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From KSH Chinese Fans Club 'Only Love KSH'


[2019/01/25]   'Only love KSH' 0216 birthday should aid report presents the collection of the first wave]
Kim Soo Hyun 2019/02/16 happy birthday

 'Only love KSH'   prepared birthday gifts and letters! The little friend has prepared a variety of gifts with great care, KSH must be very happy to see it.
The frontline management is preparing to go to Korea. In the past few days, we have been busy in the finishing process...packing the gifts in a uniform way. To Soo Hyun, there are still some family members who are still mailing gifts.


We would like to thank the people who participated in the love of the 20190216 birthday. Whether it is collecting gifts, aiding public welfare activities, or raising funds, you will continue to trust and support your love, so that you can successfully complete various aid activities. thank!
Soon, Soo Hyun is about to return, and the birthday is getting closer and closer. Last night, the group was lively and warm. While discussing the birthday, while discussing the show, Soo Hyunn’s retired support, everyone is eager to look forward to the most loved one. Return soon! Let us support each other and guard him to create more glory!













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