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[Drama 2011] Myung-Wol the Spy 스파이 명월


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[KBS] Han Ye Seul, Eric Mun, Lee Jin Wook, Jang Hee Jin


Title : 스파이 명월 / Spy Myung-Wol / Beautiful Spy

Chinese Title : 间谍明月

Episodes : 18

Broadcast Company : KBS 2TV

Main Cast: Han Ye Seul, Eric Mun, Lee Jin Wook, Jang Hee Jin

KBS2 TV Premiere: July 11 - September 06, 2011

Airing Date & Time: Monday - Tuesday 21:55

KBSWorld Premiere: August 01 - September 27, 2011

Airing Date & Time: Monday - Tuesday 22:00

PD : Hwang In-hyuk

Script Writer: Kim Eun-young, Kim Jung-ah & Jun Hyun-jin (joined from EP.05 onward)

Production Company: Lee Kim Production

Official Website: http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/spy/

Episodes Rating: Via Wiki.d-addicts


An elite beautiful North Korean spy Han Myung-wol (Han Ye-seul) is on a mission to infiltrates South Korea to kidnap a popular Hallyu star Kang Woo (Eric Mun) but she ends up falling in love with him. Despite being the elite spy, Myung-wol's curiosities tends to get the better of her. Accompany and assist Myung-wol with her mission to South Korea is Choi Ryu (Lee Jin-wook) a top notch officer in the North Korean army. Joo Ah In (Jang Hee Jin), the Korean version of Paris Hilton, will complicate the Myung Wol - Kang Woo romance.......



Han Myung Wol (Han Ye Seul): Hallyu Crackdown Officer

• She is a beautiful spy, slimmed down from her combats and training. When she has something she wants to know, her heart beats, and her blood boils. Her weakness is that her curiosity and actions go before her thoughts. She meets Hallyu star Kang Woo while on a secret guard mission in Singapore and enters Korea wishing to regain her fame. What she gets, however, is a ridiculous mission to marry top star Kang Woo...

Kang Woo (Eric Mun): Hallyu star

• One of the most prominent figures of the worldwide 'Hallyu star boom'. He grew up as an orphan, and gained his position through strict training and his times as a newbie. As he has gone through difficult times in order to be the person he is now, he is always thorough in everything. At first the mysterious Myung Wol was a simple curiosity but soon his emotions start to wander into the unknown...

Choi Ryu (Lee Jin Wook): Spy, previous Special Agent Major

• He is Myeongwol's direct boss and knows about her pains and her dreams, but is strict toward her. He comes to Korea with a different mission, but even though he is strict he wishes to always protect Myeongwol. He is a perfect expert at work but his values waver in matters related to Myeongwol. That Myeongwol keeps meeting Kang Woo begins to bother him...

Joo In Ah (Jang Hee Jin): Actress and heiress to a hundred million wons hotel business

• She is President's Joo's granddaughter and the heiress of a rich family. She grew up in an affluent environment which shaped her present ego. Everything in the world went as she pleased, but her love won't go the same way. She is as famous as the Hallyu star Kang Woo, but she is bothered by the cold way Kang Woo treats her. She still thought she was the only one who could understand Kang Woo but who is this mysterious Myung Wol figure...

Han Hee Bok (Jo Hyung Ki): Resident spy / Late 50s

"I'm going to go crazy. It's been quiet for 20 years but what is this?" A resident spy who has become more used to the Korean ways. He has lived in Korea for a long time and so his life in Korea has become his daily routine. He owns a detective agency but the sudden appearance of Myung Wol is making him busy. He tries to help Myung Wol with the unexpected and ridiculous mission but in his opinion, this mission is close to impossible...

Ri Soon Ok (Yoo Ji In): Resident spy / Late 50s

"Keep your head hot and your body cool. If your body goes before you, this mission will fail". A North Korean agent who is able in short swords, daggers, combat, bombing, camouflage... or used to be. She used to have exceptional ability in using her beauty. North Korea stopped sending her missions at some point and now, she is hiding as a coffee shop madam in the outskirts.

Lee Dae Kang (Lee Kyun): Detective agency staff / Early 20s

"I'll get everything done fast, but only roughly". He helps Hee Bok in the detective agency but he always leaves out crucial pieces of information or makes a mistake, so most of his clients are in an uproar. He has no idea about Hee Bok's real identity.

Kyung Jae In (Park Hyun Sook): Head of entertainment agency / Late 40s

"Stars? They aren't born; they're made". The president of 'Star Entertainment, she is also known as 'the Midas's Hand of showbiz'. Star Entertainment used to be a small corner shop, but she is the one who built it up to what it is now. It was her who first found and trained 'Kang Woo', the walking enterprise.

Bang Geuk Bong (Shin Seung Hwan): Kang Woo's road manager / Mid-20s

"Hyung and I are like brothers". It has been 5 years since he has started working with Kang Woo through thick and thin. He can never say anything directly to Kang Woo's face and when Kang Woo's in a bad mood he even tries hard not to breathe too loudly, but deep inside he respects Kang Woo.

Yoo Da Hae (Lee Da Hee): National Intelligence Service (NIS) staff / Age 24

"Kang Woo! Freeze. You've been picked up by my radar". She has an outgoing personality, and wants to show off her abilities. She works hard to find her own career under parents who force her to marry, but many suspicious events happen. She actively attaches herself to work, but her situation becomes worse as time passes.

Yoo Jung Shik (Lee Byung Joon): NIS agent / Early 50s

"Da Hae, you're the daughter that was born from my heart". Da Hae says she is proud that I am an NIS agent, but I want her to find her own happiness in an average and normal life. I don't know why the conflicts we never had even in her teens are starting now.

Kwak Ji Tae (Lee Ji Hoon): NIS office agent, cute bragger / Mid-30s

"That guy has something fishy. Even if he doesn't, he has to". I've been pushed back to an unimportant post, so now my main missions consist of taking care of the NIS cafeteria tickets, but you'll be surprised at the information I have. Shh! Don't try to learn any more. You'll get hurt.

Jang Han Soo (Cha Seung Joon): NIS office agent, sensitive fat boy / Mid-30s

"I am so sensitive every cell in my body breaths individually". I failed in an important mission with senior Ji Tae and both of us were pushed back to unimportant posts. Everyone thinks I'm dim, but I am so sensitive every cell in my body is alive. I can even tell we're soon going to be unhappy by this wisp of wind...

President Joo (Lee Duk Hwa): President of Galaxy Hotel (In Ah's grandfather) / Late 60s

"A breakfast meeting with the Chairman of Congress? Tell him to wait! Can't you see my princess is eating??". A man who lives with his own strong wills. Although he is strict and exact in his work, he has great interest in and affection for his granddaughter. He collects special artifacts and is pressured by the presence of Kang Woo due to their past, but as his granddaughter starts to show interest in Kang Woo and suffers from it, he feels tangled himself. President Joo knows about Kang Woo's past, so he becomes more taken aback as his granddaughter starts to obsess over him more and more...

Kyung Joo (Kim Ga Young): Stylist, friend of heiress Joo In Ah

Kim Young Tak (Kim Ha Kyoon): North Korean high-class general / Early 50s

• His only daughter he went through great pains to get is now crazy over a Hallyu star, so now his job is at stake. He tries to hide his mistake by ordering the removal of Myung Wol, and he is the one who gives her the mission to marry the Hallyu star Kang Woo.

Kim Eun Joo (Jung Da Hye): Kim Young Tak's daughter / Teens

• Kim Young Tak's only daughter. She’s a big fan of Kang Woo, a spoiled child who was treated as a cute little girl all her life.

Kim Sung Oh as (cameo)

Source: KBS's official Spy Myung Wol site

Translation: orisic @ Shinhwa.biz



V.A - Beautiful Spy OST

Release Date : 2011.08.08

Genre : OST

Language : Korean

Bit Rate : 192kbps

01 사랑이 무서워 (Afraid of Love) - 바비 킴 (Bobby Kim)

02 세상 그 누구보다 (More Than Anyone in the World) - 박정현 (Lena Park)

03 더 사랑한다면 (If You Love Me More) - 려욱 (슈퍼주니어) (Super Junior Ryeo Wook)

04 사랑 할 수 있을 때 (To Be Able To Love) - 바비 킴 & 길학미 (Bobby Kim & Gil Hak Mi)

05 이 느낌 (Inst.)

06 스파이 명 (Inst.)

07 하루 (Inst.)

08 사랑 할 수 있을 때 (Inst.) (To Be Able To Love)

09 더 사랑한다면 (Inst.) (If You Love Me More)

10 세상 그 누구보다 (Inst.) (More Than Anyone in the World)

11 사랑이 무서워 (Inst.) (Afraid of Love)


Credit : Asiad Loud + http://alamxialbus.co.cc/


Individual OST DL Links

Spy Myungwol OST - Part 1 - Bobby Kim

01 사랑이 무서워 - Love is Scared

02 사랑이 무서워 - Love is Scared (Inst.)

Download Link: MF (320KB)

Spy Myungwol OST - Part 2 - Lena Park

01 세상 그 누구보다 - More Than Anyone in the World

02 세상 그 누구보다 - More Than Anyone in the World (Inst.)

Download Link: MF (320KB)

Spy Myungwol OST - Part 3 - Super Junior - Ryeo Wook

01 더 사랑한다면 - If You Love Me More

02 더 사랑한다면 - If You Love Me More (inst.)

Download Link: MF (320KB)

By: kpop.321.cn

Spy Myungwol OST - Part 4 - Bobby Kim & Gil Hak Mi

01 사랑 할 수 있을 때 - To Be Able To Love

02 사랑 할 수 있을 때 - To Be Able To Love (Inst.)

Download Link: MF (320KB)

Spy Myungwol OST - Part 5 - Stellar - Lee Seul

01 Loving U

02 Loving U (Inst.)

Download Link: MF (320KB)


Afraid of Love - Bobby Kim

Cast: Han Yeseul, Eric Mun, Lee Jinwook, Jang Heejin

Download Link: FS (320KB)

Credit : MSN + http://alamxialbus.blogspot.com/2011/09/ost-mv-spy-myung-wol-ost-afraid-of-love.html


By: semi-yly @ soompi

Baros & HANrel & HANrel/450p [TORRENT]: http://www.box.net/shared/slvmxrkh9fxtej67zvti#/shared/slvmxrkh9fxtej67zvti/

By: Muabuonkst1

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E10 | http://www.fileserve.com/file/wprhKbW |

Special Features (08/16)


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Special Feature (08/16)

By: Coco Repository


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Game Face


Love Song

Afraid of Love

To Be Able to Love

Don't Hold Your Breath

No Promises

Stop This Train

Next To You








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Guest fivemagic

Thank you for starting this thread!  I am happy to see it.

OMG!!! I would have never guessed that Eric Mun is the male lead... but what a big happy news and yes, finally, we know Eric is the man for this drama.  I am really looking forward to the script reading and shooting.

Thanks bunches for the wonderful news!!!

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Guest JaneElliot

Wasn't Myung Wol the gisaeng name of Hwang Jin Yi? No connection, I assume? Did anyone else think of that when they saw this?

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Five: it seems that you forgot to post the link to this thread. Finally, I can find this thread. I'm happy to join you here.

Phiphi: thanks so so much for starting this new thread. I love Ye Seul and I'm so looking forward to see her new drama after 1.5 years of WISFC. Compared to this drama, I see that the drama was aired from 2nd December 2009 and it started shooting from 3rd October. It means that 2 months before the airing.

But Spy, it is scheduled to be aired from 4th July but now, the cast has not been confirmed. I'm so worry. Hope that everything will be okay!

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Guest timpa

Eric is playing the Hallyu actor? So he's then the love interest I guess of Han Ye Seul's character.

Which would mean the two leads in this drama are both Korean-American? Wow that's pretty cool.

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Guest fivemagic

Hi Rockband,

I am happy to see you here too.  Of course, me too, will support this thread all the way.  I am very excited!!

YES, finally, Eric Mun is confirmed to be male lead for this rom-com drama.  It's going to be great to see him and Han Ye Seul collaborate cause I am trying to picture him being a comedic actor alongside Ye Seul... and I thinkg it's going to be exciting to see their scenes and lines.  Certainly can't wait til June... hahaha.

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Guest C51236

sorry to be the bearer of bad news........

Eric denies being cast in Han Ye Seul drama



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Guest nana544

awww Eric won't be able to do this drama :(, it's okay I like Lee Jin Wook too, he can be a great lead actor and between, he's handsome and cute!

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Guest valmylove

Eric up for Myung-wol the Spy



According to new reports, Eric is currently the top contender for the new drama Myung-wol the Spy, which means we oughtta put those lingering Poseidon hopes to bed now. It just ain’t happening.

At first I was a little disappointed that the much-beleaguered Poseidon is dead — Eric and Kim Kang-woo as rivals and teammates in a counterterrorism unit? On the sea? (Read: lots of ripped bodies getting wet.) That’s a no-brainer — but then I recalled the plot of Myung-wol the Spy, and I’m back to excited.

If you’ll recall, Myung-wol is about a North Korean spy (Han Ye-seul) who infiltrates South Korea with her spy colleague and possible love interest (Lee Jin-wook)…who then falls in love with a Hallyu star. (That would be Eric.) How perfect is that?

After initial reports broke naming Eric to the cast, his reps hastened to counter with statements that he’s “favorably considering” the role, but hasn’t decided yet. The fact that they’re not denying it gives me hope that the deal is close to being struck — it would have to be, with the drama needing a leading man and scheduled to premiere on July 4.

The drama’s described as a fun romance, which is GREAT, because I was hoping it would skew light-hearted rather than aiming to be IRIS: The Romance Files. Plus, there’s a little something offbeat about both Han Ye-seul and Eric — they’re not quite 4-D personalities, maybe more like 3-and-a-half-D — and I think together, they’d be wacky and hilarious. Man, I’d pay money to see them speaking Konglish together. Hee!

Myung-wol the Spy will replace Baby-Faced Beauty on Mondays and Tuesdays on KBS.

Via Star News

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Guest fivemagic

so...who's going to play the Hallyu star..?

IF Eric is officially confirmed for the drama, then he will play the 'Hallyu star' that Han Ye Seul will fall in love with.

I really can't wait to see the shooting pics.

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[11.05.31] Eric to star in “Spy Myung-wol”


Shinhwa member Eric (Mun Jung Hyuk) has been cast as the male lead in the upcoming KBS drama “Spy Myungwol”. The titular character will be played by Han Ye-seul.

Having completed his mandatory military service last October, this drama will be Eric’s return to primetime drama after a 3-year hiatus since his last drama “Strongest Chil Woo.”

Eric had initially committed to the drama “Poseidon” late last year, but the production of the drama – originally scheduled for broadcast on SBS – was subsequently stopped due to problems relating to production fees. An industry insider said that Eric finally decided to take on the new Mon-Tue drama, slated to begin on 4 July, after a long round of consideration.

“Spy Myung-wol” tells of the story that unfolds when a female North Korean spy encounters a Hallyu star. Eric, himself being a Hallyu star in Japan, China and other countries, will play the role of the Hallyu star, Kang Woo, in the drama.

Credits: Hankooki + Absolut Shinhwa

This confirmation is from the production's rep. There's no mention from Eric's management. I really hope they'll confirm it soon or at least not striking it down, I'll be happy camper :D

I'm really looking forward to this one. I really like Han Ye Seul's quirkiness as Anna in Couple of Trouble..... and yes I know Eric can handle comedy.... :) Will be my first time watching Lee Jin Wook here, been hearing nothing but good.... They should start filming soon for this drama, regardless who the male lead will be *prays it will be Eric* XDDDD

As little as the plot is right now, I'M SOLD the moment I read it :D

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Guest fivemagic







Credit to Hancinema

Eric confirmed to come back with "Beautiful Spy" with Han Ye-seul

Source | 2011/05/31 


Eric Moon has confirmed to star in the new KBS 2TV drama "Beautiful Spy".

He chose "Beautiful Spy" as a return project, playing the role of Hallyu star Kang Woo who introduced a new myth into the entertainment world and is the walking trend icon.

Eric Moon is about to display never seen before performance on stage as well as mellow and action as the 'killer appeal guy'.

Eric Moon said, "It is quite pressuring since it's my first project in 3 years but I am also anxious and nervous. I will show you who Hallyu star Kang Woo is".

"Beautiful Spy" is a spy mellow drama about Beautiful Spy Myeong-wol (Han Ye-seul) from the North, meeting Korea's top Hallyu Star Kang Woo. This is directed by Hwang In-hyeok, known for his sensitivity and sophistication, and will be released on the 4th of July.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )

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fivemagic, thanks so much for the info. I'm so glad it is settled for the confirmation of the 3 leads Han Yeseul, Eric & Jin Wook. Not sure who will play the 2nd female lead, there gotta be a 2nd female lead right?!! :D:D

Should we keep the title for the thread as Beautiful Spy or Myung-wol the Spy? :)

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Guest ERPJ

Thank you so much for confirmed news of Eric.kek can't wait ti see hot guy Kang Woo.

now wonder ,what's name of drama between Myung-Wom the Spy or Beautiful Spy?

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