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[Variety] 100 Points Out of 100 스쿨 버라이어티 백점만점 [Oh! My School 오! 마ì

Guest ulyssej

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Guest anissafiah

I've watched the first episode and I think it's great! But it should be more organized 'cause I don't seem to know the purpose of this show. Anyway, I like Simon D-Hongki, they're super fun!

I also cracked up when Min showed her aegyo and Simon D turned to her and was like, "Huh??". LOL! :D

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the pilot episode was a bit messy but hongki and simon d are so freaking funny....

this show seems refreshing though.. star golden bell seems a bit stale after so long..

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miss A’s Min perfects a dancing scene from ‘Fame’ + dancing to SNSD’s ‘Hoot’

Have to watch SimonD and Esens when they're holding the pole - that's where the humour comes in (: I just caught the pilot ep and I do agree that it's really messy. They tried to squeeze too many activities, hoping to impress the station and viewers so they won't get cut. I hope it gets better.

Honestly, thank goodness SimonD's in it. He's hilarious!

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does anyone know where i can go to find subs for this show? i really like it lol

Not sure if you are referring to soft-subs, currently I don't think any team is working on it.

However if you are referring to KBS World TV-ripped files for Downloading, please refer to my previous posting for DL Links via Torrent/Megaupload as well as the Airing Times for the official First Episode on KBS World (Asia/Europe) next week.

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does anyone know where i can go to find subs for this show? i really like it lol

Only episode 1 is subbed for now, I know some are still subbing the remain star golden bell. So maybe will continue to sub this when its done.

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Guest HelloDreamer

Thanks for Ep2! Hahahs I love Hong Ki<3!

The news about min putting on her shorts made me laugh...she's so Americanize. =] Korean boys are so innocent and cute...closing their eyes and getting shy about it! Min's responds is the best, "Can't I wear this here?"  LOL. =D

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I think EP 2 KBS world sub will be out tml just saw the ads on KBS world channel.

If you refer to the Korean File/Ep Numbering, this week's Episode on KBSW is the Official Ep 1. The "first" one what we saw is considered the PILOT Episode.

Ref Post

So everyone, to avoid any confusion in Ep Number references in future, can we please not refer to it as Ep #2.

Thanks in advance.

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Guest gwapa_ko

If there is already a thread of Oh My School..please just delete this or merge it with the current thread. I already checked the thread directory but I haven't found a thread of Oh My School. Thanks! :)

Just want to comment about the 2nd Ep 1 of this show. It is DAEBAK! Eunhyuk, JoongKi and Minho all in one show is a fangirl's dream. Hahaha! ♥

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Guest adikkeluangman

SNSD’s Yuri and SHINee’s Minho act out a kiss scene

On an episode of KBS2TV’s “100 Points out of 100,” SHINee’s Minho and SNSD’s Yuri reenacted a scene of the musical “Grease” while attempting to learn how to express a wider variety of emotions.

Yuri joined the program’s school special as a new student and captured the attention of the studio by performing SNSD’s latest hit, “Hoot.” In a corner created to help stars become more sensitive and emotional, Yuri and Minho were asked to act out “Summer Nights,” a number of the musical “Grease.”

Musical actress Kim So Hyun was highly impressed with Yuri’s skills and complimented, “You could go stand on stage right now!”

The show ended its episode with a kiss scene between Yuri and Minho, and this will be shown on December 4th at 5:15 PM through KBS2TV.


miss A’s Min performs kkap version of “Hoot”

miss A’s Min showed off her ‘kkap’ skills once more on the December 4th episode of KBS 2TV’s “100 Points out of 100.”

SNSD’s Yuri performed the sexy choreography to “Hoot” prior to Min’s kkap reinvention of it, making the two versions stand in stark contrast against one another.

Despite Min wearing a cast due to her leg injury, she put what seemed to be all of her soul into the kkap version of SNSD’s famous ‘arrow dance’ for the show. Her efforts paid off, as her dance was a hit, earning a hot response from the studio and viewers alike.


miss A’s Min perfects a dancing scene from ‘Fame’ + dancing to SNSD’s ‘Hoot’

On this week’s episode of KBS2’s ‘100 Points out of 100′, miss A’s Min exhibited her powerful acting talents, and successfully transformed into a musical actress.

The cast met with actress Kim So Hyun, who gave a musical acting lesson aimed at helping the idol students on expressing their emotions through their craft.

Rising to the challenge, Min tackled a scene from the Hollywood film, ‘Fame‘. Supreme Team’s Simon D and E-Sens took hold of a pole, which Min utilized to display her formidable charisma as she danced passionately to the rhythm.

In response to Min’s perfect acting, Kim So Hyun said, “You were strong and intense right from the beginning. Your dance was more powerful than I expected.”


miss A’s Min embarrasses ‘100 Points Out of 100′ cast with her boldness

Sexy, vivacious and bold, miss A’s Min is the best candidate to shake up the more conservative attitudes with her ‘Devil May Care’ outlook on life. And that’s precisely what she did on the latest episode of “100 Points of out 100“.

This week’s episode required Min to act out a dancing scene from the musical, ‘Fame‘. Since she was unable to carry out the performance in her short mini skirt, the staff gave her a pair of gray sweatpants to wear. Now normally, you’d expect the girl to walk off the set for a few minutes to don them in privacy, but Min? Min chose to step into the sweatpants right then and there, causing the rest of her castmates to shout with embarrassment and immediately shield their eyes. Park Kyung Lim even cried out in shock, “Excuse me Min-ssi, but what are you doing?!”

Hilariously, it seemed to be the men who were more flustered about the situation, as they asked, “Are we meant to close our eyes for this?”, to which Min innocently responded, “Can’t I wear this here?”

Although the cast was able to either close their eyes or look away, the cameramen still had to film her getting dressed – the knowledge of which made the cast turn bright red with embarrassment.

Considering how Min was trained for eight years in the States, it’s no surprise that she’s got more of a liberal and spunky attitude than her peers… and we love it!


Heechul and Park Kyung Lim take snapshots with ‘100 points out of 100′ co-stars

Recently, Super Junior’s Heechul landed a spot as a regular MC on MBC’s “Radio Star“. Yesterday, he posted a photo from the set of KBS‘ ‘100 points out of 100.’

Heechul is known for being close with many stars, regardless of generation or genre; from SNSD’s Yoona and f(x)’s Sulli to actress Hwang Shin Hye and gagman MC Kim Gura, Heechul has charmed and gained the affection of many fellow celebrities.

In this recent photo, he’s seen alongside fellow Super Junior member Eunhyuk, F.T. Island’s Lee Hongki, Supreme Team’s Simon D, Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu, and SECRET’s Hyosung. The star tweeted,

“100 points out of 100!! Close friend Eunhyuk, me, Hongki, Sangchu, Simon D, and Hyosung with a covered face!!“

Later, ‘100 points out of 100′ MC Park Kyung Lim also posted photos with the other sitcom co-stars, Rainbow’s Jaekyung and NS Yoon Ji, at a post-production dinner.

“Came to eat dinner after filming ‘100 points out of 100′ yesterday~ ^^ Wearing the hat Rainbow’s Jaekyung gave me~ ^^ She said she did every single stitch~ keke“

“A photo with NS Yoon Ji as well~ Click!!! There is a difference [in head size] because I am closer, not~ because there really is a difference keke“


Was NS Yoon Ji a loner in school?

As hard as it is to believe now, NS Yoon Ji revealed that she was actually a loner during her school days because of a language barrier issue.

She stated during a recording of “100%“, “I immigrated to America during the 4th grade, and I didn’t know English at the time, so I wasn’t able to communicate, and I became a loner.”

Yoon Ji went on to say, “With the principal’s help, I adjusted to school life and I became who I am today.”


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I just wanted to say that I've been having fun watching this show. Although there have only been 6 episodes (unsubbed) out so far, I think the show has a unique feel to it. It's sort of a mix between a lot of things from past shows that have worked well and it seems very natural and unfeigned.

Am I upset SGB ended? Heck yes! But, so far, I'm not mad at this show lol. The Pilot and First episode (subbed) were fun to watch and I can only anticipate for more.

I'm letting it off lightly because I'm sure they're still finding their footing but if the hosts (TONY AHN!) and the semi-stable cast (SIMON D/HONGKI is the best love/hate I've seen since Haha and KJK lol).

But, knowing my interests, I'm afraid this'll be another mania program lol. That always ends up happening to me :/

Does anyone know the rating so far? Semi-fly, where are you?

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Guest gwapa_ko

I loveeeeeeddddddd the second episode. :) Simon D is growing on me. Minho...I have always loved him since Dream Team (would he ever come back in that show? :D )

Is Eunhyuk a regular already in this show? :)

What I love about this show is that it's not repetitive like you can't expect the same segments every episode..like the 2nd ep they actually had a musical. Hope Oh My School would get good --- great ratings. :)

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