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[Variety] 100 Points Out of 100 스쿨 버라이어티 백점만점 [Oh! My School 오! 마ì

Guest ulyssej

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Not too well, I'm afraid . . . it was 4.9% for the last episode.

KBS seems to be having a hard time, the past few years, trying to get out of last place for Saturday . . . whereas they are doing so well for Sunday . . .

Related News Report (Googles Translated)

Shows in the same time-belt on Saturdays (Ratings for 22 January 2011)

KBS - Oh! My School (4.9%)

MBC - WGM Season 2 (10.4%)

SBS - Star Junior Show (11.4%)

KBS - National Heroes ~ On Your Command, Sir! (3.5%)

MBC - Infinity Challenge (18.9%)

SBS - Star King (15.7%)

Since the news report is out . . . Related News Report on Ratings (Googles Translated)

Shows in the same time-belt on Saturdays (Ratings for 12 February 2011)

KBS - Oh! My School (4.0%)

MBC - WGM Season 2 (9.9%)

SBS - Star Junior Show (10.8%)

KBS - National Heroes ~ On Your Command, Sir! (5.3%)

MBC - Infinity Challenge (17.1%)

SBS - Star King (15.4%)

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Guest diladil

the rating is quite poor.. :sweatingbullets:

btw love the latest ep..hilarious and i'm waiting for the sub..

i really love when chansung sang 'isn't she beautiful'

my heart just melt.. :wub: he and lee joon are very loud

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Guest akamhuha

i've just finished watching epi 8 oh my school ( kbs hard sub )..

I don't really like Min Ho and Eunseo couple.. like seriously -.-".. LOL.. but i like their truth or dare game.. only that..

I personally would like to see Tony and Kim Juri make up :).. they really suit each other, plus they are both single and are old enough to get married :P.. xD..

I wonder, why does Eunhyuk is not shown?.. they didn't tell if he's busy or what.. -.-".. that makes me scramble -.-"..

and another thing, Min and Simon D are great, i don't see them as a couple line but.. i saw them as a best friend =].. really really cool when they are together..

the show just live up with them..

Hong Ki is kinda cute but annoying some time , Tae Song he cares too much about his face LOL.. but he's funny :)

overall. this show is still in my heart ( not the first though ).. the first one is always 2d1n xD!

truly agree with minho and eunseo..it just getting annoying more for each eps..they just dont even care about the mission and doing their own stuff that make the show more lame

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Guest adikkeluangman

Min chooses Chansung over Nichkhun because of a butt preference

miss A’s Min recently revealed that she likes Chansung more than Nichkhun.

On a recent broadcast of 100 points out of 100, Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan asked Min, “Between 2PM members Chansung and Nichkhun, who do you like more?”, to which she chose Chansung, stating that, “He has a pretty butt”, causing her fellow cast members to erupt into laughter.

Chansung, who also happened to be a guest on this episode, provided evidence for Min’s confession, as he performed “I’ll Be Back” while showing off his charming curves.

Kim Dong Wan, after stating that he “can’t lose when it comes to butts”, began dancing to Shinhwa’s hit song, “Eusha Eusha”, which contains a butt dance, and he had a short butt competition against Chansung.

On this same episode, Min, who studied abroad when she was younger, showed off her fluent English and Chinese skills, amazing the cast.

This episode comes out on February 12th.


T-ara’s Soyeon would have become an announcer if she wasn’t a singer

T-ara member Soyeon has become a hot issue by saying that her original dream was to become an announcer. Soyeon drew attention by revealing this for a recent filming for KBS program ‘100 points out of 100’.

In this recording, fictional announcer job interviews were carried out with a theme of ‘Correct Talk, Nice Talk, Fun Talk’ with KBS announcers Park Sa Im and Han Suk Joon.

In this, Soyeon excelled in games and quizzes related to correct talk, and surpassed 2PM’s Chansung, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, Miss A’s Min, and Secret’s Hyosung.

With this, when receiving a comment of “Your appearance is most closest to an announcer’s”, Soyeon revealed bluntly, “My original dream was becoming an announcer. If I hadn’t become a singer, I would have tried at being an announcer.”

The episode will be aired at 5:15 PM on February 12th.


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Guest adikkeluangman

2PM’s Chansung and miss A’s Min deliver hilarious parodies of “Shy Boy”

On a recent episode of “100 Points out of 100“, JYP Entertainment labelmates Chansung and Min performed their individual interpretations of SECRET’s ”Shy Boy“! Chansung went first, as he showed off a cutesy rendition of the choreography with some aegyo to boot.

Right after Chansung’s performance, miss A’s Min got up to deliver her kkab twist on “Shy Boy”. Complete with eyebrow-raising splits and moves that would give Jo Kwon a run for his money, Min had the rest of the cast in stitches from start to finish.


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I really enjoyed this week's episode. Nice that they no longer have to film in the freezing old school building and get to be in KBS' studio. Hopefully the new set means the show isn't going to canceled immediately. They also added Kim Shin Young as an MC and I've missed her since IY ended.

Love the continuation of the English games with them having to karaoke the bits of english in Kpop songs back into Korean and the "letter" game was pretty funny where they had to say an english word starting with a letter the other team picked... Hope Jiyeon sticks around for awhile I love her cute reactions. When she saw Min leave Park Myung Soo hanging for a "high-5" she was cracking up.

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Guest adikkeluangman

Kim Shin Young to join “100 Points out of 100″ as new MC

Gagwoman Kim Shin Young will be joining the cast of KBS 2TV’s variety show, “100 Points out of 100” as a new MC.

According to KBS on February 18th, Kim Shin Young has already recorded her first episode together with fellow MCs Park Myung Soo, Park Kyung Lim, and Tony Ahn.

The producers stated, “With her skillful talking and suitable actions, Kim Shin Young upgraded the atmosphere of the recording, and receiving a passing grade as the new MC of “100 Points out of 100″.

The newly-refurbished “100 Points of 100″ holds a corner called “Joint Responsibility Celebrity Exam”, during which the cast members get divided into teams to solve a variety of missions. Idols with dull talents are dragged into the punishment corner for a hilarious punishment.

The full episode will be broadcast this coming February 19th.


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i only watch a little bit on kbsworld yesterday but from what i watched,this show is getting better and better...

park myung so is really funny... he's the type either u like him or hate him... and i love him :D

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Guest adikkeluangman

Who does T-ara’s Jiyeon pick as her ideal man on “100 Points out of 100″?

Gagman Kim Kyung Jin, who once gained interest as the “perfect son” for receiving straight A+ grades in school, was recently picked by T-ara’s Jiyeon as her ideal man.

During a recent recording of KBS 2TV’s “100 Points out of 100″, T-ara’s Soyeon asked Jiyeon if there was anyone on the set that she liked. In order to find Jiyeon’s ideal man, the MCs asked a set of questions to the male cast, including Lee Suk Hoon, B2ST’s Yoseob, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, and Supreme Team’s Simon D.

In particular, when Jiyeon gave her opinion on whether there was anything unique about each of the male cast members, she stated that Yoseob’s unique point was how much he talked about himself. Yoseob made a huge fuss in response, causing the whole set to burst into laughter.

After persistent questioning, Jiyeon finally picked her ideal man – Kim Kyung Jin. Jiyeon stated, “When I watch the programs that Kim Kyung Jin comes out on, I always thought his cuteness and frank image were charming.” The rest of the cast were utterly baffled by her choice and could not believe he was her true ideal man.

The full episode will be aired this coming February 19th.


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Guest p4r4lyz3

Hey...is there anybody who want the show in eng sub and good quality....I just download the good quality version and just copy from TV-rip version....I just finished the pilot episode.....Don't know if everybody want it or not.....If yes....I will continue to the next episode....

Here is the link for it:

Oh! My School(100 Points Out Of 100) - Pilot[2010.10.30] English Subs


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Being a little pre-emptive upon learning this piece of info . . .



With Effect from 28 March 2011

Please note that from Monday 28 March 2011 onwards, there are major changes to KBS World programme schedule, affecting most of the variety shows. From the current situation, it seems OMS is going to be shown 3 times a week.

There are too many changes to too many programmes for me to individually post up the new schedules. Please constantly refer to the KBS World Programme Schedule to keep yourself updated.

Disclaimer Note : Time/Date indicated are correct at time of posting, though KBSW may change it later on


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