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Choi Daniel 최다니엘 チェダニエル |❤| Upcoming JTBC Drama : Fly High, Butterfly 날아올라라 나비 Premieres in May 2021

Choi Daniel Poll  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite Choi Daniel style in his dramas? (choose up to 3)

    • High Kick! 2 - Handsome Doctor in eye-glasses "Lee Ji-Hoon" style
    • Baby faced Beauty - Teddy bear Managing Director "Choi Jin-Wook" style
    • The Musical - Cutie pie Musician "Hong Jae-Yi" style
    • Phantom - Sexy Hacker "Hades" style
    • School 2013 - Handsome Teacher in eye-glasses "Kang Se-Chan" style
    • Big Man - Handsome Villain in glasses "Kang Dong-Seok" style
    • Jugglers - Hot n cold Boss "Nam Chi-Won" style
    • The Ghost Detective - Sexy Ghost "Lee Da-Il" style
    • It’s Okay to not be Okay - CEO "Choi Daniel" style
  2. 2. What role do you want Choi Daniel to play next? (choose up to 4)

    • Besotted lover
    • Hot tempered boss
    • Lawyer / prosecutor
    • Police officer / agent
    • Pilot
    • Vampire
    • Single dad
    • Zombie
    • Race car driver
    • Journalist
    • DJ
    • Scientist
    • Historical figure
    • Doctor
    • Guitarist
    • Casanova / playboy
    • Con artist
    • Chef
    • Farmer
    • Something else. What?
  3. 3. Choi Daniel: with a beard or without a beard?

    • Oh my god, of course, he looks so hot in a beard.
    • I better go with the writer's choice. I trust the stylist.
    • No thanks. I prefer a clean shaven Choi Daniel.

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  • Poll closes on 04/18/2021 at 09:30 AM

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EVENT: THREAD SPOTLIGHT! hey ya chingus, what's in a name? I love discovering the stories behind a person's name and why their parents chose it. sometimes, these stories can be very interesting.

To the most handsome guy in South Korea, wishing you a very happy birthday! Always be happy and healthy! Good luck on your upcoming drama! ❤❤❤❤     https://www.

OH MY GOD!! Thank you so much, dear @Lmangla chingu!!! I love how you re-organized his info in an interesting manner. I am so happy to see my love on Thread Spotlight!!! We are so grateful to you!!! R

1 hour ago, Lawyerh said:

@gm4queen i watched the full series and i love it. Have strong plotline & good performance from other actors. Too bad Daniel only appeared a bit, and occasionally on the flashbacks.


Not many video i can find on Daniel from Phantom too...And the change from Daniel to SJS could be a bit weird, but once you got passed over the awkwardness it will be fine lol... i guess hahaha... 


Yes dear! There aren't much videos for Phantom on youtube! And I would be so glad to watch the series if Daniel was the lead instead of So Ji Sub! I think all the fans have the same wish about his cameo... :wub: Seriously Daniel should have been the lead!! I don't see any good impressions by fans about So ji Sub reprising Daniel's role after the accident!! :(


By the way, I managed to find the eng sub for Burn Out song! It's really emotional & beautiful!! :wub: I think it's reflecting on Daniel's character in the series! :) His acting is extraordinary here!!!! 



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My dear @parkeunbinchoidaniel friend, just sharing again something with you!!


I love these long, slender & beautiful fingers of someone! :wub: The way he touches things are so sizzling! This is one of the main facts that ladies are head over heals for him!!!






And when he goes passionate, OMO! I want him to touch my cheek with those long, slender & beautiful fingers of him!! :D How to look at those manly eyes!!! :wub: And you know what, I hate Baek JIn Hee :angry: She had the biggest chance to woo him!!!! :unsure:



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Dear @nohamahamoud2002 friend....


You are so right about Daniel in Big Man! He is pure evil & I am pretty sure that his fans can barely watch the series! :unsure: There are some scenes like he injecting himself with drugs, shouting out loud to workers & all that.... I can't watch those scenes at all! His acting is way too real for me there!! I feel so sad for him!! :( But how to hate this handsome villain..???! :wub: I can't hate him for picking up this series ever!!!!




Thank you so much for dropping by here, dear!! I really miss you here.. :wub:

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Dear @nohamahamoud2002 chingu.....


This is my most fav scene from Big Man with two namjas!! :wub: I love this scene with them walking together even though Daniel's character is faking his emotions towards KJH's character! :mellow: Both are so sweet together!!!!!!







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  • gm4queen changed the title to Choi Daniel 최다니엘 チェダニエル |❤| Upcoming JTBC Drama : Fly High, Butterfly 날아올라라 나비 Premieres in May 2021

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