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Official K-pop Group Individual Members Directory


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Come here before making a new thread! Report new threads here!

Official Directory for Individual Members Threads!

Please read below for information and if your question is still not answered please PM either @LavelyShaior @angelangie before proceeding anything. 

  1. You may search for a certain group artist by pressing Ctrl+F and typing in the artist's name. If you do not find it, it may be a possibility that there are different ways of spelling the name.
  2. For those who want to create an official thread for a group's member, please check here to make sure there is no official thread for the artist yet (if you are still unsure, feel free to ask us)
  3. When an official thread is created, please post here with the title of the thread and the link to the thread.
  4. If there's already an official thread for a group's member yet it's not in this directory please post here with the title of the thread and link to the thread.
  5. All news regarding a particular singer should go into their official thread.
  6. Only artists with released albums or singles in Korea and sung in Korean language are entitled to an official thread.   

    Thank You :grin:
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Guest dancalibara

@LavelyShai I'm actually new to posting stuff on Soompi, I've been a constant lurker for a month or so. I see you on different threads from time to time (nice getting to know you, haha). Anyways, when I figure out how to make a thread, I'll try making one for D.O.  :)

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Guest moitoi11

I have loved Shinwha for 8 years, i love each members of them, especially Junjin, they are the oldest group and the best group in korea , forever !!

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