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  1. @msmy: It was the bank code? Is that like the password? So the ConMan steals everything and everyone is poor?
  2. Watched Ep106 w/o Eng subs, so it's the code to the soup room that ConMan obtained? Love the way everyone in KDramas bust into/out of rooms blabbing stuff that isn't their business - THAT'S WHY THE DOOR WAS CLOSED! Of course everyone wants OldMan's money, I want some for myself too! We only see a few tables in the noodle shop, and one massive pot in the kitchen, how much soup and noodles can one old guy make and sell in that space? Heroine's mom is sighing, saying she doesn't have customers, Wicked is flouncing around making high school g
  3. Awww, poor BratKid. Maybe she isn't so bad? She was leaving so her dad could have a life free of responsibility as he had already been shunned as a single dad while raising a child that wasn't even his. BratKid felt he had already paid a high-enough price. BratKid was also one of the reasons that Heroine's mother didn't want her involved with Son3. OldMan has the final say in the family and he was shunning her, so she was leaving. But now?
  4. Ep 100 w/Eng subs: WHY WHY WHY??? Don't our DynamicDuo mention that WhackedOut was a teen mother who got *&*)& by her teacher, gave birth, and left town? AND, that she lied, left her kiddo with someone who wasn't even the father? Plus, she wrecking havoc on the family that raised the kid she abandoned! THAT would put an end to her professional career trajectory in Korea. But NOOOOO. That would eliminate 10+ episodes of interloper drama. I'm SMH.
  5. @MocharelWe have LOTS of episodes remaining, that's why the Conman/D-in-Law1 plot line is d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g along. I just watched a C-Drama that went from start to time-traveling finish in 12 episodes! It zipped along, keeping me on the edge-of-my-seat (not really). Take that same story and s- t- r- e- t- c- h- it to over 100 episodes... lots of yawns happen.
  6. If Writer was going to do a fake marriage plot line, then it should have been a fake marriage! If Writer was going to do a birth secret plot line, then it should have been a birth secret! If Writer was going to do a conman/disappearing dad plot line, this is the only plot line that seems to be following an expected trajectory. At this point I am only watching bit/pieces of episodes and reading comments, can't take any more wandering-in-the-wilderness, intend to watch only the final 7-10 episodes. Aren't we all thinking that if these series were
  7. Ah KDrama heroines, they are the pinnacle of the Asian/Korean standard of femininity: modest, quietly strong, focus on the maintenance of harmony in all things, subordination to the male or head-of-family. This is our Heroine. She values family and familial relationships, and acknowledges the 'debt' owed to her step-mother for raising her. She is also helping OldMan get his family in-line with traditional roles and practices. The sons aren't very 'filial' to their father and he wants them to be less focused on his wealth and more focused on familial obligations. So Heroine w
  8. @celebrianna: And a dead beat dad! @Manora: 45 episodes is enough to do the entire series without going 'over the hill and thru the dale.' Think of how much tighter the storyline could be, how much more emotional/suspenseful it could be. But it's KDrama and they are contracted for xxx episodes, so off we go, spending at least 124 hours of our lives. Son4 is a little man-boy. I have no patience or interest in little man-boys.
  9. @Manora I NEVER get my hopes up from watching a preview! AND, the juicy stuff on the preview is typically the ending scene of the episode! These KDrama writers are pros at stringing us along. BTW, think it will be Son4 that suggests getting married...
  10. Ep 77 w/Eng subs: Move along --- nothing to see here. Imagine it's meaningful that Son2 is lecturing bums on how the world works, but it's not clear to me since he's such a loser at his get-rich-quick 'investments.' Maybe he will be a teacher, or someone who counsels bums? It's still not explained about why D-in-Law2's mother is hanging around town instead of moving back to her hometown with her absent husband. And I think the only reason OldGuy is after ScreechingAunt is because his hearing is bad. Going to change her Soompi name from Aunt
  11. Oh no! Not the 'noble idiot' trope! The 'break-up-to-make-up' trope! To-date we have had our share of drama tropes: - birth secret - rich/poor - scammed & scammer people - contract marriage - usual meddling relatives - whack family relations (adopted/not adopted - relatives by marriage) Guess it's time for the 'break-up-to-make-up/noble-idiot' trope card to show. Any tropes I'm missing?
  12. Ep 71 w/Eng subs: D-in-law2 thought she was going to guilt/embarrass OldMan into getting her another apartment, well, she's been out-foxed. Dying to see Son2 wake-up in his undies as all the other bums took advantage of him while he slept. I will pace tomorrow waiting for Ep 72. Son4 will move-in with his new girlfriend, that moves their relationship along. Poor Son4, feel so bad for him; he tried to help and only got himself evicted. D-in-law1 should save fuel expenses and ride her broom to work. I'm just sayin'.
  13. Ep 69 w/Eng subs: Well, well, well. What a mess we have! - Plot line with Son4 doesn't interest me much, but appears he will be paired with a very capable girl. If it means he discontinues floating around, then the goal will be achieved. - Heroine's family appears to be earnestly working in the meat restaurant. Of course the series will end with it thriving. They will feel satisfied that is a success due to their hard work. Oh, and her massive $$$ investment making them debt-free. Those people are still just rats clinging to a raft! - Lo
  14. @dulceres: Can't remember the episode number, but it was the scene where Heroine and Son3 are alone together, Heroine was telling Son3 how she knows what family really is, about their caring, confusion, and struggles... Like the way he has raised BratKid without her mother... Son3 looks over at her and starts to confess something, but stops. Now I'm thinking Son3 definitely liked BratKid's mother, but she obviously considered him 'a friend' enough to say he was the father of her child and send the child to his family to raise. Also, Son3's family was wealthy enough to support it. So I
  15. Ep 59 - 63 w/Eng subs: Friday should be a doozy! SO... Son4 needs a mama and that's why he likes older girls & constantly has messed-up relationships? Son3 has taken-in a kid that he knew wasn't his and strained his relationship with his dad to do it. Son2 has messed-up BIGTIME and lost everything, he just won't admit it yet. Son1 returned home, saw that his step-mom is a decent person who tipped-him-off to his scheming wife. Ah, that toilet-seat! And Chef helping himself to use the toilet is going to be the giv
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