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  1. No one watching? No one posting? I came to see where others thought this plot was headed?
  2. Ep 14 w/Eng subs: WTH is going on with this drama? The leads remember. The leads have amnesia. The leads remember. The leads have amnesia. Again. The king is one guy. The king is another guy. The ministers are more flexible than a piece of rubber tubing, bending this way and that way. The female lead is in the palace. The female lead leaves the palace. The female lead is sneaking in/out of the palace. Didn't know it was so easy to be a concubine waltzing in/out of the palace at will. The lead is a concubine. Then she's a maid. Then she leaves. Then she returns. Then she leaves. Then she's a maid. There is an evil man/woman that spins in/out of scenes. WTH is going on with these characters? It's a lot of spinning for what could have been done in 5-6 episodes. I have whiplash. And I don't even care anymore about who lives, dies, lies, prevails, or rules the whacky kingdom.
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