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Lee Jong Suk 이종석 ||[on MS]Upcoming - |Unreleased C-Drama - Jade Lover

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2019.01.17 amanproject2018 IG Update

@amanproject2018: 촬영이 아무리 고되도... 여러분 덕분에 살 빠질 틈은 없겠어요 .
#늘감사합니다 #이종석갤러리 #안먹으면내가섭해 dumpling_1f95f.png127836oden_1f362.pngfried-shrimp_1f364.png

Translation by irene7an IG  

No matter how hard filming is... Thanks to everyone, I have no time to lose weight. As always, thank you "Lee Jong Suk Gallery". I will be sad if I don't eatdumpling_1f95f.png127836oden_1f362.pngfried-shrimp_1f364.png

Edited @ibru

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“Romance is a Bonus Book” is a romantic comedy about people who work in the publishing world. It will center around Kang Dan Yi (played by Lee Na Young), who used to be one of the greatest copywriters but is currently struggling to find work, and Cha Eun Ho (played by Lee Jong Suk), who is a star writer and an idol of the literature world.


Jung Yoo Jin - Song Hye Rin has earned herself the title of “Gyeoru’s second witch” ...

Armed with beauty and confidence, Song Hye Rin is strong-willed at all times except when she is in front of Cha Eun Ho, making viewers wonder about the story behind her and Gyeoru’s youngest editor-in-chief.

A source from the drama said, “.. She will work hard as a character who amplifies tension and excitement between Lee Na Young and Lee Jong Suk.


Wi Ha Joon will appear in “Romance is a Bonus Book” as a sweet guy named Ji Seo Joon who will steal women’s hearts. He will suddenly appear in front of Kang Dan Yi and stir up tension between Kang Dan Yi and Cha Eun Ho.




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Thank you @ibru :):wub:

I love jongsuk a lot,  :love: Already finished WYWS and his is Soo Cute  & Awesome Actor 

Thanksto all of you  for  Updating about him:heart::innocent:

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Lee Jong Suk: Dedicating the comfort I have received to you

This book is not only a photo album of an actor, but also a collection of poems that can convey resonance and comfort to everyone who flips through the book.


I am not a person who knows poetry very well.


My name is widely known and started in the TV series "School 2013". Even in the drama, I just recited the poems of Mr. Na Tae Joo as a actor in the performance and carefully followed the lines in the script.


Looking back at the past, I was passionate about the performance at the time, but did not spend more time to understand the poem of the recitation. It is quite difficult for me to interpret feelings based only on the lines in the script and the state of the characters in the play. In the years that followed, I got love from many people who exceeded expectations, and I gave my love to others in my own way. During that time, I was sometimes immersed in happiness, sometimes sad alone, even if I was comforted, I was still sad for this, so I cycled back and forth.


In the meantime, whenever I feel depressed and struggling, I think that I am an actor. If I want to continue on the road of performing arts, I should overcome this feeling.


If there is something to gain in the process of re-experiencing this kind of emotion, then the tears that could not be squeezed out before have begun to naturally condense in the eyelids and finally begin to flow down.


At that time, I tried to understand myself, did I deepen my understanding of feelings or feelings?


But sometimes, even this kind of effort made me feel very hard. At this time, the depression in my heart is simply unbearable.


One day, my heart was awkward, and I was lying on the bed quietly, staring at the ceiling. Inadvertently opened a book that my fans gave me as a gift, and this book happens to be the collection of poems by Mr. Na Tae Joo. At the beginning, I simply thought: "Since it is a book, how can there be not much text?" With such doubts, I began to read the poems. In the next few hours, those past loves, the moments that I thought I was breaking up, the words I wanted to say to my fans, and the stories I wanted to talk about... they began to sweep through my heart.




I read poems one by one, and read them one by one in the resonance with poetry. Maybe it's because I read too much, or maybe because I was only able to do that. On that day, I burst into tears like a child. Thinking about it now, it seems to cry for a long time.


Then, after a while, one day, I finally had the opportunity to reread this collection of poems. In the impression, I got a lot of comfort at that time.


If you use a more accurate language to express it, it seems that I am through the long-lasting tears, and to express my feelings in my heart - as if I was drowned by tears. Just two or three days after I had just taken a viral vaccination, after taking a few sweats, I can finally be no longer suffering from the pain, and I can feel healthy and welcome to a new day. At that moment, I felt that I was getting a precious gift.


Although I am still a person who doesn't know much about poetry, thanks to Mr. Na Tae Joo, I feel that I have shortened the distance from poetry. Since then, I have tried to write short poems like the diary, and I also found some easy to understand poems to read.


In the process, a publishing house accidentally found me and proposed a photo album. I thought at the time that instead of publishing a photo-only photo, it would be better to have a photo album with poetry. Of course, it is the use of Mr. Na Tae Joo’s poems. Although there are still some shortcomings, if I can add my personal poems, it is not better!




In order to publish this special photo album, I once went from Seoul to Gongju and spent a total of two days with Mr. Na Tae Joo.


Mr. Mr. Na Tae Joo gave me the impression that he is much more capable than his age. His emotions are much younger than the actual age. It seems that he is like a happy old gentleman. I heard that I also want to learn to write poetry. Mr. Na Tae Joo laughed a few times and gave me some suggestions:


To write short poems;

No need to worry too much;

Capture the impulse of an instant;

Write poetry like writing a last word.


According to Mr.'s suggestion, I also tried to write different forms of poetry and tried to write some poems that seemed to be OK. However, after a period of rereading, I feel a little ridiculous and contrived.


To be precise, at this stage, I seem to have scruples. So I decided to choose the works that I had moved from my gentleman's poems.


In the process of selecting Mr. Na Tae Joo's poems, I have repeatedly experienced many troubles, and finally decided to write a poem without my own writing. I think that my poems are too superficial, and it is not enough to appear in the same book with my poetry.


I think that if you want to make my poems public, it may take some time. My internal strength is not deep enough, and there is no courage to show poetry to show people. Therefore, I decided not to publish my poems in this photo album.



However, I still take the feeling of regret and sort out the sporadic touches of reading Mr. Na Tae Joo's works into these words, which are included in this book. I hope that after I learn more about poetry, after I know more about the world, in the near future, I will have the opportunity to carefully present my poems to everyone. If everyone understands that my wish is still valid, I will be grateful.


I have conceived, edited and selected Mr. Na Tae Joo's poems, photographed, recorded videos, recorded... with the team members. In the process of marking each album with different titles, I have almost passed the past year. Time, here, I would like to express my deep gratitude to those who have worked and worked hard.




This book is not only a photo album of an actor, but also a collection of poems that can convey resonance and comfort to everyone who flips through the book. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Na Tae Joo for his help in providing this collection of poems. I also want to express my respect to Mr. Na Tae Joo.


In particular, I hope that this book will convey the comfort I have received to all readers who are reading this book.




[With the book exquisite dvd + special postcard] Li Zhongshuo "everything is because of you"
Lee Jong Suk "Everything  because of you"
With the book exquisite dvd + special postcards


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A-Man Project's IG Post (January 16, 2019)

#아침부터_심멎주의 #로맨스는별책부록 #기다림도_행복❤️


















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A-Man Project's IG Post (January 16, 2019)

Lee Jong Suk & Lee Na Young "Romance Is A Bonus Book" Making


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On the 8th, the main poster of Lee Na Young and Lee Jong Suk released 'Romance is a bonus book' which gives a warm heart and  is considered to be the best blockbuster of 2019.  

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2019.01.16 A-MAN Project IG Update.

Lee Jong Suk on the Cover of ESQUIRE Magazine 2019/02 Issue


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