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  1. @msmy: It was the bank code? Is that like the password? So the ConMan steals everything and everyone is poor?
  2. Watched Ep106 w/o Eng subs, so it's the code to the soup room that ConMan obtained? Love the way everyone in KDramas bust into/out of rooms blabbing stuff that isn't their business - THAT'S WHY THE DOOR WAS CLOSED! Of course everyone wants OldMan's money, I want some for myself too! We only see a few tables in the noodle shop, and one massive pot in the kitchen, how much soup and noodles can one old guy make and sell in that space? Heroine's mom is sighing, saying she doesn't have customers, Wicked is flouncing around making high school g
  3. Awww, poor BratKid. Maybe she isn't so bad? She was leaving so her dad could have a life free of responsibility as he had already been shunned as a single dad while raising a child that wasn't even his. BratKid felt he had already paid a high-enough price. BratKid was also one of the reasons that Heroine's mother didn't want her involved with Son3. OldMan has the final say in the family and he was shunning her, so she was leaving. But now?
  4. Ep 100 w/Eng subs: WHY WHY WHY??? Don't our DynamicDuo mention that WhackedOut was a teen mother who got *&*)& by her teacher, gave birth, and left town? AND, that she lied, left her kiddo with someone who wasn't even the father? Plus, she wrecking havoc on the family that raised the kid she abandoned! THAT would put an end to her professional career trajectory in Korea. But NOOOOO. That would eliminate 10+ episodes of interloper drama. I'm SMH.
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