs world....damn the grandma is such an irritating old women and i cant believed she actually wanted to get Taeju a wife :wacko: omo from the screen cap above did taeju really get married?? we are few episodes behind from korea broadcast....

hope this thread will be more active....

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