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[Variety] 100 Points Out of 100 스쿨 버라이어티 백점만점 [Oh! My School 오! 마ì

Guest ulyssej

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Guest adikkeluangman

miss A’s Min unintentionally reveals her childhood photos

miss A’s Min unintentionally shared pictures of her youth through the January 1st episode of KBS 2TV’s “100 Points out of 100.”

As a part of the New Year’s special, the team were asked to work on their teamwork by going on a special MT designed to help build their friendships.

Supreme Team’s Simon D, Rainbow’s Jaekyung, Lee Tae Sung, Kim Juri, and SG Wannabe’s Lee Seok Hoon all barged into Min’s dorm because she had forgotten the time for the show’s recording and failed to show up as scheduled.

Min showed much surprise over their sudden visit since she was not wearing any make up, but the members continued to have it their own way in the dorm and even managed to find her old graduation albums along with other pictures of her framed on the wall.

Her childhood pictures had many claiming her to be a younger version of S#arp’s Lee Ji Hye.


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I just saw episode 4 with subs (thank you KBSW and DSlobs <3 I'm eternally grateful) and I was cracking up throughout.

I love their "characters" on the show but I hope they dont get pigeon-holed into maintaining them. I mean, I dont know Minho enough to comment on him, but his pretentiousness gets too grating sometimes. Having followed SimonD and Taesung before this show, I think they fit well with their real personalities. The girls are refreshing too but they dont have much presence on the show (other than Min, who cleverly carved out a solid space for herself).

Cant wait for whatever is next. Bring it on!


yea... in my dreams

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Guest adikkeluangman

F.T Island’s Hong Ki gets “punk’d” on “100 Points out of 100″

F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Ki was hilariously pranked by fellow cast members of KBS 2TV ‘100 Points out of 100′.

On this week’s episode, Super Junior’s Eun Hyuk and SHINee’s Minho were given a mission to improve their teamwork, and headed off to F.T Island’s dorm to play a trick on Hong Ki. Eun Seo, Shin So Yool, and Girl’s Day’s Min Ah joined in on the act as girls who were fighting over Hong Ki.

With the manager’s help, actress Shin So Yool first went into Hong Ki’s room and began talking to him as if they knew each other. “Hong Ki! It’s nuna! Your room hasn’t changed one bit. It’s exactly the same.” Confused, Hong Ki stood up and looked at the actress in bewilderment. Before he could say anything, Min Ah charged in and said, “Oppa, what are you doing? Who’s this girl?”

While the two girls were fighting with each other, Hong Ki had his lower body wrapped completely in his blanket, and confessed he didn’t have any pants on. Just as the two girls asked him to choose just one girl, Hong Ki said, “Since when did I have two girlfriends?” Eun Seo then entered the scene and exclaimed, “You said I was your only girl!”

Minho then came to save the day, with whom Hong Ki embraces tightly in his arms. Lastly Eunhyuk walks in and shouts, “What are you guys doing in his dorm! Did you bring in girls to your dorm again?!”


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my favorite part this episode was seeing Min's crazy reaction to Eun Ji Won. I guess she must have been a Sechs Kies fan. All of a sudden you hear her screaming "EUN JI WON OPPPPAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" lol. Like a crazed fangirl outside the airport or something

I'm not sure why they had Soyeon from T-ara for this episode because as someone on the show pointed out. She's a Click-B fangirl (bought them a sofa with her allowance money hah). I hope that Taesang and Eun Seo are back (well next week is a continuation of this episode so in two weeks) and that it was just a conflict of schedule. Taesang is pretty funny and Eun Seo reminds me a bit of Kara's Gyuri in her appearance and mannerisms. I also like her maintaining the Minho love-line.

Although Minho is keeping his 'Noona-killer' nickname alive by getting paired with Kan Mi Yeon... I think all the guys realized she was looking at him and were like "no point even going out, she's not gonna pick anyone except Minho" :D

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LOL i love every reaction to EJW~ <3 the boys jumping up and about then when its time to line up for the couple thing,the boys sang parts frm adios XD <3 LOL i love it~ and then the couple dance of kkap hoot is so funny <3 HAHA~

but i dunno if Min is really a sechskies fan though~ in the preview she doesnt even know the title of the song they danced together in the  intro~ but it could be bcoz of the editing~ 

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Guest adikkeluangman

The life of a trainee is one full of hardships, as the person is constantly required to make sacrifices for their dreams. miss A’s Min was not only a trainee for eight years, but she was a trainee in a foreign country. Recently, the star revisited her pre-debut memories while on KBS 2TV’s “100 Points out of 100.”

Min was asked whether she had done anything towards her grandmother that she regretted, to which she responded: “Six years into my trainee life in the U.S., my debut got postponed, and my future seemed so dark. I eventually gave up my trainee life and returned to Korea.”

Min revealed that she cut contact with her grandmother and father, and spent a year working part-time jobs and living out on her own. She later left for the U.S. again on her own, and stayed there for six months. After returning to Korea, she went back home and was greeted by her grandmother.

Min continued, “The minute she saw me, she began crying. I’m so apologetic and thankful towards her.”


miss A’s Min confesses her hardships during her trainee days in America

On this week’s episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘100 Points out of 100′, miss A’s Min confessed the hardships she suffered during her trainee days in America.

“My future became dark as my American debut kept getting delayed. I quit as a trainee and returned to Korea,” revealed Min.

She continued, “For a year and a half, I lost contact with my grandmother and father and learnt english, dance, and had a part time job. My family was waiting for me for a year and half, not knowing how I was doing. Despite that, I was warmly welcomed when I came back home. I’m thankful to my family, especially my grandmother.”

Min also added, “I want to buy my grandmother a bed made out jade stone soon.”

During her younger days, Min was known as “Lil Jon’s Protege” and trained in America for some time before debuting as a member of miss A.


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As a fan of the DSP line from back in the day, I was really happy to see EJW here. It was such a delight to see the other generation (I refuse to call them the older generaton lol); Esp. Shinhwa's Dong Wan who I havent seen since he came back from the army!!!

It kind of makes me mad these days when I see comments asking who they are lol.

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Guest xoxdreamgurlazn209

I really love this episode because it shows appreciation of the first gen idols. I remember when i was little my cousin's gf who now his wife use to always play Shinhwa song, and HOT. I love them all and it was great to see the

first gen to regroup. I can't wait for running man ^-^ i kind of want to see GOD, Sechs Kies, and Shinhwa have a

regroup on a show like strong heart :D. There's also going to be a running man episode of the first gen. >_< they

are returning keke yah

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Guest xoxdreamgurlazn209

so far there's no subbing team that is subbing them. You can wait every Wednesday for KBS world to release subs but KBS world next episode sub would be the cmas special so it will be awhile

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Guest minioligo

I really like this show!! Not sure why it's not as popular...I guess like everyone's pointed out here, it doesn't really have much of a set concept. But I definitely like the cast, except I get confused sometimes with who's actually staying & who's going..

Anyway this episode was great!! I love it when idols from the previous generation come on variety shows. Though sometimes during this episode I felt like things could've been cut out to make the episode a little more content-filled....I know there's a continuation episode next week though. =)

Kim Dongwan....you still look amazing... :wub: Shinhwa AHH!!

P.S. Hi tiki!! Long time no see X)

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Guest adikkeluangman

F.T. Island’s Hong Ki confesses to have a crush on a girl

On this week’s episode of KBS 2TV’s “100 Points Out of 100“, F.T. Island’s Hong Ki confessed that he currently has a crush on a certain female.

During the episode, the cast were able to know more about each others’ inner confessions through the ‘Truth Game’. When Supreme Team’s Simon D asked Hong Ki if he currently likes anyone, Hong Ki answered without hesitation, “I do have a crush on a girl,” shocking the cast members on set.

When asked whether the girl knows about his feelings, Hong Ki replied, “Don’t you think she would know?”

He suspiciously added, “She might be here right now, or she might not,” and refused to answer any more questions.


F.T Island’s Hong Ki, Girl’s Day’s Min Ah have a cute “Goodnight Call” on “100 Points out of 100″

On this week’s “100 Points Out of 100″, F.T Island’s Lee Hong Ki and Girl’s Day’s Min Ah shared an ‘aegyo‘ phone call that definitely caused goosebumps from both castmates and viewers alike.

On the show, the two were to have a ‘goodnight’ conversation as a couple who were talking right before they headed to bed, using as much “aegyo”, or “cuteness”, that they could squeeze out.



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