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Jang Keun Suk 장근석


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Guest xingjing

Heh, love those Hwang Jini pictures of him. I completely forgot about his existence after I stopped watching Nonstop4. I just got reminded today of his hotness after I saw him on Happy Shares Company. He has such a babyface, but he's still handsome (weird huh?). He looks more grown up than his Nonstop4 days and I wonder what his future projects are. I'm a fan!!


I was just searching him and he's going to be on Heroine 6!!!!!!!!!!

REALLY? I am so watching that episode of Heroine 6. I haven't watched it in a while... hm...

Anyway, he's so cute! But he doesn't look 19 at all! I mean... he looks like he's 17 or something. He has such a cute face! LOL. I can't believe he died in Hwang Jini. *upset*

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Guest xjaneeex

^O___O me too.

i've missed geunsuk after nonstop 4 ended. the 바람둥이 의대생. hehe.

i'm really liking his drama, hwangjini.

he's so cute. keke.


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Guest xingjing

^ I sort of saw that coming. LOL.

The couple is actually really cute. But Ha Jiwon looks a lot older than him. LOL. But they still made an awesome couple! :]

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Guest StylishAzNx07

i know alot of people say jang geun seuk seems really mature for his age?

do you guys really think so?

iono ... he seems his age imo, his face doesn't, but he doesn't seem thatttt mature...

its just he has a DEEP&low voice which might make him seem more masculine&older....

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i just found this thread. :]] yay haha

i absolutley LOVE him in Hwang Jini.

i swear, he has the most adorable features. <33

thanks for all the pictures!

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OMO!! I didn't even know that he was the guy in Guiyeoni's DOREMI Movie!!

i am still wondering when that movie will come out..

OMG.. and he's HJW's male companion?!? he is a bityoung, but HJW is so lucky!

he's TOOO Kute!!

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Guest clover_love

omg... X_X


and hes only 3 years older than me kekeke >_< i have a chance!... :mellow:

but i fell in love with him in hwangjini and i actually cried at his death scene

*dramas dont usually make me cry unless its really sad*

HE CAME OUT IN HEROINE 6 ^O^ lol he tried so hard

doing his cute little dance and everyone tried to do the hwangjini dance

with da blades hye bin was the only one that came close lol

if someone tells me how to upload download files i can post the heroine 6 epi

where he came out ^__^

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Guest tsuyoyo

Ah man, I really love this guy~! He's such a cutie. I haven't gotten a chance to watch Hwang Jini yet, but I definitely want to now. I saw him on Heroine 6 and he was so funny. xD And he tried so hard to dance too...

I have the episode uploaded on my Clubbox if anyone's interested. It's a pretty funny episode. It's under Korean --> TV Shows

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Guest xjuyonx

i love him. he's SOOOOOO cute. i remember being in love with him when he came out on ORANGE and joanne played his girlfriend...

and then he came on new nonstop 4, and i was really excited to see him <3

and now, hwangjini! (well, okay, not anymore, since he died.. but at least he was there for a little bit!)

i hope we see a lot lot lot more of him in years to come :D

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