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  1. @Rom828 - After seeing PBG in Record of Youth as a baddie (thug-like one), would like to see him play something like the "the Doctor's Son" in Heartless City. I thought Jung Kyung-ho was great in it, but PBG can take it to the next level. But rather than dramas, would love for him to explore movies. He expressed a desire to be in Hollywood - I agree, his big eyes can charm the western world too!! Not a superhero movie, something with grit would be nice - so he can show off his acting chops. He's not just a pretty face after all!
  2. Tamra, the Island - I'm not too sure what led me to watch that drama, but it's funny and Im Joo Wan did a terrific job.
  3. Product placement is where TV began, at least in U.S. It was all about getting eyeballs to watch their channel so they can sell stuff...I remind myself that whenever I see outlandish product placement. But if you what a big laugh, watch Welcome to Waikiki 2 - I watched that because of Kim Seon Ho (yep, I caught the 2nd lead syndrome after watching Start Up) - they poke fun at it in such a hilarious way that I no longer get annoyed when I see it in other dramas. Whenever I see product placement now, I think of that drama and it make me smile instead. =)
  4. Sorry I am jumping in late in this topic, but I had to have an outlet for my fangirling over Park Bo Gum. Reply 1988 got me interested in him, Moonlight Drawn By Clouds aka Love in the Moonlight made me swoon but life happens and I watch Record of Youth in Netflix and bam! It all came flooding back - why he is so awesome! So I went back and found Encounter. I kick myself for not having watched it sooner. Now with both ROY and Encounter on my brain, can't get enough of him. 2022 seems so far away...but the 1st quarter of 2021 is near to the end, he's got a couple of movies that we can loo
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