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  1. Ep 7-8 w/Eng subs: I'm waiting. Plot? Character development? Action? The music (or noise that serves as music) is driving me crazy. Watching with the sound off and just reading the subtitles. Don't know how much more I can take.
  2. Ep 1-4 w/Eng subs: Subbed up to Ep 4. I LOVE Sung Hoon since New Tales of Gisaeng, his debut. He hasn't been as good in anything else, appears he isn't a good actor, just tall and good-looking. Oh well, he has almost everything, just lacks talent. Level Up... Well, what do you know? It's a brand new plot with brand new refreshing characters! 1) A tall, handsome, brilliant, (some would say GENIUS), cold/indifferent, YOUNG, CEO who is brought in to rescue/turn-a-round a failing company with his unconventional ideas. 2) A cute, pluckish/sassy, smart worker from a poorer family who co-incidentally works at the failing firm the tall, brilliant CEO is turning around. 3) A pretty (meh) girl from a richer family interested in the tall, handsome CEO. (He is lukewarm towards her) 4) A lost kiddo, interested only in goofing around, playing video games, is tangentially related to the tall, handsome, brilliant CEO. 5) A guy that couldn't get a job, but is a nice guy, even treats his mother well, and had a crush on #2, finally got a job (at the same company as #2, imagine that?) and can now pursue his crush while furthering his career. I would bet, even though this is a new drama with a refreshingly new plot and characters, that #2 and #1 will end up together at the incredibly successful company which was, at the very beginning, failing. And poor #3, she won't get the tall, handsome CEO. Somehow, in x episodes, the company will get turned around, the lost-kiddo will find his way to being successful, or going to college, or working at the now-successful gaming company, the CEO and the heroine will be in-love and together and #3 and #5 will just sit on the sidelines and wonder how/why #1 got #2. It's a possibility. I'm just theorizing here. I'm giving Sung Hoon a last chance, that means I'm in.
  3. watchumlots

    Cute Pets Poll

    I love both cats and dogs, have lived with both. Prefer larger dogs to smaller dogs, but I do love all animals, especially the tastier ones. Currently living with two standard poodles and can't believe how much I love living with these dogs. They are more responsive than cats and can be taken outside to accompany you. Gotta love an animal that let's you put socks on it so as not to scratch the floor!
  4. EP 63 & 64 (64 partial Eng subs): WOW! MingLan should have been an attorney or military strategist. She laid out the whole Aunt Kang sinister plot, including timelines. "We were having dinner together and she send Mr. X to buy poison." It was awesome! Aunt Kang is a true sociopath and yes, it's her family's fault. That wishy-washy Sheng dad, he doesn't have two vertebrae that connect, he is more spineless than an octopus! MingLan finally had the Kangs in a bind, and Wimpy let them out. The matriarch of the family performed an end-run saying Aunt Kang would at most get exiled, so the Shengs can't kill her. And what about Sheng's wife who was in on the murder scam too? Matriarch is saying if one goes, they both go. LOVE the way Kang's maid/nanny tried to hustle her out of the house, kept interfering and making scenes during the family sit-down when the evidence was presented. That gave MingLan reason to interject, else her mamby-pamby, spineless father would have just let everything go to have them all exit the house and end the mess. Dyin' to get the subs for the second half of Ep 64, see what MingLan's hubby has to say.
  5. Watching this series, reading the book, aren't we all glad to be living in the HERE and NOW? If you weren't born wealthy, would REALLY suck to be a woman! Or alive.
  6. I say PO-TAY-TOE, you say PO-TAH-TOE! WHO CARES if this character is bad/good/worse than other characters? There is enough evil-creep in all of these characters, some are so incredibly deficient in the brain department, others in the 'action' department. I am so lovin' the ride! Love the sets, the costumes, the intrigue, the family drama, women constantly gossiping and trying to kill each other with words and schemes, and riding around in those palanquins with an entourage while wearing fancy silk gowns and waving a hankie or fan!
  7. @frenchfan: OK, that helps. Was wondering who was stopping the Dr, of course we know why, so someone will die in childbirth. Thought it was kinda slimy of that consort to have two faces - talking all sweet, but nasty, with the emperor, then slipping msgs to the Old Empress. Palaces are viper pits filled with people that eat their own.
  8. What THE - WHAT THE is going on? Swords! Eunuch slapping-the-crap outta that whiny girl! Some queen-lady! Got no idea who did what to whom and why... need subs for Ep 60-61. Or a good summary...
  9. Up to Ep 54 w/Eng subs: Aye yi yi - If I lived during this era, would be an expert in POISONS and use that to solve those pesky relative and household problems! Maybe brew up a huge pot of oleander tea for that pesky in-law? And the x-lover. And any uppity concubines. I'm just sayin'
  10. Love. With us drama-watchers, it's all about The Love. MingLan was very specific in earlier scenes about LOVE. Yes, her husband may "love and desire" her NOW. But, that is not a luxury to indulge or something to continue to expect as he can/will take on other women and may like one or more of them more than her. Plain and simple. The one thing that can be counted upon is her ROLE. She is the Main Wife. THAT, and that alone is what anchors her position in the entire world. While lots and lots of watchers are ohhh-ing and ahhh-ing over TingYe's proclamations of LOVE and wishing MingLan would just 'open her heart' and accept his 'love,' she is fully aware of how fleeting that may be. Great story. Does it have a sad ending?
  11. Reading about the love/trust/heart-opening between the two main characters... All the back/forth says the producers/directors have done a great job with this series. They have managed to wrap us into a world where women lived a very proscribed life and wound a love story into it. CAN MingLan step outside of her duties and societal position to trust the love and passion of her husband? This story is about the life, the restrictions and expectations, of an aristocratic woman in her time, the Song Dynasty. Men were still fighting with swords! Interesting that most are transposing current feelings of romantic love onto a situation where no such thing likely existed. Marriages were arranged between families, couples rarely, if ever, met prior to being married. The life of an aristocratic woman was lived almost entirely in her own home and the "inner courtyard" machinations depicted were likely common.
  12. WHO can help out with dialogue Ep 52, the family dinner scene and later, the dinner scene with Molan and her witless hubby? Doesn't have to be word-for-word, a summary will suffice. PLEASE? Any Chinese-speakers out there?
  13. Up to Ep 44-45 w/Eng subs: Well, I wanted to see them married and living happily together. Just not so much. All the household blather: servants, properties, servants fighting, aye-yi-yi. It's a lot. And WHAT IS UP w/the pesky step-mother-in-law dropping by whenever to give orders? Can't she just stay home? Can't we all just get along? Moral of the story: watch what you wish for, you could get it. Let's move the story along, enough household drudgery.
  14. GUYS! GUYS! GUYS! *** --- *** NEWS FLASH! *** --- *** It's a DRAMA! These characters do not exist. If someone likes QH over GTY, OH WELL. SO WHAT? If someone thinks GTY's scheming and plotting is underhanded, SO WHAT? If someone thinks QH is weak and whiny, SO WHAT? WHAT is the point of debating whether one fictional character's love is more true than another fictional character's? These are only fictional characters - they do not exist - and we are all entitled to our own opinions and interpretations. Let's share our perceptions to enhance our viewing experience without judgement. This is supposed to be FUN!
  15. Old Man Sheng was so in-love with Concubine Lin, that is why she did whatever she wanted and he chose not to see it. It was obvious that his marriage with the main wife was a family-arranged affair and his love was Concubine Lin. All the women, concubines and wives, vie for power within the household. Concubine Lin was very cunning and persuasive in all of her insidious deeds. That is what drove the MainWife crazy! Even if Lin's excuse was flimsy, the Master fell for it. MingLan's mother was hugely pregnant and living in an unheated room! Sheng made lame efforts to solve the problem, but did not do anything that would cause problems for Concubine Lin. If there is a mess in the Sheng house, Master Sheng bears the most blame.
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