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Jang Keun Suk 장근석

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try the resources

non-clubbox thread [:

uh sorry for asking, but which one is he in?

ah i'm just a HUGE fan now after watching hwang jini!!


okay.. i think i found it?

May 22 and 29, 2004 and against hwangbo?

but then i dont know where to dl it..thats not clubbox..

if anyone has the link, could you put it up please?? :(

ohyeah, he was also in the one with tempo(top) from BIGBANG against hoyoung, but just for a little bit in the gym.

for those who want to see it => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45bQBfuSnMk

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Like most of you I guess, he caught my eye in Hwang Jini. I was like <3 <3 all over him. I kept on looking forward for his scenes! rofl. He didnt appealed to me at first in Lovers in Praha which I dont know why o___o

Cute & good actor :)

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just to let everyone know,

jang geun seok will be the new inkigayo MC (along with super junior's kim hee chul), replacing andy and goo hye sun. i believe he will be starting this sunday.

good luck to him!

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Can someone up this for me on megaupload or sendfile? Please please please I reeeeeally wanna see this but I have a mac and can't use clubbox :(

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does anyone have any info on jang geun suk and moon geun young's upcoming drama? is there even a thread for it. i heard that kim ki bum, lee yeon hee, and park shin hye are also going to be in it. i dont think this is confirmed, but does anyone have any more info on/about this?

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i take back my last post. so here's the lowdown if anyone really wants to know. so i looked it up on dramawiki and omg, the cast sounds amazing. the drama is NOT confirmed, but here's some info on it.

title: timeless

storyline: A tragic car accident brings the lives of four people together.

cast [it changed since i last checked]:

moon geun young

jang geun suk

yoo ah in [i have no idea who this is]

lee yeon hee

baek sung hyun!!!!!

omggg. that's such a dream cast. it has my two favorite male young actors and my super favorite female actress!!!

apparently, filming begins in october 2007 and will air in march 2008 on kbs2. the series will partly be filmed in london. the predicted cost for this drama is 10 billion won [10 million dollars]. the cast will probably change since park shin hye and kim ki bum were previously supposed to be in it. however, i bet moon geun young and jang geun suk will probably be set since they seem to be the leads in the series.

info about drama was found at dramawiki.

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OMG, i only found out about it just NOW.

where have I been living! LOL.

But yeah, he is sooooo cuuuuteee!

& he looks so young cos of his babyface!

I mean he is young but I thought he wouldve been younger than 20 :P


I'm sooo inlove with him right now <3


Does anyone have download links for his videos?

like his CFs and perf. with Heechul ? :D


OMG, first time posting here and I owned a page!




I love love love him <3

Cant wait for his new dramas!

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