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Jang Keun Suk 장근석


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Guest StylishAzNx07

wow i heard from my cousins in korea who know people who know him, and they say he's really rude and arrogant. like in high school, he was known as a 왕따 and didn't get along with any kids and had fights with teachers ....

very shocking ... cuz he seems like a nice boy on tv... iono, maybe he's changed? O_O

but he'll always be cute in my eyes... :)

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Guest FlyAway87

+drool+ he's so cuuuute .. omg :D

now i really have to watch Hwang Jini^^

btw. is this DoReMi movie out already? ... or not yet... :P

sorry i have no clue ;)

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Guest modelwal_k

hes in DOREMI?

omg i wonder who is he.. haha, i read the fic and i loved it SO much!

wow it seems like that movie is going to be like super good now.


hes a cute guy, i knew of him before but when i saw him present an award at the mkmf awards i totally swooned.

who knew a millitary jacket and boots would look so hot on a guy.

and those press conference pictures of him on page 2 are like smoking hot, i love his hair that way. man , this boy is too cute!

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Guest ayoepan

I just found this thread and i'm soooo thrilled!!!

Could someone please update his news... i reall lookin' for this guy...

I loves him!!! ^^

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he looks like jo in sung and kim hyesung combined

And a little bit of Hyun Bin from a certain angle.. :)

I think he's good in 'Hwang Jini'..and he's so young!!

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In some pics he looks like Joo Hwan a bit but I don't think they look alike. JGS looks more cute :3 Gotta watch Hwang Jin Yi as soon as possible.

FlyAway: Seeing your avatar, your "+drool+", I KNOW who you are *devil* Ts, only comes to Soompi for drooling :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

i just finished watching ep 9 in hwang jini and i gotta say.. his acting really impressed me!! the acting between him and HJW was extremely believable.. so bitter...

and it doesn't hurt he's such good eye candy haha

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Guest hiimjunebug

haha yeah i personally think he looks a lot like kim ki bum..

i can't believe he's younger than my older brother!! (who was born 3 months earlier than him)

:) i should watch hwangjinyi

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omg i can't believe that i just found this thread~!!

ack i loved him in hwang jini!!

i was sobbing in his death scene~!

he has such a cute face, but sucha manly voice!!

ack does anyone know if he's working on anymore dramas?

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Guest luckyyou

Heh, love those Hwang Jini pictures of him. I completely forgot about his existence after I stopped watching Nonstop4. I just got reminded today of his hotness after I saw him on Happy Shares Company. He has such a babyface, but he's still handsome (weird huh?). He looks more grown up than his Nonstop4 days and I wonder what his future projects are. I'm a fan!!


I was just searching him and he's going to be on Heroine 6!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Go Seung Ji changed the title to Jang Keun Suk 장근석

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