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[Drama 2011-12] TV Novel Dear My Sister/Bokhee Noona TV소설 복희 누나


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TV novel Sister Boki


[Program Aim]

Social consensus and return to analog.

Recent trends on the culture scene is retro. The background may be the warmhearted mind and emotion of the old days that are kept in nostalgia of the people who lived in the age.

This drama will be produced to be shared by many people in a wide age bracket with a plot involving love and hate, conflict and competition scheme between characters.

Differentiated lyricism and characters with diverse careers

Lyrical images that are rarely seen in the morning hour drama after the close of "TV Novel" will reappear on TV screen while unilinear and radical characters that are common in previous morning dramas will disappear.Details of the characters with diverse careers as well as de데 inner part of their mind, regardless of protagonists and supporting actors, will be elaborately described. It will drive the viewers to the days of purity and warmness and finally show authenticity in life and restoration of humanity are intangible assets for people living in the contemporary period.

The program features a woman who overcomes frustration in the unfortunate environment and improved her lot.

Most of the people who lived in post-war period agree that they has become affluent economically but their mind has become devastated mentally. The new morning drama "Sister Boki" try to herald authenticity of life in the contemporary era in an easy, simple and warm way through the life of a woman who passed through hardships during the 1960s and 1970s wisely.

In all the times, the public want success story.

Sister Boki is a success story of a woman who triumphs over diversity.

With plausible actions of characters with diverse careers and in the whole plot, the process of a woman's success and life will be presented sincerely.

Love story in a woman's journey through life.

Considering that primary viewers of morning dramas are women, melodramatic elements are vital in the plot of a woman's success. Boki's men, who lived in different environments and had a different goal of life, have unique arts of their loves and appear in the life of Boki. And psychologies of characters in the midst of purity and passion will be delicately shown off, arousing nostalgia for old days to many viewers.

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So, Bokhee's brother is missing, so she will find it even they're grow up


So far no sign of the brother in this week's worth of episodes. Can't really tell if she is actively searching either. But I was shocked to see how violent Young-pyo could get! Both times the trigger had something to do with Geum-joo. I think it's going to be a Young-pyo/Geum-joo pairing. And seriously, is Geum-joo suffering from some type of complex? Why did she go for the "older" type men?

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