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[Variety] Survival I Am A Singer 서바이벌 나는 가수다

Guest chopper!

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Guest shyda

wow this gonna be epic...LSY got number one i just miss her so much....i really enjoy her performance..unique and so emotional..not over the top..but moderate and pleasantly nice... ^_^

Semi fly thanx for the link... ;)

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I feel the second season is finally becoming into their own.  My gosh Guckkasten is just flippin' AWESOME!  They are really bringing color and variety - musically - into the show (just the was YDH and Jaurim had). 

And Lee Eun Mi...this woman just blows my mind!  I loved her before and when I saw her initial performances I was worried that she might stay in her comfort zone and just do ballads...but, man, I'm so glad she didn't!  I love the fact that she tries different things though as an iconic singer she really doesn't need to - I feel that I can see the show helping her grow and stretch herself too (or maybe she's just letting us in that she does have a wide range - what a treat then!).  In ep 10, boy oh boy - she demonstrated what it meant to be a powerful singer!  (She and Yim Jaebum.) 

I hope Guckkasten and Lee Eun Mi doesn't leave for a long while - they've anchored me to this show again and made me look forward to the next episode when they perform with great anticipation. 

I am hoping to be blown away by Kim Gun Mo too - I feel that he's still trying to find a way to hold his own on the show, but considering what a talented singer he is, so far it's enough for me to just see what'll he do next. 

The other singers are good to great as well, but they don't have the drawing-in power these three have for me.  Well, there's one thing I love about this show, it's how you can be ho-hum about one singer and the next, after the show taps the best out of him/her, you can't spazz enough how wonderful he/she is!

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WOW - I'm surprised that there hasn't been much movement in this thread...I mean Lee Eun Mi and several others have been killin' it on the shows!  I haven't felt this kind of excitement to watch these episodes since Lena Park and Kim Bum Soo were around.  Dang there's been some powerful singers - on the merit of some of the vocal qualities of the recent contestants I felt like it could be a toss-up on where the singers would rank!  Of course, me having my faves, some are easier to rank than others :P

Right now I'm kinda elated and bummed that Lee Eun Mi is leaving the show and I only get to see her on special performances until the winners competition in Decembers...Guckkasten still kicks butt, however, I'm starting to see others develop and it's gotten me curious how they'd grow.  In last week's show, I was amazed as much as I loved Lee Eun Mi, I was deeply moved by Kim Yeon Woo's performance.  Now, as much as I look forward to Guckkasten, Kim Yeon Woo is another one I will be highly anticipate to watch.

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Atlas...good things come to an end...


"MBC cancels ‘I Am a Singer 2′"


MBC‘s Sunday evening music competition program, I Am a Singer 2, will be coming to an end.

“This had been decided upon since October,” an MBC representative stated. “Although it unfortunately fell within the cancellation of both ‘Come to Play‘ and ‘What is Mom‘, it is entirely a coincidence that they happened to fall together.”

The cancellation process began in the fall, with MBC stating that they had no plans to create Season 3. “The last episode will be broadcast on December 23rd.” he said.

Although ‘I Am a Singer 2′ began airing earlier this year with much fanfare, it was not able to live up to the success of its predecessor as it was beset with quality control problems, stiff competition, and declining viewer interest.

Its replacement program will begin airing on January 6th. A specific plan for the show’s replacement has yet to be decided upon.

Are you disappointed with this news?

Source: Newsen via Nate

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The second show was bad. I didn't know what they were doing. I was glad to see Guckkasten up there, but the show ultimately was poorly produced, so I stopped watching it even when Guckkasten was in there.

I didn't even know that Nolleowa was cancelled. MBC-D has a delay on all programs except news.

MBC should re-do Music Camp to feature non-idol artists.

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They burnt through most of the famous singers anyway and started to bring on ones who were singing on Immortal Song 2. Which even though they are great singers, I don't think someone like Younha has the career to stack up against the veteran singers that made IAAS great.

MBC should revive the show in maybe 10 years.

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The problem on the first one was that there was too much favoritism. Look at Gim Geonmo (or Kim Gun-mo) and his situation. He returned after he was eliminated. Other singers had weak performances but they are so famous that they couldn't be eliminated. Jang Hyejin had some very solid performances throughout her time there but she was eliminated. She may be famous and she may be a great singer, but she ultimately was not popular enough and that was because there were so many other famous singers in there with her and people wouldn't let go of their favoritism.

I don't know about bringing back the show. Too many idols are being manufactured and they're taking up all the spaces and there probably will only be room for very few singers and bands that will not retire at that time.

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ARGGGGGGGGH!  Can't believe Guckkasten was eliminated!  I really thought they would end up in a head-to-head battle against Lee Eun Mi.

After I read the posts about favoritism, I agree - people have their biases.  I haven't really minded because those that do stay on just due to popularity, there will be that one singer that just blows you away from the bias; well, at least in, perhaps deluded, mind I think would happen to an audience member.

Last week's show just got me into a tizzy - and felt something fishy.  Guckkasten was #1 in both preliminary votes, and then in the final count be last?!?!  FOUL PLAY I SAY!  But hey, it's the last few rounds.  I feel that I Am A Singer should just stop now and hand Lee Eun Mi the top honors now Guckkasten is gone - I know, bias much?  My colors are showing - apologies to the fans of the other 2 singers.  I am still reeling from the upset at the performer final standings.

Now where can I see Guckkasten perform on TV on a regular basis?  *Sigh* Yes, there's more to life than Guckkasten, but now it's gonna be a little less lively for me...TT.TT

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Guckkasten got eliminated?! I hope that MBC finally lets the YouTube videos get unblocked so that I can watch the Guckkasten performances.

Guckkasten doesn't do many TV performances. They probably won't be on MBC again. KBS, SBS, and Arirang have sporadic performances from non-idols. I keep missing the ones that I do want to watch.

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Guest adikkeluangman

MBC in talks to air 'I Am a Singer' Chuseok special
MBC is recruiting singers for their upcoming 'I Am a Singer' Chuseok special!

An MBC rep told Newsen on July 17, "We are preparing to air an 'I Am A Singer' special this September. Although it was reported that it will air during the Chuseok holiday after filming early in September, the filming and broadcast date have not been confirmed yet. Although there is a possibility that the filming and broadcast will go on around that time, it depends on the situation."
"The lineup has not been confirmed. We are currently recruiting singers to appear on the program, but there is no confirmed guest yet."
MBC previously aired the Chuseok special 'I Am A Singer Classics BEST 10' last September, which Park Jung Hyun (Lena Park) won, reviving the show that ended with its season two finale in 2012.

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Guest adikkeluangman

‘I Am A Singer’ Scheduled for Regular Broadcast Starting January 2015
I Am A Singer will begin airing regularly starting in January.
According to multiple broadcasting affiliates, MBC’s I Am A Singer will be set for regular broadcast starting in January of 2015. The show will be returning in about two years since it aired the last broadcast on December 30 of 2012. 

The newly born I Am A Singer will be meeting the viewers as a seasonal show in order to maximize the strength of its survival format. Kang Young Sun PD, who directed Knee-Drop Guru, Four Sons One Daughter and more will be taking charge.
An affiliate told Newsen, “We decided to resume airing I Am A Singer in order to retain MBC’s music programs. We will be redeeming some of the problems that have been pointed out to refurbish the show.” Discussions are currently being held to air the show late at night during a weekday.
Meanwhile, MBC’s I Am A Singer, which aired between March of 2011 and December 2012, is a survival program that featured seven singers each week who competed with each other with newly composed songs. Once the competition ended a singer was eliminated through the audience’s votes and was replaced by a new singer. 

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Guest adikkeluangman

“I Am a Singer” Coming Back as a Season Show with 13 Episodes
MBC‘s singing competition show “I Am a Singer” will be coming back as a season program with 13 episodes for the third reboot of the show.
A representative from MBC told Star News, “Considering the style and the concept of ‘I Am a Singer,’ we have decided that a season format with set number of episodes would work better than how the show was formatted previously. We are thinking of 13 episodes.”

“I Am a Singer” caused a sensation when it helped numerous talented singers reclaim their popularity. It was also remade in China. MBC is currently in the process of bringing back this program after a two-year hiatus. The airing date has yet to be set, but it is expected to premiere in early 2015.

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Guest adikkeluangman

Wheesung to Participate in “I Am a Singer”
Wheesung has been revealed to be the hidden card of “I Am a Singer 3.”
After long consideration over whether or not to make an appearance, the skilled vocalist decided to take on the challenge and is now preparing for the next match with the best music producers in the field. He will first participate in the competition held on February 11, singing along with singers such as Yangpa and Park Jung Hyun.
“At first, Wheesung was very uncomfortable about starring in ‘I Am a Singer.’ However, he ultimately changed his mind after the producers’ constant persuasion,” a music industry insider said on February 9. “Though he still feels a big burden due to the system of ranking the performances and eliminating singers, the producers have finally won his heart.”

Wheesung is one of the best R&B and ballad vocalists in the nation. Despite his young age of 33, he has countless hit songs such as “Can’t We,” With Me,” and “Day We Met Again.” He dominated the music scene of the 2000s with his deep voice that touched the hearts of many.
Due to his numerous experiences on large stages, he is certainly the best fit for “I Am a Singer.” Fans are especially anticipating his appearance, since he was once chosen as first place for a survey on “Who do you want to see the most on ‘I Am a Singer?’”
The producers, too, are relieved at Wheesung’s addition to the group. Despite surfacing rumors of the producers having a hard time casting prominent singers, they now have a wild card, Wheesung, in their hands.
A rise in the rates is also expected with his addition. Though the first two episodes have only reached about 5-6 percent, lower than other shows airing at the same time, many are looking forward to a positive rise.
One singer has already been eliminated from the last competition of “I Am a Singer.” Since two new contestants are needed, including one to fill in the previously removed Lee Soo’s place, fans are wondering who the other new singer will be.
-----Controversy sparks among netizens regarding Wheesung’s appearance on “I’m A Singer 3″
Differing opinions regarding the appearance of R&B vocalist Wheesung on I’m A Singer 3 have arisen following the news that he would join the singing competition starting on February 11th. 
While many netizens feel that Wheesung, known for his incredible vocal skills and stage presence, would dominate the show, others have expressed their doubts about the singer’s appearance.

On February 9th, those who doubt Wheesung have left comments such as, “You kick out Lee Soo and you bring in Wheesung?”, “When he was at his best he would have been on par with Lena Park but at the state he is in..I don’t know – -,” and “Wheesung is good but with the state his voice is in right now I don’t know about I’m a Singer..”
In regards to joining the program, a person who works with the program revealed, “Wheesung was very hesitant to join the program, He felt that the process of ranking singers and elimination put too much pressure on him, but he was moved by the relentless persuasion of the show’s producer.”
Wheesung most recently collaborated with SHINee’s Jonghyun for his solo debut album, BASE, which was released on January 12th.

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Guest adikkeluangman

Wheesung talks about suffering from stage fright even after 13 years of being on stage
On February 20 broadcast of 'I Am A Singer 3', the ever so talented R&B singer Wheesung revealed that he still gets nervous standing on stage, even after 13 years of being in the industry! 
When asked about what kind of an artist he was, Wheesung revealed that he is a greedy artist who is always looking to improve, and because of stubbornness of being perfect he gets severely nervous being on stage. 
Wheesung said, "I get severely nervous when I'm on stage. It's very serious to the point where people wouldn't understand. My fans know of this [as well]. And sometimes the up and down is really severe, and it even gets hard for me to breathe. I think of how great it would be to sing without concerning myself about the cameras."
However, despite the doubts he had, the singer gave an outstanding performance, belting out powerful high notes. 
Check out his performance on 'I Am A Singer 3' below!

-----Hwee Sung makes his first performance on 'I Am A Singer'
Whee Sung made his first performance on 'I Am A Singer.'
On February 20th, Whee Sung appeared on channel MBC's 'I Am A Singer,' and made his first performance.

Whee Sung selected Kim Jo Han's 'Love Prepared For You,' and expressed his huge excitement and nervousness during an interview that he had with the production team after his performance.
Hwee Sung said, "I was so nervous that I could not think much. It has been quite a while since I made my last live performance, but I don't even remember what I did on the stage."
He added, "Everything did not go as I hoped, and I feel huge regrets. I even forgot parts of the lyrics."
Meanwhile, Ha Dong Gyun was voted as the #1 singer of the week.
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Guest adikkeluangman

Kim Tae Woo covers Sir Tom Jones on this week's 'Immortal Song'
Kim Tae Woo covered a legendary singer on the March 7 installment of 'Immortal Song 2'.
Kim Tae Woo opened up the show with his cover of "Delilah" by Sir Tom Jones. His husky, powerful vocals were perfect for the classic song, and the audience loved his performance. 
However, it was 'rookie monster' Son Seung Yeon who took the final win. What'd you think of the g.o.d member's performance?

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Guest Katz33

Is there anyone subbing I am singer 3? I hate that it's only gonna be 13 episodes.. T.T I can't see Ha Donqn every week no more ;( hopefully he'll join immortal songs 2 when the program ends.. XD

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