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Kim Soo Hyun 김수현 - Current Drama: "It's Okay To Not Be Okay"

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Time Flies so fast... cant forgot the feeling when we were anticipating the release of this Magazine June 2014. And now its already 5 years...same feeling when I saw this Magazine again. July 1, please come so fast.



Happy to keep one copy of this Mag.

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"You have to get to point when your mood doesn't change based on the actions and opinions of other people."












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Life is like a dream, live now, don't wait until you lose, you know how to cherish

Life is very short, now you have time, go see the person you want to see, do what you want to do things



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[ 100 Q&A ] Questions to Kim Soo Hyun with 4 consecutive successful works
Source: Newsen
Date: 27 June 2013
Korean-Chinese translation: Fenfen 粉粉
Chinese translation source: Kim Soo Hyun Baidu Bar & Kim Soo Hyun China Fanclub(http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2421235395) 
English translation: Rienne Koh @ ksh-fan.tumblr.com 
After Dream High, The Moon embraced the Sun and The Thieves, this is the first time Kim Soo Hyun (KSH) took the lead in movie Secretly Greatly, which set new records in the Korean movie history and created a sensation. The representative television actor who has gained acknowledgement from everyone is 26 year old Kim Soo Hyun. Setting aside personal motives, I met up with him. This is my first time, and perhaps even my last chance. At this very moment, I want to grab hold of him without hesitation, and understand everything about him.
1. Secretly Greatly is about to air. How do you feel?
A: I’m curious, and look forward to the audience’s reviews of the movie.
2. The 3 scenes not to be missed in Secretly Greatly?
A: The scene where Ryu-hwan (KSH), Hae-rang, Hae-jin and the villagers were eating chicken happily. After knowing the suicide mission, the scene where Ryu-hwan and Hae-jin talked about finding a way together. In the later half of the movie, the one-to-one fighting scenes between Ryu-hwan and Tae-won (Son Hyun-joo).
3. To KSH, what kind of works are Dream High, The Moon embraced the Sun, The Thieves and Secretly Greatly?
A: Challenge.
4. In all your roles to date, which character has the highest degree of completion to yourself?
A: Regardless of to whom, being able to present my usual burden-free self. To be able to experience the joys of acting, and to present my innermost pure side to everyone.
5. Before filming, any special way to become close to unfamiliar co-actors?
A: Rather than intentionally, I prefer to become naturally close to people as the filming progresses.
6. Do you often contact or meet actors whom you’ve worked with before?
A: Sometimes. I often meet Il-woo and Jae-rim.
7. Who are the seniors you respect, peers you guard against and juniors you pay attention to?
A: All in Secretly Greatly. Respected senior is Son Hyun-joo, Park Hye-sook and Ko Chang-seok. Peer I guard against is “Singapore Prince” Hyun-woo. Junior I pay attention to is Yeo Jin-gu.
8. Which actor do you want to work with most?
A: Gwyneth Paltrow.
9. As an actor, which role do you want to play most before you die? (small probability, but if it’s this character, you’ll try)
A: The role of Dr. Schultz or Candie in Quentin Tarantino’s latest movie Django Unchained.
10. The actors whom you get along well with?

A: Park Ki-woong, Lee Hyun-woo. Secretly Greatly Fighting!
11. Your closest friends? (normal people or artistes)
A: Jung Il-woo and Song Jae-rim.
12. How many people can you confide your feelings in? (people whom you never want to forget)
A: Family, friends, seniors. There are many people whom I want to be with for a lifetime.
13. The biggest change since your debut? (KSH before and after debut)
A: Before debut when I attended school, friends often treated me to meals. Recently, I treat them, sometimes.
14. I am a _____ actor.
A: Dare to challenge.
15. The most difficult time after your debut?
A: I have many worries in the area of acting, but up till now, I have not encountered any time which was very difficult.
16. The moment that you wanted to give up is?
A: None.
17. In acting or as an actor, the time when you felt that you did quite well is?
A: Every moment is unique. Acting together with excellent seniors and co-actors, and chatting together. I am on the filming site with a learning attitude, and spend my time happily.
18. Do you feel that “trouble comes with popularity”? With increasing popularity, which part do you find troublesome?
A: Because I start to care about people’s attention, I can’t live as carefree as before. When I go out, I must wear a cap. But I’m slowly adapting to this lifestyle.
19. If you must choose between something you can do and something you want to do?
A: Something I want to do.
20. Something that can make you dance in joy?
A: Getting a good score when I played bowling with my friends recently.
21. The most memorable scene from previous works?
A: Maybe because it’s airing soon, I cannot remember anything else besides Secretly Greatly! (laughs) After receiving the suicide mission, there’s a scene where Ryu-hwan tells Hae-jin to think of a way. At that time, it wasn’t an agent from the North, but as brothers, the feeling of cherishing each other. Really like this part very much.
22. What do you think is the audience’s impression of Kim Soo Hyun?
A: This…. Hope everyone sees me as a young actor who is serious and hardworking in acting.
23. What do you think is the image of Kim Soo Hyun?
A: Just a normal 26 year old Korean man.
24. Your charming point is? Your unique point that no one else knows?
A: Big small eyes
25. When do you feel most lonely?
A: When preparing for end of term examinations. Sigh….
26. What is your secret to overcoming ordeals and lull periods?
A: No special secret. If mired in that kind of situation, either through other people’s help or oneself, one must work hard to find the solution.
27. The compliment you like to hear most?
A: You are very charismatic.
28. In all areas such as dramas, movies and commercials etc you are loved. Not everyone can achieve this. What do you think is the special reason you’re loved?
A: Maybe my potential is higher.
29. When filming commercials, do you often use their products?
A: Of course.
30. The commercials you wish to get?
A: Everything (laughs)
31. The music that gives you inspiration is?
A: Outdated music.
32. Your role model is?
A: Christoph Waltz.
33. Your ideal type? Before and after debut, is there any change in the type of woman you want to date?
A: It’s still … … Kaya Scodelario.
34. When was your first love?
A: Senior high year 3.
35. When was your last romance?
A: No comment.
36. What is your frank opinion of paparazzi and gossip news?
A: Although they are evidence of the attention I’m getting, rumour is still rumour. I’ll try my best not to be bothered.
37. Your opinion on disclosing a romance publicly?
A: Not sure.
38. Do you think you’re humorous?
A: Yes, ha ha ha.
39. The works that you like recently? (including movies, dramas, variety shows etc)
A: Movie Secretly Greatly.
40. Three movies you want to recommend.
A: Secretly Greatly, Django Unchained and Royal Tannenbaum.
41. Three songs you want to recommend.
A: Kim Hyun-suk’s Creating Memory, Boo Hwal’s More in love, Seo Ji-won’s Collect my tears.
42. Isn’t acting difficult? What do you think acting is?
A: Very difficult. It’s the most difficult game and also homework.
43. The acting one is proficient in and the acting that the audience loves can have an obvious difference. Do you have times when as an actor, you’re worried?
A: Now I’m not sure of the difference between the two. As a challenger, if I come across charismatic characters, I won’t bother too much, I simply want to challenge it.
44. Compared to filming, script selection seems more important. What do you care more about when selecting script?
A: The character’s charisma.
45. Did you ever go to learn something especially for acting?
A: In order to act well, one should go and learn something. When preparing for this movie Secretly Greatly, in order to do the action scenes well, I went to action school for several months, learnt a bit of martial arts and did some exercise.
46. Is there any talent you feel you don’t have?
A: Christoph Waltz’s acting skill.
47. Your innate talent is?
A: mm….. someone said my voice is not bad.
48. What do you want to challenge besides acting?
A: Now I want to focus all my energy on acting skill.
49. The thing that you’re challenging now is?
A: The promotion for Secretly Greatly.
50. Your usual fashion style is?
A: I like comfortable style, jeans and T-shirt or sports attire. 
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51. The designer or brand that you like?
A: None.
52. What should one do to look better being photographed?
A: I’m also very curious.
53. What’s your secret to body or appearance management?
A: Perseverance in exercise. If one is healthy in heart and body, one will also look good.
54. Which part of your appearance do you care most about? (i.e. hairstyle, make-up)
A: Frankly speaking, I don’t care very much.
55. When closest to perfection, do you feel inferior?
A: Rather than feel inferior, calling it a weakness is more suitable. I’m very good at sleeping.
56. Your strength, your shortcoming and your weakness are?
A: Very good at eating, very good at sleeping and very good at eating.
57. Do you collect anything? The food you like? The food that you’re good at cooking?
A: No collection. I like meat.
58. What do you carry around with you in your bag?
A: Handphone.
59. Did you ever lose anything and was sad?
A: Recently, it’s badminton shuttlecock.
60. The most memorable gift is?
A: Puppy.
61. The most frequently called number in your handphone log is?
A: My manager’s number.
62. [missing in original translation]
63. Do you go crazy when drunk?
A: I sleep.
64. The method to reduce stress?
A: Recently, I play bowling.
65. What do you do during your rest time?
A: Attending school, or play bowling or badminton with friends, or cycling.
66. Your special interest?
A: Bowling.
67. Who do you think is your most surprising contact?
A: Senior Bae Yong Joon.
68. To actors, those who share the same pot of rice are also family. How is the atmosphere at KeyEast?
A: Because there are cool seniors around, I always feel assured, although everyone is busy and we seldom meet.
69. To Kim Soo Hyun, Bae Yong Joon is?
A: A teacher who personally demonstrates the qualities expected of an actor and as a person.
70. Are you shy of strangers?
A: A bit.
71. What kind of person makes you feel at peace and comfortable?
A: No need to talk when together and still not feel awkward.
72. People you like and dislike.
A: (Like) Humorous and congenial people. (Dislike) people without manners.
73. Do you like travelling? Which country do you want to go to?
A: I like travelling. I want to go to Hawaii with my family.
74. Do you usually watch news related to you?
A: Sometimes, but more often, people around me watch and then tell me about it.
75. What about comments? The most memorable good and bad comment?
A: I’ll read comments sometimes, I don’t mind if it’s good or bad comment, I won’t take it to heart. I’ll just think, “Oh so I’m like this” and let it pass. Occasionally, I take a bit of time to read comments on the official website.
76. What kind of existence are fans?
A: Fans under good leadership can become a strong energy, but their existence is also hard. I’m not very good at expressing my innermost thoughts, and often feel apologetic towards everyone. I’m working hard to improve how to express my heartfelt feelings.
77. Do you often go to fan cafes or fansites?
A: I often go to read supportive comments, and feel that I’ve re-gained my energy.
78. Fans’ term of endearment for you, and your term of endearment for them?
A: Fans often call my name or my character’s name. I haven’t thought about my term of endearment for fans ….. looks like I have to think of one.
79. The place of which you have many memories?
A: The Jeonju filming site where this movie’s ending scene was filmed. Every day for 2 weeks, acting in the rain during filming was tough, and there were many memories.
80. Any artistes from whom you’ve asked for autograph, or given your autograph to?
A: There are many artistes whose autograph I want, but because I’m too shy, so every time when I wanted to ask for autograph, I failed.
81. How do you feel when you see actors also in their 20s walking the same road as you? Do you feel stimulated?
A: When I see actors who possess qualities I don’t, of course I feel stimulated, and will also learn from them.
82. Now, besides Secretly Greatly, what is the thing that you care most about?
A: Really, now, besides the movie, I have no time to think about other things.
83. What are the pros and cons of drama versus movie?
A: During the course of filming drama, one can get to know the audience’s response to it, which is a good point, but the filming schedule is very tight, and very tiring. Movies are done with all preparations in place, and need a long time for post-production, so one can only know the audience’s response when it airs. That’s a pity.
84. What are family and friends’ reaction towards your success?
A: My family is very happy. I also had to treat my friends one by one, so it seems they are happier. (laughs)
85. Are you close to friends in school?
A: I took a break from school for 2 years. Now there are many juniors, and I get on well with them.
86. Do you manage your academic results well?
A: Rather than say good, I feel that being serious and hardworking is more important.
87. What are your plans for military service?
A: No concrete plans yet, but when it’s time to go, I’ll go of course.
88. After some experiences, what do you think about life in society?
A: It’s difficult. It seems that there are still many things to learn.
89. What have you decided resolutely never to do?
A: I will not do anything I’m ashamed of.
90. What are the 3 things most precious to you?
A: Family, acting skill, fans.
91. The season and weather you like?
A: Winter, rainy day. But filming on a rainy day in winter is really super tough.
92. The phrase you like?
A: Filial piety.
93. Are you the type who sees things through to the end? Do you feel you’re especially hard-hearted?
A: When acting, I’ll absolutely do my utmost. If I don’t, I will regret.
94. Have you been obsessed about anything?
A: Bowling, badminton …. when playing games, I like to win.
95. Any habit?
A: Humming during photograph shoot?
96. What’s your average sleeping hours?
A: When there’s no schedule, I sleep more than 7 to 8 hours. During work, sleeping time is definitely insufficient, so whenever I can sleep, I sleep.
97. What kind of path do you think you’re walking?
A: Slowly climbing up step by step. I also plan to continue like this in future.
98. Although there’s still a few years, what do you think Kim Soo Hyun will be like at 30 years old?
A: Compared to now, an actor who can present a greater variety of colours.
99. What kind of actor do you wish to become in the audience’s memories?
A: So long as it’s a work acted by Kim Soo Hyun, everyone can have faith and go and watch. An actor who can give people a feeling of trustworthiness.
100. Half of year 2013 has passed so fast. What are your plans for the remaining 6 months?
A: I’ve been busy going to many places for Secretly Greatly stage greetings. I want to prepare well, and hope to have my next work soon, and present a new side of myself to everyone. 
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"A person becomes 10 times attractive not by their looks but by their acts of kindness, love, respect, honesty and loyalty they show."







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