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Bae Soo Bin 배수빈

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Profile (cr: Asianwiki,Wikipedia, Nate, Naver)


Name: Bae Soo-Bin

Hangul: 배수빈

Birthdate: December 9, 1976

Birthplace: South Korea

Management: BH Entertainment

Height: 180cm.




Daerib Forces (2017) - Jang Yang Sa

Memories of the Sword (2015) - Poong-Chun

Late Spring (2014) - cameo

26 Years (2012) - Kim Joo-An

Mai Ratima (2012) - Soo-Young

Horror Stories (2012) - Company President Min

The Way - Man of the White Porcelain - Michi - Hakuji no Hito (2012) - Chung-Rim

Share the Vision (2011) - Seung-Chul

Be with Me/Gwi (2010) - tarot card fortune teller

Girlfriends (2009) - Jin-Ho

Fly High/Bisang (2009) - Ho-Soo

After the Banquet (2009) - Kim Sung-Ho

Goodbye Mom/Aeja (2009) - Cheol-Min

Club Butterfly (2001)


Drama Series


The Good Witch (SBS 2018) - Bong Cheon-Dae

Who Are You: School 2015 (KBS2 2015) - Teacher Kim Seul-Young (cameo in Ep 16)

My Heart Twinkle Twinkle (SBS 2015) - Cheon Woon-Tak

The Greatest Wedding (CSTV 2014) - Jo Eun-Cha

Secret Love (Dramacube 2014) - Hyun-Joon

Secret Love/Bimil (KBS 2013) - An Do-Hoon

49 Days (SBS 2011) - Kang Min-Ho

Dong Yi (MBC 2010) - Cha Jeon-Soo

Temptation of An Angel (SBS 2009) - Shin Hyun-Woo/Ahn Jae-Seong

Brilliant Legacy (SBS 2009) - Park Jun-Se

Park Jung Kum, Heavenly Beauty (MBC 2008) - detective (cameo)

The Painter of Wind (SBS 2008) - King Jeong-Jo

Auction House (MBC 2007) - guest as Park Ki-Hyun in Episode 12

Prince of the Legend/Jumong (MBC 2006-2007) - Sa-Yong

Fashion 70s (SBS 2005) - cameo

Let's Get Married (MBC 2005) - Jung Jae-Jun

MBC Best Theatre "Crying in the Glow of Sunset" (MBC 2005) - Hyeong-Guk

Emperor of the Sea (KBS 2004-2005) - Kim-Yang

When a Man Loves a Woman (SBS 2004) - Suk-Hyun

MBC Best Theatre "My Brother Lives in Shaolin Temple" (MBC 2004)  - Moon Bak-Jo

The Proof of Memories (CCTV, China 2002) - Xiao Han Sheng


Drama Specials

That Kind of Love (KBS 2014) - Jin-Uk

Hurry Up and Tell Me (KBS 2010) - Ki-Young


Variety Show

Real Men (MBC 2016) - cast member

Law of the Jungle in Yap (SBS 2015) - cast member



The Capone Trilogy (2016) - Old Man

Kill Me Now (2016) - Jake

Pride (2015) - Philip

Masquerade (2013) - Gwanghae and Ha-Sun

Yi Sang (2010) - Poet Yi Sang

Telephone Modern Girl (2007) - Sun-Tae



Best Supporting Actor ('Secret Love" ) - 2013 KBS Drama Awards

Top 10 Stars ("Brilliant Legacy" "Temptation of an Angel") - 2009 SBS Drama Awards

New Star Award ("Painter of the Wind") - 2008 SBS Drama Awards





Official Fan-Club



Music Videos


2013  Repair by Yoon Jong Shin


2011  Threads of Your Clothes by MSignal


2009 Don't Call My Name by Lee Soo Young



2003  Unfair by Maggie Chiang Mei Chi

2002 Always by Kang Sung








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hey everyone! i like you all love this drama, but more importantly i love jun se and the actor who plays him! so when i researched him i saw he has no thread so i decided to make one hehe


visit and leave pictures, comments, whatever! lets show our love for our beloved jun se oppa :D

Thanks for starting this thread, SixMyths08. I never knew no one started a thread for Bae Soo Bin. I haven't seen his other work other than the current drama, Brilliant Legacy.

As I've said in HHJ's thread - I am suffering from a splitting-heart! I am pining for him with HHJ's character but at the same time I am also in-love with his soon-to-be love rival, Lee Seung Gi. :P

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Thanks SixMyths08 for starting the thread. I'm not familiar with the actor or the drama he's currently in but something caught my attention, he's signed under BH Entertainment. Just an interest to find out the artistes under the agency which I've only known a few. ^^


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I first saw BSB in Jumong, as the very handsome yet feminine character.

when i saw brilliant legacy, I didn't realize it was him! I knew he looked familiar but I was so use to his makeup and the long hair xD;;

He's a really good actor & I hope to see a newer side of him in Brilliant Legacy <3

His eyes are what is most eyecatching in my opinion ^^

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Here are some pictures! He looks so cute in them, I couldnt help myself I had to share them! Credits to bedifferent who posted them in the Brilliant Legacy thread.




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Guest jihye87

Thanks for creating a thread for BSB :D

First saw him in Jumong too~ he seems really adept at period dramas. Haha~

Gotta agree with Anna that his eyes are really attractive, esp when he smiles.

Looking forward to more of BSB action in BL and also other dramas~!

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Guest Logicalsong

Hi, I am a huge fan of him. I am so glad to find his official thread today, so wanted to make some footstep here.

Here goes a translation of his new interview with an OSEN news.


Original link: http://media.daum.net/entertain/broadcast/...75&p=poctan




Bae Soo-Bin got praised through his excellent performance as King Jung-Jo in the "Painter of the wind" in 2008. Before we forgot about him, he came back as "Mr. Right" character on TV screen. He is good-looking, popular, nice, considerate and even rich. That perfect.

"He got everything: money, capability, good personality. I even think how can this kind of person exist, so I feel sort of burden to express this character as realistic as possible. When I performed as Sa-Yong in Jumong, he might have been disliked but while I am portraying him with a comic touch, he got loved by many. So my task is to express Joon-Se with some kind of additive so that he can be seen as down to earth character.

This time he is working with LSG, HHJ who are in their early 20s. They perform characters older than their age, and BSB portrays younger one than he really is. BSB said, "because of working with younger people, it's full of enery on the spot. I also get positive and bright energy from them. Also the rating is good, so we all are working happily." But he also confessed that, "I lost some weights to look younger by working out, I feel healthier but lost fat only, so I am having side effects."

After hearing that he is strong in historical dramas, he answered directly, "I wanted to work in contemporary dramas."

Now he's working for three pieces of work at the same time: as a womaniser home-shopping channel PD in a movie "Ae-Ja", and a band member in the "After the wedding" one of the Telecinema projects.

" I didn't insist on doing historical dramas only (actually I was not in the position to choose), but working with good director, scripts, and attractive character, I was really enjoying it. But wearing all those silky costume, you feel some kind of burden. Like wearing a military uniform, you have to behave with majesty, become more sober. I felt like that way, and it really affects my every day life, too. I think I can be happier by working in a modern one."

BSB looks calm, cautious, and prudent actually. But he himself wants to escape from the image.

"I don't like to be too serious. If I get serious, others can feel it. I want to encourage others with positive power" He admitted that by doing this "Brilliant Legacy" he became cheerful.

He debutted when he was 28 through the MBC Best Theater "My Brother lives at Shaolin Temple" which is a bit late compared to others . But he debutted earlier in China as a lead, and the drama received highest rating at that time. Whilst modelling for a designer Ha Yong Soo, he caught the eye of respected Hong Kong director Wong Kar Wai, went to China schooling in a Beijing Film School in 2002. He passed an audition and was cast in a CCTV drama 'The Proof of Memories"

"It was about the World War II. I actually tried out for a small role as a Korean, but cast as a lead suddenly. I received scripts and it looked like a heavy dictionary. My Chinese was poor at that time, so I memorized all the scripts without even knowing its meaning and pronunciation."

All Chinese dramas are dubbed and actually a radio actor dubbed his role, but to try to make him seem natural, he had to memorize all the dialogues. It helped him to learn Chinese faster anyway.

The drama reached the highest rating and his name became known. But the drama was aired in 2 years time after the shooting, and in the mean time he came back to Korean struggling through many challenges.

"I had to have forced holidays then. I heard I look gloomy and too serious from people I met at that time. Well..as the gap between reality and goal gets wider, I felt depressed, not too strong though. I anlyzed myself thinking why directors didn't choose me. I might have seemed negative as if I have all the worries in the world. I tried to change my mind, and met many good people since then"

Sometimes it might be better working in China when things got tough in Korea, but he wanted to perform with his voice and in mother toungue. In contents and character sentiment wise, Korea was a better place for him to work in.

All these paths has becoe his resources. "I have been ready and now I feel prepared" and it's time to actuallize all the talents built in himself.

"For me it's time to start. I have been building myself level by level so far, and it's time to show my best in acting. I feel refreshed all the time, and feel I can do better in the next project. Acting good means finding a perfect character for myself. Now I am on my way to find the best character. But it doesn't mean I want to be an actor with credential. I also want to be a star who can really act."


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Guest xx-outsider-xx

i watched emperor of the sea long time ago, but i dont remember him. what character did he play?

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Guest Logicalsong

Here goes another tranlsation of his recent interview. It's about his role in Brilliant Legacy.


BSB, "Joon-Se is a Daddy-Long-Legs who can fill up women's fantasy"

[이데일리 SPN 장서윤기자]

Park Joon-Se in the SBS drama "Brilliant Legacy" is, in a word, Mr. Perfect.

He is a owner of a popular fusion restaurant: he is sweet, considerate as well as stronger to

strong people, and weaker to weak people. Determined when working, and the only weakness of his

may be he is too sympathetic. So to speak, he is the cream of the cream of Mr. Right.

"He may be able to satisfy women's fantasy, but men can be annoyed by him. Haha."

Interviewing while he was shooting for a drama, he looked bit tired, but his voice and gesture

were full of confidence and attentiveness.

Park Joon Se that he portrayed is like a Daddy-Long-Legs to Eunsung.

By watching Eunsung (HHJ) who lost her father and a little brother one day, and became miserable

as a street vendor, he takes care of her and slightly begins to love her. But seeing Eungsung gets

closer to Hwan (LSG), he feels his heart broken.

"The drama is about Eungung's grown-up story. Joon-Se watches her to grow up like a Daddy-Long-

Legs. Eunsung takes him granted to be with her all the time. When she got a feeling for other one,

she could feel sorry for Joon-Se, but if he's not with her, she also misses him. Joonse seems to

position somewhere in between Hwan and Eunsung.

Preparing for this drama, BSB had a deep thought about "Bad guy syndrome" among women.

"I found some women really got hooked by had guy albeit wanting for a good guy. It's difficult to

understand, why are they likely to do so?

Being asked what kind of man he really is in love, he answered with a smil "I am similar to Joon-


About a role model of Joon Se, he studied his older brother who is actually an owner of a


"Joon-Se is righteous and attentive, whichi is similar to my brother. I have seen him working hard

to develop new menus all the time, and it is helpful for my work."

Starting later than others as an actor in his late 20s, he has become familiar to audience

throughout pieces of works such as MBC "Jumong", SBS "Painter of the Wind".

BSB told, "I began my job a bit later than others, but it's good for me to spend more energy."

"At times I too wanted to quit this job, but while I analyzed myself askig what weakness I had,

I got more serious about my job as an "actor" and I realized I am loving it."

" I like Joon Se's positive energy. I want to let his positive enrygy out off the screen, and

deliver it to the people."

Thank you for your reading.

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This thread is so new~~it needs more love! ^_^

I thought I have seen Bae Soo Bin somewhere when I first saw him in "Brilliant Legacy", but I have not seen any of his previous works. @_@ weird...his face just seems so familiar! ok, I just remembered!! He played that one guy (who looked like a girl) in Jumong!! WOOOOAHHHH?!!!

Anyways, I LOVE HIM (his character) in "Brilliant Legacy"!!! How can ANY GUY be so PERFECT & LOVABLE???? *drools* Junse is such a warm-hearted&down-to-earth type of person.

Bae Soo Bin has officially become my new obsession. heehee.

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Guest kenderkin88

I've never seen him in anything other than BL, but everything he's been in has been on my list for several months. :lol: Either I'm drawn to him without noticing, or we have the same taste in sageuks.

Also, his character in BL is ADORABLE. I want to snatch him right out of the screen. :wub:

Some pictures from Koyote singer Bbaek Ga's photo exhibition.




(The first is from the actual exhibiton, the second two are him attending.)

I like them, but I don't think they're art. Then again, I've never really understood photography as an art form, so whatever. Still, it just looks like a magazine shoot to me. :lol:

Source: Star News (via Dramabeans)

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Guest piano_lady

Good to know that BSB's got his own thread :)

He's great in Jumong but I like him more in POTW - such a hot king! :lol:

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Guest chungy

im so in love with him right now..

he sorta looks like Ahn Jae Wook.

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i watched emperor of the sea long time ago, but i dont remember him. what character did he play?

He started on EOTS episode 36 as the new governor, Kim Yang, a villian.

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Guest Logicalsong

Interview with BSB as of May 19, Sports Khan

* The reference of the English translation is www.baesoobeen.com (aka SoobeenPortal)



Actor Bae Soo-Bin. He has been better known due to the drama "Brilliant Legacy" these days, but some can't remember his previous characters directly by looking at him in tidy suit. It's no wonder since he shined more in the historical drama than in modern ones by hiding his real look perfectly into the character. Let's bring him to our mind. He was Kim Yang who attempted Jang Bo-Go's life in the "Emperor of the Sea", Sayong whose asexual attractiveness was really popular in "Jumong", and King Jung-Jo who showed controlled charisma in the "Painter of the Wind". These characters are in common in that Bae Soo-Bin is the one who made and polished these charaters.

▶ "Specialized for historical dramas?" "If the drama is good, that's the priority."

As soon as he sat down, he talked about his busier life. Brilliant Legacy reached almost 30% in rating wise, which strengthened his footsteps, he paired up with Choi Kang Hee in the movie "Ae-Ja", and shot the drama "After the Wedding" until recently, which is a part of Telecinema Project, the Korean-Japanese co-producing drama. But you can't deny what made him as what he is now about 80% is the force of historical dramas. He accepted the viewpoint about him as "Specialized actor for historical drama" on the one hand, and analyzed the reason why.

"We need sort of weight in the dialogue and character for the historical dramas. I think I may not look light in the atmosphere or acting-wise. I didn't insist I should do "historical dramas". All the dramas I joined had good planning, and characters were all appealing. If I get offered another good historical drama, I will definitely participate in."

Belated episode in Jumong he delievered now: in the drama, Sayong and Hyubbo were the popular subject of the topic at that time since they were in the same sex romances. According to him. "We (He and Hyubbo) shoot all the scenes without rehearsing because if we did, we couldn't help but laugh" Their scenes were most popular by the staffs so while they did shooting, the whole staffs watched them holding their breaths.

▶ “I would be responsible for all women in the country!"


His new role in "SE" is Joon-Se. According to him, Joon-Se is a non-arguably spirited fellow and walking "Mr. Right". He got sophisticated sense of fashion, wealth, good-looking, composure in mind, and considerate personality. He can fight, he is fluent in sports, and he even passed the difficult bar exam, but instead decide to own a restaurant and enjoy his life. A guy in the midst of women's fantasy.

Doesn't he feel burden to perform this perfect character? He, on the contrary, said " I am expecting to portray him".

History begun with the suggestion of the director of "SE", the former PD of the "POTW" saying we should work together for a next drama at the closing party for the "POTW" into a reality. Bae tends to be well-melted in his characters in the dramas, he said it might be due to his blood (A type) as a joke. Before the drama, he worried a lot to take this perfect-looking role. But whilst portraying this bright and cheerful Joon-Se, his real personality got even brighter. Also HHJ who has good reaction for a partner, professional LSG when acting, and MCW who's got lots of potential are always good stimula to him.

"At the end of the drama, your rank as a wishful bridegroom will be dramatically up", reporter said jokingly.

He smiled "Joon-Se is a fantasy for women who watch TV. Hope they can dream and get satisfied through Joon-Se.

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Thank you so much Logicalsong for the posting the translated piece of interview. I never knew he has accomplished so much and it makes me want to watch his previous work. Hope he will garner more attention and receive the recognition he deserves in his modern-day role in BL. :D

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Guest mangomania

thanks for starting the thread! was looking for some information about him cauz was wondering if it is him playing the king in POTW.

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Guest Logicalsong


There are some captures of his previous drama.

He appeared in the season drama "Auction House" Ep. 12 which was aired through MBC in dec. 2007.

He was a painter having a dementia afer his wife suddenly died herein this drama.

Have a look at some pics.
















I guess this thread is made after his performance in the Brilliant Legacy, and you guys like Jun-Se because of that, as an old fan of him, I recommend his previous works, too if you'd like to see more versatile look of him as an actor.

Will drop by here more often to vitalize this thread from now on. :-)

Hope to meet more fans.

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