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[Drama 2010] Naughty Kiss / Playful Kiss 장난스런 키스

Guest mijoong

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I’m quite late in watching this drama that’s because I’ve shied away from Kdramas for a while. The last drama that I fully watched was Princess Hour. I remember watching TV when there’s a segment on CNN about how popular Kdrama has become and it showed Playful Kiss. I was like interesting but still didn’t want to watch it. Just last week I have the urge of wanting to watch a Kdrama and went on youtube and search for the top ten dramas and in one of the video Playful kiss was on the list.

I have the tendency, that no matter how good the drama is I usually don’t watch it if the main leads does not grab my attention. I know it’s a very bad habit of mine but it’s just is. When I saw a picture of Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min I immediately like it, more so Jung So Min than Kim Hyun Joong. There’s something about the girl that I like. So, I decided to give it a chance and now I am all about Playful Kiss.

I did watch ISWAK. I like ISWAK a lot the only thing that really annoyed me and I find myself wanting to scream at the screen is Ariel’s character. I like the way Jung So Min acted as Oh Ha Ni. She was quirky, adorable but stupid to a fault yet at the same time she does have a good view on life. Jung So Min did an outstanding job. Her character did not annoy me at all. I somehow wanted to just give her a hug whenever she failed in her attempts to make Kim Hyun Joong notice her. And when she pouts, she looked like a wounded puppy.

I don’t have a problem with Kim Hyun Joong’s acting. I did not watch BOF so I don’t know how his acting is before this and I am not planning on watching it either so my judgment is just based on this drama alone. The first few episodes, I felt like he was uncomfortable. But as the drama goes on he seemed to fully understand and got a lot better. He is supposed to be cold, rude and everything else that Oh Na Hi is not. For all the genius that he is, he does seem lost in life, while for the dumb person that Oh Ha Ni is, she understood it more. The opposite of these two made it endearing. And those few times that he smiled and playful, I think that is when Kim Hyun Joong is at his best.

The drama does have flaws but those I can overlooked because overall it was not a bad drama. But honestly, to me Jung So Min made the drama. She wasn’t over the top about anything. Her acting was smooth and made me anticipate her next move. If given a chance she will be a successful actress, she does have so much potential. I would like to see Kim Hyun Joong given a different role and see how he does with that. He will only get better I’m sure. He seemed to have a strong will to succeed from some of the interviews I have seen of him. And he is such a down to earth, funny as heck guy and just a bucket full of talent.

The chemistry between them is there. Though, at times I do see that Jung So Min seem a bit shy especially in the kissing scenes while Kim Hyun Joong just goes for it. I like her being short and him being tall that when they do hug, to me it looks as if he is protecting her and I find that romantic. I have a great time watching it, it gives me pause for a little bit and enter a world of make believe. I laughed and I was sad. I smiled when they shared a moment of understanding yet my heart breaks when something goes wrong. At the end, I'm glad I gave it a shot. It was a worth while journey.

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Lee Tae Sung and Jung Yoo Mi Confirmed for ‘Rooftop Prince’


Together with Park Yoochun and Han Ji Min, Lee Tae Sung and Jung Yoo Mi are confirmed for ‘Rooftop Prince, in which a four-sided romance is set to take place.

Currently, Lee Tae Sung is gaining hot popularity for his role with Lee Bo Young as a couple in MBC’s ‘Hooray for Love’ and Jung Yoo Mi had received love for her acting in SBS’s ‘A Thousand Days’ Promise’.

Meanwhile, ‘Rooftop Prince’ is set to be directed by PD Shin Yoon Sub, who has previously directed ‘KAIST’ and ‘Lovers’ and written by Lee Mang Hee, who has previously written ‘Mister Q’ and ‘Successful Story of a Bright Girl’. It will be aired on March 14th after the conclusion of ‘Please Take Care of Us, Captain’.

Source: Newsen via Nate

Translation by: Shermin of JYJ3

Shared byJYJ3

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Guest estanyela

How Korean TV drama ‘Playful Kiss’ flopped locally but hit globally1a7a83134c3beb4fc83d6d2.jpg

Every TV network executive in Burbank cries into their organic kombucha from time to time about the great show that just couldn’t find an audience, whether it be from unlucky scheduling quirks or creative concepts that were just too far ahead of their time.

And it’s not just a domestic issue — the producers of Korea’s Playful Kiss saw their youth drama succumb to an inauspiciously short local-TV run back in the fall of 2010, going up against hit time-period competition from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (“Gumiho” translates into “nine-tailed fox,” a Chinese mythic figure, if that helps).

Like Terra Nova, that Knight Rider remake a few years back, or any show starring Christian Slater, Playful Kiss might have been headed to the junk pile of so-called “broken series” — shows that made it past the pilot stage but didn’t live long enough to accumulate a syndication library. But Playful Kiss is proving to be more like Arrested Development, a low-rated but critically beloved Fox comedy that was such a popular streaming choice on Netflix, the company decided last year to resume production of the show.

Through global TV streaming service ViKi, Playful Kiss has become somewhat of a worldwide sensation, garnering a loyal audience of nearly 7 million viewers and more than recouping a modest production spend of under $1 million several million dollars to make 16 episodes.

According to Razmig Hovaghimian, CEO of ViKi, which is based in Singapore but keeps an office near its Bay Area funding, the show has been streamed more than 70 million times by ViKi users, about 1,400 of whom have used the site’s innovative group subtitling tool to translate the show into 56 languages.

The series, about a quirky high school girl whose family moves into the home of a popular boy she has a crush on following an earthquake, has garnered an audience that’s 70 percent non-Asian, Hovaghimian said. Ample viewership, for example, has come through a ViKi syndication partnership with Hulu in the U.S., while producer Group 8 has already worked with YouTube on a follow-up digital series.

Supplied to ViKi under barter advertising terms, Group 8 has recouped $400,000 in ad revenue to date through the service, while the global exposure of the series has enabled the company to take in another $3.5 million through a dozen foreign broadcast deals.

Sums up Group 8 CEO Song Byung Joon: ”ViKi helped Playful Kiss find its audience.”

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I find PK through ISWAK

Follow up to KHJ > SS501 > JYJ > SKKS > RTP

I like it that PK is faster on the story line

Gives a feel of a different story

Cause i always watch a remake without too much comparing to fully enjoy the story

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So even though Ha Ni is really rather pathetic (can chef's daughter really cook as badly as she does? and she tasted her own soup before serving!!! ), I guess it's that cute undying affection that gotten to BSJ!

Been reading this thread from p1 ^.^

About chef daughter cooks badly XD

yes there can be a chef's daughter that can't cook :-X me <3

My parents can cook very well, my dad even been invited to cook for the first lady

reason is maybe because i never have to cook for others (rarely for myself also) and i personally likes "plain" taste food, so maybe didn't meet everyone's expectation

But i'm good in tasting L.O.L

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Guest LadyBee1430291881

this is probably the cutest kdrama I have EVER seen. I love how she tirelessly never gives up on her love for baek sung jo. I remember when this kdrama came out!!!!

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Guest lililovelilica

I've watched the 1rst Episode and found it SUPER CUTE!the characters were wll chosen and the music is beauttifulli give grade 10 for this dorama!The anime is also cute and the manga is overwhelming but this New Dorama WINS!I recommend for woman,actually it just made me remeber the time when i was a highschooler girl,the crush for a guy(popular guy)is super normal topic but still super popular among the new generation of young people...Even my mom watched the first episode and liked because they talk about many things like:family troubles,friendship and social relashionship.It's something we can't miss is the special effects,i loved when the hero appears for the princess.it was so lovely!The story lacks something,perhaps a new character to fulfill an love triangle?

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Guest Dina Widyaningrum

it‘s been 3 yrs but i still watching pk repeatedly,and still wondering how different hyun joong looks today than in pk days

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Guest kyung-jin

​9 K-drama actors who need a starring role

by Lauren Jinkerson on Thu, Mar 26, 2015

When a new K-drama series is announced, one of the most pressing questions is always "who's going to star in it?" Choosing the right actors to play the parts is a crucial element of what makes a drama successful. Sometimes we go on to watch every other show an actor has done because they were so good. Sometimes it's the secondary characters who steal the spotlight, who have us clamoring for more. We wait with bated breath to see if they're going to be the stars of the next big series. This list explores actors who have proven their skills and who we are hoping will jump into that starring role.

9. Lee Tae Sung — Playful Kiss


It's been a tough few years for Lee Tae Sung with registering his marriage right before his military enlistment and then a divorce just before he was set to have the formal wedding. Lee Tae Sung is set to return from his service in July. We hope that he will return to some fantastic opportunities in the K-drama world. In Playful Kiss he managed to turn a character that was the laughing stock, annoying guy into a sympathetic and complicated man. He has the looks and the acting chops to pull off some bigger roles. We hope it happens for him!

Source: http://www.dramafever.com/news/9-k-drama-actors-who-need-a-starring-role/

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Guest kyung-jin

10 Things about K-dramas that make no sense (but we love anyway)

by Lauren Jinkerson on Thu, Apr 16, 2015

Ever have that moment when you're watching a K-drama and you think "wait....what just happened?". Sometimes our eyes are strained from all the rolling and our voices hoarse from all the screaming. But some of the things that make the least sense (I'll use piggyback rides to the hospital as an example) are the things that make us the most deliriously happy when it happens on the screen. Here are 10 things in K-dramas that we often find ourselves rolling our eyes at but that we secretly love. 

1. The silly disguises

For some reason, K-drama characters think that if they put a scarf around their head or put on sunglasses, that no one will recognize them. The first time I saw it in a K-drama, I thought the character was so silly for thinking it would work...and then it did work. I don't understand why putting a scarf around one's head or a pair of glasses on translates to not being recognized by people who know you. 

Playful Kiss: Baek Seung Jo's mom

3. A lovable Second Lead

We all know about Second Lead Syndrome! It's one of the most frustrating things about K-dramas, but at the same time one of my favorite things. I love arguing for hours with my friends whether the main female lead should end up with the main male lead or the second male lead. Hours of conversations have been had! And yet it still shocks me that the female leads will pick a much less deserving male lead over a very kind and sweet second lead. 

Playful Kiss: Bong Joon Gu


Source: http://www.dramafever.com/news/10-things-about-k-dramas-that-make-no-sense-but-we-love-anyway/

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