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  1. I have been watching k-dramas for decades, but this is the first I ever posted about shipping a couple! I have been a fan of DWL and YIN for some time now. I liked them in Goblin, but TYH got my heart! I've seen LDW in variety shows and he appears to be a funny guy, and YIN in the variety shows I have seen her, she seems fun - can you imagine them as a couple?!? How can you not ship them? Well, I don't plan to hold my breath for it to happen, but it would be great if the stars would align and they become a couple for real. They definitely would have beautiful babies! If there will be a poll for re-naming the couple, I would pitch in for Pocket Couple (especially due to the 8th ep when Jung Rok starts to show his feelings by taking an initiative...)
  2. First of all, I needed to express how much I ship this couple! I love these two actors, and seeing them in Goblin wanted to see them together! Now my fantasy is being realized! And thank you for sharing a link to the shipper's forum. Gonna check it out next! Next, I do like the progress of these couple. Don't want give spoilers per se, but I was totally expecting a kiss in ep 7 or 8, especially since the show appears to be using a lot of the troupes used in K-drama rom-coms, however, what Jung Rok did at the end totally melted my heart!
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