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[Drama 2001] Beautiful Days 아름다운 날들


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BEAUTIFUL DAYS  아름다운 날들 2001





Beautiful Days (Areumdawoon Naldeul) 2001 SBS Aired in Korea: March 14, 2001-May 31, 2001 on SBS Wednesday & Thursday nights at 9:50 p.m.

Cast: Lee Min-chul (29): Lee Byung Hun (All In) http://i35.tinypic.com/14vn13r.jpg Lee Sun-jae (26): Ryu Shi Won (Honesty) http://i34.tinypic.com/igf33l.jpg Kim Yonsoo (27): Choi Ji Woo (Stairway to Heaven/Honesty) http://i34.tinypic.com/rtkm5y.jpg Kim Sena (22): Lee Jung Hyun http://i35.tinypic.com/1epgf7.jpg Lee Minji (22): Shin Min Ah http://i36.tinypic.com/vhtd14.jpg Zero: ? Jung Myung-ja (Sun-jae's mother, 48): Lee Kyung Jin (Phoenix/Fox & Cotton Candy) Lee Sung-chun (Min-chul's father, 55): Lee Jung Gil (Pearl Necklace/One Million Roses/Four Sisters) Lee Young-jun (Sun-jae's real father): Ha Jae Young (Stairway to Heaven, Summer Scent/Glass Slippers) Kang Narae (Yonsoo's roommate/co-worker): Lee Yu Jin (Phoenix) Hwang Kum-suk (Minji's friend): ___ Oh Jung-hun (composer/Sun-jae's high school upperclassman, 30): Lee Sang Woo Ha Ki-chul (scheduler): ___ Min Kyu-suk (bodyguard/chauffeur): Kim Dong Hyun (Phoenix) Yang Mimi/Kyung-hee (singer, 47): Lee Hwi Hyang (Stairway to Heaven/Secret) Shin Jae-eun (sick girl): Lee Ae Jung (teenage Shin-ae in Autumn Story)

Introduction: Sun-jae's father and Sung-chun are like brothers. Sun-jae's father was murdered by Sung-chun in 1975 before Sun-jae was born. Sung-chun's involvement in the murder was covered up. In 1985 immediately after Sung-chun's wife dies, Sung-chun has Sun-jae and his mother move in with him and his children (Min-chul and Minji). Sung-chun tells everyone Sun-jae is his real son, but in actuality he is not. Min-chul and Minji hate their father, Sun-jae and Sun-jae's mother. Sun-jae meets Yonsoo and Sena while visiting Grace Home (an orphanage). Yonsoo is touched by Sun-jae's kindness. Yonsoo accidentally burns Sena with hot water and is guilt-ridden. In 1995, Yonsoo leaves Sena at the orphanage to look for a job and earn money so that Sena can join her later. She promises to meet Sena at the Seoul Tower on Christmas Day. Fate eventually brings Yonsoo, Sena, Sun-jae and Min-chul together. source: http://www.koreanwiz.org/drama-beautifuldays.html ================================================= Related Links: SBS Beautiful Days Official Site Cinema Service's Beautiful Days Site sukting's review (warning: contains spoilers!) Beautiful Days Fansite - include episode summaries, lyrics and trivias - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED :) ================================================= this is the drama that made me fall in love with kdramas. i just LOVE the chemistry between LBH and CJW. (and the kisses are hot) :P

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Guest ChocoMilkShake

Beautiful Days 아름다운 날들 2001

Classic Romance to Remember 2001


Episodes: 24

Broadcast network: SBS

Broadcast period: March 14, 2001 to May 31, 2001

Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Ryu Si Won, Choi Ji Woo, Shin Min Ah, Lee Jung Hyun, Lee Yoo Jin

Screenwriter: Yoon Sung Hee

Director: Lee Jang Soo

Related Links: SBS Official Site l koreanwiz.org l cinemaservice.com l spcnet.tv l Beautiful Days Fansite (recommended) l wikipedia l d-addicts.com l hancinema.net


In Beautiful Days, Lee Byung Hun as Lee Minchul, fully demonstrated his charismatic screen presence and acting powerness, creating one of the most unforgettable character in Korea drama. The drama brings his acting career to greater heights creating legions of fans that are memorized by Lee Byung Hun.

Lee Minchul, a man with such arrogance and dominating with his presence, he is not one to allow any mistakes by himself or others. But emotionally, he is the most vulnerable man who never allows anyone to enter his heart. To others, he is the ruthless 'crown prince' with such capability that he is admired for his talent but yet unapproachable. In his world, only his sister matters, and no one else. Since he was young, he hated his father for ruining their family and leading to his mother's death. And hence in turn harboured hostility towards a half brother and stepmother whom he treats as the ones who break up their family.

Lee Minchul is never one to give up, he strived hard to prove himself and to his father, that he is no weakling to be ruled over. This young man grew up with such a strong wall to protect himself. But yet, the wall crumbles when he meet Yeon Soo. This woman will change his life completely and his heart too. Yeon Soo's gentleness open the door to Minchul heart and it unleashed that passion in him to love a woman with such strength. The intensity of his love has created such an unforeseen sexy appeal to Lee Minchul whom many fans had been memorized by his magnetic graze. But the strength of Lee Minchul lies in the complexity of this character, the struggles within this man, his vulnerability and his determination, his desires and hatred, his love and sorrow was so powerfully portrayed through the actor Lee Byung Hun. This is a must watch for those who are eager to learnt what lure many to be caught within the spell of Lee Byung Hun and the experience is a unique and unforgettable.


Lee Byung Hun as Lee Min-chul

Ryu Shi Won as Lee Sun-jae

Choi Ji Woo as Kim Yon-soo

Lee Jung Hyun as Kim Se-na

Shin Min Ah as Lee Min-ji

Lee Kyung Jin as Jung Myung-ja (Sun-jae's mother)

Lee Jung Gil as Lee Sung-chun (Min-chul's father)

Ha Jae Young as Lee Young-jun (Sun-jae's real father)

Lee Yu Jin as Kang Narae (Yonsoo's roommate/co-worker)

Lee Sang Woo as Oh Jung-hun (composer/Sun-jae's hs upperclassman)

Kim Dong Hyun as Min Kyu-suk (bodyguard, chauffeur)

Lee Hwi Hyang as Yang Mimi/Kyung-hee (singer)

Lee Ae Jung as Shin Jae-eun (sick girl)

Baek Sung Hyun

Beautiful Days (Ah Reum Dah Woon Nal Deul) uses some of Korea's well known actors to deliver a story of two orphan girls, two step-brothers and their entangled tale of greed, secrets and disloyalty. The story gives the main characters a chance to gain wisdom through life experiences. Both the story and the actors execute a great melodrama.

The story is dynamic and realistically written. Showing the source of each main character's notable traits from painful experiences, the story starts in 1975, then forwards to 1985 and 1995, and finally picks up 5 years later in 2000 where most of the story takes place. Within the first two decades shown, the audience learns why Min-chul is unloving to most people, why his younger sister, Minji, is rebellious, and why Sun-jae is so obedient to their father. In 1995, the audience learns why there is heartache between Sina and Yonsoo. Even while the story falls short to offer definite conclusions to sub plots, it does offer closure by establishing the main characters' evolution or growth. Just as the audience is shown the source of the characters' troubles and pains, the drama continues to unravel situations that force the characters to change. The realism and complexity of the characters starts with the story; however, the cast does an excellent job of bringing them to the screen.

The cast works great together. First, Lee Byung Hun shows Min-chul as the resentful, cold-shouldered son to his father, brother and step-mother. While to Minji he shows Min-chul as the caring, trusting brother. Both are attractive personalities that together make up a complex character. When he and Choi Ji Woo are in a scene together, Lee Byung Hun is strikingly bold and demanding, sometimes not saying much at all. In fact, some of the drama's best scenes are ones in which Lee Byung Hun doesn't have many lines in but requires just as much performance. For example, when he and Choi Ji Woo are in the movie theater, not a single word is said, but the heartache and pain Min-chul feels is shown in his expressions. As for Choi Ji Woo, she begins portraying Yonsoo as a strong woman that is cautious of Min-chul. Her stuggle to trust herself plays out well. Next, Ryu Shi Won is noble as the intimidated brother and offers a certain amount of gentleness to the Lee family. Finally, Lee Jung Hyun and Shin Min Ah both represent the younger disobedient sister well, making the outrageous squabbling scenes convincing.

The story and cast of Beautiful Days illustrate characters' trials and growth skillfully. The complex beginning establishes a great source for the drama's development while the well rounded characters are carefully crafted and displayed. The two elements, story and cast, brings one of the better performed Korean dramas to audiences.

As for the music of Beautiful Days with Korean Pop Star, Lee Jung Hyun, as part of the cast as well as a story that revolves around music industry characters, the drama has amazing power ballads and lovely musical scores. Both Lee Jung Hyun and Ryu Shi Won have tracks on the OST and when hearing their renditions the memories of the pain and happiness the characters endured in the drama are easily relived. The actual Korean musician Zero is also featured on the OST, bringing a soothing voice to climatic ballads, like Yak Sok (track 2), that makes the heart soar.

Rating: Life Altering (5/5) by puccakiss79 Source: d-addicts.coms



Sun-jae's father and Sung-chun are like brothers. Sun-jae's father was murdered by Sung-chun in 1975 before Sun-jae was born. Sung-chun's involvement in the murder was covered up.

In 1985 immediately after Sung-chun's wife dies, Sung-chun has Sun-jae and his mother move in with him and his children (Min-chul and Minji). Sung-chun tells everyone Sun-jae is his real son, but in actuality he is not. Min-chul and Minji hate their father, Sun-jae and Sun-jae's mother. Sun-jae meets Yonsoo and Sena while visiting Grace Home (an orphanage). Yonsoo is touched by Sun-jae's kindness. Yonsoo accidentally burns Sena with hot water and is guilt-ridden.

In 1995, Yonsoo leaves Sena at the orphanage to look for a job and earn money so that Sena can join her later. She promises to meet Sena at the Seoul Tower on Christmas Day. Fate eventually brings Yonsoo, Sena, Sun-jae and Min-chul together. (koreanwiz)


Yun Soo (Choi Ji Woo) and Sae Na (Lee Jung Hyun) grew up like sisters in an orphanage. Yun Soo is the nice, sweet, beautiful, etc., while Sae Na is bad-tempered, stubborn, and extremely selfish but carries a lot of pain with her. When they were little girls growing up, they got a visit from the president of a large record company and his stepson, Sun Jae (Ryu Shi Won). Sun Jae's real father was killed by his stepfather although no one knows the truth. His mom (Lee Kyung Jin), remarried when Sun Jae was around 10, but Sun Jae believes that his stepfather is is real father and his mom was a mistress. His stepfather has two other children, Min Chul (Lee Byung Hun), and Min Ji (Shin Min Ah). They hate Sun Jae and his mom for barging into their lives. When they are all grown, Yun Soo starts working at the record store managed by Min Chul to look for Sae Na, who she lost contact with 5 years earlier. Sae Na wants to be a singer so Yun Soo hopes that she will see her there someday. But when Yun Soo finds Sae Na, a misunderstanding keeps Sae Na from growing close with Yun Soo. To make matters worse, Sae Na falls for Sun Jae, while Sun Jae and Yun Soo grow close. Yun Soo is deadly caught between two guys while Sae Na struggles to be a singer. Also, will the truth about Sun Jae's father ever be revealed?

Comments: very addicting drama with a good plot. the ending is not so obvious and the casting is pretty good too.


L-R: Lee Byung Hun, Choi Ji Woo, Lee Jung Hyun, Ryu Si Won & Shin Min Ah

Background of the characters

Source: beaudays.com l PlanetBH0712



Lee Min-chul (Lee Byung-hun)

Decisive and arrogant, Min-chul is the son of Lee Sung-chun. His father's marriage leads to a long-standing hostility with his step-brother, Lee San-jae. His greatest concern is his sister, Min-ji, who is rebellious and confused in life. He is strongly attracted to Yeon-soo and opens his heart to her however, the realisation of his father's past crime threatens to destroy his newly found happiness.



Kim Yeon-soo (Choi Ji-woo)

Gentle and optimistic, Yeon-soo is an orphan with a zest for life and dreams of being an artist. She devotes her sisterly love to Sae-na, despite their misunderstanding. As Min-ji's governess, she patiently guides her in life, in spite of Min-ji's hostility. Despite San-jae's affection for her, she stands firm in her love for Min-chul however her illness lands her in an emotional struggle of her love for Min-chul.



Lee San-jae (Ryu Si-won)

Kind at heart, San-jae is the son of Lee Yong-jun and Jang Myong-ja. Faced with Min-chul's hostility since young, he attempts to bridge their differences, however, his affections for Yeon-soo further widen their relationship. With a deep passion for music, he explores his talent under a pseudonym, Zero. The realisation of Yong-jun's actual death and his actual birthright corners him into a dilemma.



Kim Sae-na (Lee Jung-hyun)

Wilful but kind at heart, Sae-na harbours dreams of being a successful singer. Orphaned since young, she finds a friend in Yeon-soo but her misunderstanding towards Yeon-soo creates a rift in their sisterly love. Sae-na develops a crush on San-jae but is dismayed to learn of his affections for Yeon-soo, this further threatens her trust for Yeon-soo. However, Yeon-soo's sincerity and illness touches her and they rebuild their relationship.



Lee Min-ji (Shin Min-ah)

Hostile and rebellious, Min-ji is estranged from her father because of his marriage to Myong-ja. Her only solace is Min-chul, whom she adores and respects. She deems Yeon-soo's presence as an intrusion and Yeon-soo's affection for her brother rakes her jealousy. However, Yeon-soo's patience and sincerity tugs at her heart and she embraces their friendship whole-heartedly. Sung-chun's scandal forces her to mature rapidly and she abandons her rebellious nature.


Kang Na-rae (Lee Yu-jin)

Boisterous and helpful, Na-rae is Yeon-soo's closest friend and confidante. She showers her with much care and shares her responsibility for Sae-na . She strongly objects to Yeon-soo's love for Min-chul due to the discrepancy in their status, however, she later plays a major part in their reconciliation. With Sae-na's step into stardom, she fulfils her dreams of being an artiste manager.


Lee Sung-chun (Lee Jung-kil)

Sung-chun accidentally killed his best friend, Lee Yong-jun over a dispute. Carrying a torch for Yong-jun's wife, he keeps his crime a secret and married her, resulting in a rift with his own children. Upon Kyong-hee's return, his secret is exposed which leads to Myong-ja's suicide. The scandal takes a toll on his business and destroys his relationship with San-jae, however, he finds comfort in Min-chul and Min-ji's forgiveness.


Jang Myong-ja (Lee Kyong-jin)

Kind-hearted and submissive, Myong-ja is a victim of circumstances. For the sake of her son, San-jae, she agrees to marry Sung-chun after her husband's death, which incurs the wrath of his children. When Min-chul finally realises the truth, his amiability warms her and she looks forward to better days ; unfortunately, the truth of Yong-jun's death crumbles her, guilt-stricken, she turns to suicide.


Yang Kyong-hee (Lee Hee-hyang)

A famous singer in her heyday, Kyong-hee was framed by Sung-chun for a drug charge. She learns of Yong-jun's death and is unable to forgive Myong-ja for remarrying. Upon learning of Sung-chun's involvement in Yong-jun's death, she leads San-jae to the truth and convinces him to seek revenge for his father. Impressed with Sae-na's talent, she offers her an opportunity to be a singer.


Review by Zhen Yin at soompi.com

'Beautiful Days' has been my all-time favorite drama and I would like to share my views on this beautiful drama. To me, a beautiful day is defined as a day shared between two individuals who are truly and deeply in love with each other. Regardless of any problem or obstacle they may encounter, each day is a beautiful day, as long as they have each other.

'Beautiful Days' depicted the compelling love story between two beautiful people from very different backgrounds, who were brought together by the hand of fate. A beautiful, touching love story that had endured the passage of time and surpassed every hurdle in the way. It illustrated that the path of love is not a bed of roses. The path is often strewn with ups and downs, as well as difficulties. But, as long as the couple is bonded strongly in their hearts and minds, nothing will be able to draw them apart and their love will find the desired fulfillment.


Lee Min Chul (Lee Byung Hun), on the exterior, he was cool, dynamic and magnetically attractive. Highly confident and capable in his work, he took challenges in his stride and excelled in every one of them. The men admired him for his impeccability and capability at work, and hold him in high regard. On the other hand, the women were drawn to his masculinity like a moth to a flame. Though he was aware of the effect he had on them, he remained aloof and indifferent to their attention. However, his nonchalant demeanor served to intensify his appeal to the women. To them, he was the ideal man in their wildest dreams. He symbolized style, charisma and sensuality, everything they desired in a man, but yet, he was unattainable. This made him even more irresistibly attractive. But, unbeknownst to many, deep down, he was a lonely man, yearning for love. There were wounds in his heart that needed to be healed. He had an unhappy childhood. Having lost his mother at a tender age, he and his younger sister shared a very close kinship. To him, his sister was his most important family and he would do everything in his power to protect and provide for her, in order to let her live a happy and carefree life.


He bore a bitter grudge towards his father throughout the years for not fulfilling his responsibility as a father. His bitterness was also deepened by his father's decision of remarrying and bringing his stepmother and stepbrother home to live with them. The resentment and pain that had accompanied him as he grew up had molded him into a serious and reserved man.

Love was a foreign emotion to him. He did not believe in love, until love came to him in the form of Yeon Soo. Initially, he had only meant to tease her, as he had never met a woman like her. There was something special about her that distinguished her from the other women that he had mingled with. Subconsciously, his heart began to open up to her gradually. She had unknowingly touched a responsive chord in his heart and awakened his senses to feel love. He also came to realize that she was the only one who could fill the empty void and heal the agony in his heart. When he finally came to terms with his true feelings, he realized that he had already fallen deeply and hopelessly in love with her. Only she could bring him happiness and make his life complete.


Kim Yeon Soo (Choi Ji Woo), a simple, kind-hearted and sweet-looking girl who grew up in an orphanage. Her warm personality had enabled her to have many friends at the orphanage and they also enjoy being around her. In the orphanage, she was very close to Sae Na, whom she looked upon as her very dear sister. Though they were not related by blood, she regarded Sae Na as her most important family. She was also willing to do anything within her means and make sacrifices on her part to ensure Sae Na's well-being and happiness. As a sister, she had given her very best to Sae Na.

In the matters of the heart, she had inadvertently come between two brothers, who were both in love with her. One was warm, friendly and sensitive, whereas the other was cool, reserved and serious. She felt comfortable with the easy-going younger brother, San Jae, but yet her heart was strongly attracted to the quiet, intense and enigmatic elder brother, Min Chul.

Whenever Min Chul was near her, her heart would miss a few beats and her eyes would be drawn to where he was. Each time their eyes met, she would fall under the spell of his piercing gaze. In spite of his aloof facade, she found her heart drawing close to him. She knew she was losing her heart to him. He dominated her thoughts and surrounded her senses. Although she knew in her heart it was risky to fall in love with a man like him, she could not resist the magic of his magnetism. Before she could stop herself, she gave her heart to him completely. However, fate dealt a harsh blow to her and shattered her dream of fulfilling love, when she discovered she had a terminal illness.

Lee San Jae (Ryu Shi Won), the gentle, musically talented stepbrother of Min Chul. His mother married Min Chul's father after the demise of his own father. Despite his passion for music, he was denied the chance to have a career in this area by the instruction of his stepfather. This agonized him greatly. Hence, he could only pursue his passion under a pseudo identity, 'Zero'. The songs he composed were very popular over the Internet and had also stirred up much attention in the music scene. Though there was much speculation about him, no one actually knew his real identity, until much later. Since young, he had tried very hard to establish a closer relationship with his stepbrother and sister, but his efforts were in vain. They ostracized him totally, making his attempts futile. He was deeply hurt by their actions, but he did not blame them, as he could understand their reasons for doing what they did.


Yeon Soo was the glimmer of light in his depressing life. She brightened his life with her sweet disposition and genuine smile. With her, life became hopeful for him. Thinking about her and being with her brought immense joy to him. She was the angel in his life. Before long, he also lost his heart to this sweet angel.

Kim Sae Na (Lee Jung Hyun), the character you love to hate. She was immature, willful, spiteful, insensitive and stubborn. Her obstinate character made it difficult for people to treat her cordially. The only person who was able to bear with her intolerable attitude was Yeon Soo. Many times, she had said or done mean things on purpose to upset Yeon Soo. There were also countless times when she took Yeon Soo for granted and hurt her feelings repeatedly. But regardless of her actions, Yeon Soo remained gracious to her faults. At the same time, she resented the fact that Yeon Soo was the object of San Jae's affections, rather than her. She tried means and ways to gain his attention, but he only had eyes for Yeon Soo. As a result, this had also caused the gap between her and Yeon Soo to widen.

Yet, from another perspective, she was a victim of her own circumstances too. From young, she had learnt to protect herself and mask her disappointments by putting on a belligerent front. She was unwilling to show her soft side to anyone, except Yeon Soo, for fear of appearing vulnerable. To her, it was not acceptable to be seen as weak, for she was afraid that others would use her weakness as a weapon against her. In a way, it was also understandable why she behaved the way she did.



Min Chul and Yeon Soo had come a long way before their love blossomed into fruitful fulfillment. Obstacles were cast in their way one after another, testing their feelings for each other again and again. Each time, whenever their love was about to reach a higher level, something would occur to hinder their progress.

San Jae's feelings for Yeon Soo also implicated the development of their relationship at some point in time, though later on, he chose to continue loving Yeon Soo in his own way. But ultimately, true love prevailed. Min Chul and Yeon Soo's deep love for each other enabled them to overcome every single obstruction in their path. Not even Yeon Soo's illness could tear them apart.

It was amazing to witness Min Chul's gradual transformation from the cool, reserved man to the caring, loving husband every woman longed for. Indeed, love does wonderful things to people and it has the power to thaw even a heart made of glacier.

Lee Byung Hun's performance in 'Beautiful Days' is remarkable. He has delivered an outstanding portrayal of his character, Lee Min Chul. Throughout the whole show, I could not take my eyes off his suave, imposing image. I was also very impressed with how well those stark white shirts fitted his proportional frame. In my opinion, Lee Byung Hun is a versatile actor, who is able to become the character he is given to portray. In 'Beautiful Days', he had masterfully captured the essence of Min Chul and portrayed the character with finesse. His character as Min Chul had also left a lasting impression in my heart. I believe he would generate the same impact in me for any role he takes on.

Finally, I just want to say, watching 'Beautiful Days' has been a beautiful experience for me.


Beautiful days Kiss scene

<object ><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9e02PYej2E4?version=3" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" width="640" height="390"></object>

Beautiful days final concert

<object ><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8cPnToGQKI?version=3" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" width="640" height="390"></object>


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Guest Mrs. Lee

This is the drama that made me love Lee Byung Hun and Choi ji Woo! oooohhh!! what a chemistry! :wub: the best ever! My all tym fave drama! BDshippah.png all the way!


yup! so sad that the previous thread is gone already but we will try to repost as much as we can... I will try to dig in my cds... :)

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Guest Saranghae012

OMIGOSH I <333ed this drama. especially since it had Choi Ji Woo and Ryu Si Won! i loved that it was around singing too because i love singing.

i fell in <3 with Ryu Si Won in this drama.. he was so sweet. i think i became obsessed at a point. lol :wub:


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Guest summer0323


z_MMEDIA5.gifBeautiful Days episodes with English subs in MU

These episodes are made possible by Hyc, our thanks for the original sharing :wub:

EPISODE 1 Part 1 Part 2 » EPISODE 2 Part 1 Part 2

EPISODE 3 Part 1 Part 2 » EPISODE 4 Part 1 Part 2

EPISODE 5 Part 1 Part 2 » EPISODE 6 Part 1 Part 2

EPISODE 7 Part 1 Part 2 » EPISODE 8 Part 1 Part 2

EPISODE 9 Part 1 Part 2 Another new link for Part 2»

EPISODE 10 Part 1 Part 2

EPISODE 11 Part 1 Part 2 » EPISODE 12 Part 1 Part 2

EPISODE 13 Part 1 Part 2 » EPISODE 14 Part 1 Part 2

EPISODE 15 Part 1 Part 2 » EPISODE 16 Part 1 Part 2

EPISODE 17 Part 1 Part 2 » EPISODE 18 Part 1 Part 2

EPISODE 19 Part 1 Part 2 » EPISODE 20 Part 1 Part 2

EPISODE 21 Part 1 Part 2 » EPISODE 22 Part 1 Part 2

EPISODE 23 Part 1 Part 2 » EPISODE 24 Part 1 Part 2

(posted by Rubie)







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Guest `soliloquy


New thread..rofl.

One of my first few dramas that started my obsession with korean dramas.

This one is a must watch, though i cant quite contribute much here.


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BD Flash


Article: Gush... Gasp... and Gripped by Beautiful Days

BD (Concert?) MV + wallie


Beautiful Days episode 6

Page 12

Beautiful Days episodes 7 - 9

BD Final Party


Lots of Minchul & Yeonsoo screencaps

BD review by Zhen Yin

Page 13

Beautiful Days episodes 10 - 14

Fan talk: Minchul+Yeonsoo vs Seonjae+Yeonsoo



MV-Love Song(BD beach scene)


BD lovely Gifs

Page 14

Diagrams to upload to CB by xbtcmdx

BD Final Concert VODs + captures

BHJW appeared at the 1st part


JW and BH giving speech and ending part


BHJW - different day


Beautiful Days episode 15

Page 15

Beautiful Days episodes 16 - 20

Article: 27.11.2005 Choi-ce part (CJW + LJH in Rondo)

Dec 21, 2005 - Lee Jung-hyun to release albums in Korea, China and Japan

BD, BHJW wallpapers

Page 16

Beautiful Days episodes 21 - 23

Fan talk: BD blunders

Minchul-Seonjae: on-screen, off-screen

Minchul-Yeonsoo: on-screen, off-screen

BD Gifs

Beautiful Days guide: Episode 24 - Final Episode

REMEMBERING 2005 ~ BEAUTIFUL MAY (article + captures)

May 6th & 7th - Beautiful Days Concert in Tokyo

BH's Narration at Beautiful Days Concert + vods

Page 17

Beautiful Days Part 2 (ep. 1 - 4)

Fanfic by Mena (Taiwan) & translated by Shirley.st

DVD review from hanbooks.com

BD MV - Yeonsoo (Song by Zero and Choi Jiwoo)




BD screencaps (CJW & LJH)

Promise romanized & English lyrics

Page 18

Beautiful Days Part 2; episodes 5 - 9

Jan.12, 2006 - Fresh Wave of Choi Ji-woo Fever Grips Japan

Fan talk: Seonjae

Page 19

Beautiful Days Part 2; episodes 10 - 17

Fan talk: Minchul, Yeonsoo, Seonjae

Article: Jan.16, 2006 - Choi Ji-woo Sets her Sights on Hong Kong

BD banners from NHK

Page 20

Minchul screencaps

Beautiful Days Part 2; episodes 18 - 27

Article: Jan 18, 2006 - Hong Kong Media Praise Actress Choi Ji-woo for Good Manners

Lots of BD screencaps



LBH, CJW in Tokyo (EHAS)

BD Ringtones

Page 21

Beautiful Days Part 2; Finale

"Victory" kiss gif by ylin

Beautiful Days - Behind the Scenes

Lots of BD, Minchul-Yeonsoo screencaps

LBH-CJW greetings, caricatures

Behind the scene caps

BD party caps

OST links

1 dream


2 goodbye


3 heaven


4 lsy_meet again


5 lsy_missing you


6 傷痕


7 Please


8 lsy_諾言


9 lys_美麗的日子


10 爲了你


11 ZERO_meet again


12 在你背後


13 只爲了你


14 ZERO_諾言


Page 22

BD screencaps, lots of Yeonsoo + Minchul captures

MV-you raise me up


MV-wish you were here


Three Times a Lady


BD caricatures

LBH-CJW EHAS promo pics



BD review from wiki.d-addicts.com

Valentine MV: Minchul-Yeonsoo love talk


Page 23

Goodbye by Zero


Film Making clip


BEAUTIFUL DAYS review by DEVACHE/krystalheart

BD- MV (Pomise - with Korean lyrics)


Beautiful Days - Goodbye / Zero



Kisses: beach, engagement, victory, first night captures

From BD DVD ng


BD Victory kiss NG + caps


BD beach scene NG + caps


Minchul shirtless cap *o*

Page 24

2006 photos of LBH and RSW



[VOD]Part1-Jiwoo's speech in BD Concert


[VOD]Part 2 - BD Concert in Japan 7.5.2005


BD ng VOD--Jiwoo was shocked


LBH & SMA caps, from BD to BSL

Fan talk: LBH-CJW-RSW (Minchul<->Yeonsoo<-Seonjae)

Page 25

Beautiful Days was first broadcasted by SBS Korea on 14th March 2001.

5th Anniversary of Beautiful Days

VOD 1 - Opening of BD


VOD 2 - Preview of BD


VOD 3 - Ending of BD


VOD 4 - BD MV posted at starjiwoo


BD NG clips

Wiping tears at Victory glass pane Taking posters on the ship

Victory Kiss Ngs How long is the Victory Kiss NG

Beach ngs At Victory Records

Parting NGs

VOD 8 - BD Ending party





BD MVs from starjiwoo



Lots of fan talk on BD

Page 26

MV - BD kisses


Lots of fan talk: Seonjae

BD screencaps

Page 27

Fan talk: Seonjae

Screencaps - proposal, breakup

Artwork for Seonjae

Page 28

Fan talk: Seonjae vs Minchul

BD screencaps; behind the scenes - LBH, CJW, RSW, SMA



Interview - BH on Hong Kong Entertainment show

VOD - Interview of BH in HK 2001


Page 29

RSW+CJW captures

CJW wallie

NG clip


CJW interview - BD Concert


BD wedding captures

2006/04/05 (Wed): The recent state of affairs of actors in drama 'Beautiful Days'?

Fan made MV - Summer Tale


Page 30

BD BT site


Various break-up captures

Beautiful BD poster & wallie

Fan talk: phenomenal actor

Page 31

Minchul MV - You Become the Meaning of My Life


Fan talk: Minchul

Various honeymoon & sad captures

BD OST Japanese cover

Page 32

Fan talk: Longing for a mother's warm embrace...

THEORY of LOVE (translated scripts)

Lee Minchul (Beautiful Days) vs Suh Taepoong (Happy Together)

Beautiful Days - Japanese DVD Boxset

Fan talk: If you love someone, let her/him go. If s/he comes back to you, then your love was meant to be. If s/he doesn't, then her/his love was never yours to begin with.

Page 33

Fun NG captures - beach scene, LBH & CJW

Song- Promise by RSW

MV-A Lover's Concerto


Fan talk: beautiful romance, classic series

Page 34

Romanized lyrics - Promise (performed by Zero and Ryu Si-won)

VOD - BD poster making at the seaside


Info-article on RSW & LJH from arirang.co.kr

Page 35

Captures: Minji & Minchul

Fan talk: DVD vs VCD subtitles

Page 36

Fan talk: DVD & BD sets

Lovely BD & Minchul captures from miuchinyu

Page 37

Beautiful Days famous locations (photos & info) from tour2korea.com

fan talk: a magical drama by ay_link

LBH -interview on HK Entertainment show (2001) -- source: lbh.sg

Wedding night kiss + screencaps


Page 38

BD (ntv7 Malaysia) promotion by Sinchew Daily


Page 39

Episode 1 (28/7/06-ntv7): transcript written and shared by Misha Tran (Yahoo! BD Group)

BD screencaps from byunghunzzang, starjiwoo & sbs

LBH Meets CJW wallie by Ping@bhjwlove.com

Episode 2-3: 31/7/06, 01/8/06

BD transcript & screencaps

Page 40

Sae-na & Seon-jae pics

Episode 4 (02/8/06) guide + screencaps

Episode 5 (03/8/06) - overtime, train, new hp screencaps

BD MV - without you


Minchul-Yeonsoo wallies

MVs from Beautiful Days

Page 41

Episode 6 (04/8/06) guide + screencaps (memorial day)

Episode 7 (makeover-party)

Screencap of Minchul & Minji's omma

Aug 7, 2006: Choi Ji-woo Named Korea's Greatest Acting Beauty

BD banners from PlanetBH0712

Page 42

Episode 7 (07/8/06) + screencaps

BHJW in KNTO promotion interview in 2004 wallies

The 'deep-well' analog

Episode 8 (08/8/06) transcript + screencaps (portrait)

Page 43

Episode 9 (09/8/06) transcript & screencaps

Misconceptions Of Beautiful Days

Dubbed Versions Of Beautiful Days That Shattered My Dreams & Brought Nightmare To My Life

Episode 10 (10/8/06)

BD 'makeover' & beach wallies

Page 44

Episode 10 (10/8/06)

Episode 11 (11/8/06) transcript + screencaps

BD gifs: memorial day, makeover-party

Screencaps - the call, Zero...

Page 45

Lots of MC-YS' beach screencaps + the first kiss

Page 46

MC-YS' first kiss screencaps


Their first time having fun...holding hands...hugging...

Beautiful Days banners from PlanetBH0712


Minchul captures

BD gif: first kiss

Episode 12 (14/8/06) transcript + screencaptures 'beach-night & morning after'

BD MC-YS beach promo pics

Page 47

Victory Kiss screencaps

Episode 13 (15/8/06) transcript + screencaps

Dinner with MC, YS & SJ

Off-screen captures of RSW & LBH

The 'unseen' after beach captures

Page 48

Screencaps: the torn portrait, romantic dinner & the storm that comes after with Zero


Victory Kiss NG screencaps

Page 49

Episode 15 (17/8/06) transcript + screencaps

The photo, dinner with Minji (not!) & brothers fight

BD gif - don't be late for dinner

Episode 16 (18/8/06) transcript + guide

MC's cold treatment

Page 50


Episode 16 (18/8/06) transcript + screencaps

The 5 minutes & cherry blossoms

BD banners from PlanetBH0712

Screencaps from starjiwoo.com

Lovely MC-BD caps from miuchinyu

Page 51

Episode 17 (21/8/06) transcript + screencaps

SJ's real father, confrontation MC and his father

Photos - Beautiful Days Versus CUT Magazine

Fan talk: Tears (LBH)

Episode 18 (22/8/06) transcript + screencaps

Seonjae vs Minchul

Page 52

Episode 18 (22/8/06) transcript + screencaps (fun day at the park, karaoke)


Episode 19 (23/8/06) transcript + screencaps

Lovely BD banners

Page 53

Episode 19 (23/8/06) transcript + screencaps

Muse vs Victory, Saena's mini concert - ZERO revealed

Episode 20 (24/8/06)

Fan talk: sweet and simple but meaningful moments... by Ella and arwen

Page 54

Episode 20 (24/8/06) transcript + screencaps

The sweetest proposal

Fan talk: sweet and simple but meaningful moments... by elbie-h-forever

Page 55

Episode 21 (25/8/06) transcript + screencaps

Call ne 'honey' & YS' phone-kiss

Saena & Sunjae


BHJW romantic MV




NG captures - shirtless Minchul

YOUTUBE clips thanks to kayla





Page 56

Episode 23 (28/8/06) transcript + screencaps

Episode 24 (29/8/06)

The darkest secret & heartbreaking consequences

Page 57

Episode 24 (29/8/06) the break-up

Episode 25 (30/8/06) leaving her

Airport screencaps from PlanetBH0712


Page 58

Episode 25 (31/8/06)

Fan talk: heartbreaking moments

Flowers for mother... past words coming true...

Page 59

Episode 26 (01/9/06)

2001 SBS Awards - VOD & photos

Best Actress : Choi Jiwoo

Top 10 : Lee Byung Hun (No.1) Choi Jiwoo Ryu Si Won



Heart-wrenching and sad moments

Minchul-LBH MV from miuchinyu (M-Project)

Song by Craig David - You Don't Miss Your

Article: Charming Lee Byung-hun


Page 60

Episode 27 (04/9/06) guide from beaudays.tripod.com

Episode 28 (05/9/06)

Screencaps: heartbreaking kiss

Page 61

Episode 28 (05/9/06) - Yeonsoo's illness

End-of-Time MV (thank you for loving me)


Captures from miuchinyu & PlanetBH0712

Page 62

Episode 29 (06/9/06) - the truth

Bittersweet moments - first date...

Love interrupted - funny moment

Lots of screencaps from byunghunzzang.com, PlanetBH0712

Page 63

Lyrics: Beautiful Days' PROMISE + translation

Episode 30 (07/9/06) - the second proposal


Avatar-gifs by chula & ylin

Page 64

Beautiful captures of a beautiful couple in love

Episode 31 (08/9/06)

Honeymoon photos & behind-the-scene captures

Screencaps: the first night together

Page 65

Their true & everlasting love

Fan talk: baby on the way?

LBH & CJW knto 2004_cm_jp.mpeg (5.88 MB)



Beautiful captures, banners & matching tees' wallie

Bed-jumping GIF by ylin ^^

Episode 32 (11/9/06)

Sept 11, 2006: Ryu Si-won's Concert DVD Takes 2nd Spot on HMV Chart

Screencaps (husband & wife talk)

Page 66

Final BD on ntv7: Episode 32 (11/9/06) - transcript by Misha

Beautiful Screencaps

No words... just unbearable sadness in silence...

Love will lead the way...

Husband & wife

A new day.... a new life awaits... together... forever...

Must-read BD articles - posted by Ella

Beautiful Days - Behind the Scenes

Lee Byung-hun talks about Beautiful Days

Charming Lee Byung hun

Lee Byung-hun's realistic acting

Choi Ji-woo's screen kisses

Page 67

BD - Japanese DVD covers

Caricature and cute keychain

Sarang Ham Ni Da (Love song by TIM) - romanization by: gyool

BHJW banners

BD Calendar 2004

Page 68

Behind-the-scene capture & promo pics of the BD cast

Uploading & Downloady Filesend clips (diagrams)

Fan talk BD

Page 69

Joto Ward (Sandong) A Popular Tourist Attraction - BD shooting location

Beautiful Days at Tour2Korea.com

The Official Korea Tourism Guide Web page

PHOTOS Oct 2006 - Gathering of Beautiful Days cast after 5 years

Nov 14, 2006: It's Time for 'Byunsama'


Nov 22: Hallyu Stars Boost Country's Tourism Industry

Nov 22: Ryu Si-won to Appear on NHK Drama

Nov 28: Lee Byeong Heon, "Want to express irreversible compassion."

LBH-CJW wallie

Page 70

Dec 24, 2006: Lee Jung Hyun Doll exhibition (photo news)

Wallies: BD on Thailand tv

BD soundtrack LYRICS, thanks to chula

BD Christmas & NY2007 greetings

Captures - Minchul, wedding

Page 71

BD clips thanks to bhjwlove.com

The famous Victory Kiss ng. They did it 4 times


How long is the Victory Kiss?Let's time it.


MV- BD Kisses - More Than I Can Say


Thai BD web


BD beach captures & fan talk

Page 72

Fan talk: YS & Sena

Chinese fan fiction: the 2 rings of Yeonsoo

Honemoon captures from miuchinyu

BD co-stars profile

BHJW MV - Stand by Me

Page 73

Jan 17, 2007: Models Pick Ryu as Korean Wave Star

The Test of Love - 愛的考驗


BD captures and ep24 wallie

BD songs LYRICS & romanization, thanks to fivemagic

Page 74

Nov 2005: CJW & Beautiful Days

Feb 9, 2007: Lee Jung-hyun 'Honored' to Sing 2008 Olympic Song

Feb 9, 2007: Korean Singer Lee Jung-hyun to Sing at Beijing Olympics

Page 75

BD valentine blinkie

Victory kiss & KNTO captures from miuchinyu

BD shower captures, Minchul caps from miuchinyu

Feb 22, 2007: Movie star as ambassador for S. Korean tourism (RSW)

Feb 23, 2007:Actor Ryu Appointed Goodwill Envoy for Culture

Be mesmerised by the sweet moments that Minchul had with Yeonsoo.


Page 76

Various BD-EHAS-KNTO captures and interview with LBH & CJW

チェ・ジウの恋人 DVD – Choi Jiwoo’s Lovers DVD

On sale at http://store.yahoo.co.jp/kankan/4098.html

Crying Minchul caps

BD MVs from various sources, thanks to Hyc

Various BD-CJW-RSW captures

Page 77

Beautiful Days MV Film Location, thanks to wrblee


MV Entrusting/A Favor By Zero



BHJW photo album by Ping-bhjwlove.com

BD 6th anniversary - BD first aired in Korea on 14.3.2001

VOD - BD beach ng


MV Promise by RSW + Sub English Lyrics


Page 78

BD Flash by ylin

BD RINGTONES , thanks to wrblee

Goodbye version scat


Entrusting version LBH


Promise Zero


BD upload by Hyc BD 17 Part 1 BD 17 part 2

Minchul caps by miuchinyu

Page 79

BD MV by miuchinyu - I Do It For You

mpg version (thanks to summer0323 for the alternate file)


Megaupload instruction diagrams by Hyc

BD song translated n sang in Vietnamese, thanks to MRS.le


아름다운 날들 / Ah-reum-dah-woon Nal-deul


BD couple-honeymoon caps by miuchinyu

Episode 24 captures

Page 80

Episode 24 captures

Minchul banner by ylin

BD avatar-gifs by chula

Heart-wrenching moments, captures from miuchinyu

Page 81

BD banner by ylin-LBH thread


Minchul-Yeonsoo moments, captures by miuchinyu

Page 82

BD clips thanks to summer0323

BD, tennis


BD ng


BD ng1 (In the beginning is the victory kiss, at the back CJW had an NG for 10x)


BD ng 3/29


BD ng2 (the audio very soft)


Best Korean Drama Character, not a comparison of actors




May 3, 3007: Drama" Beautiful Days" re-showing is open (Rubeurs-Asamo)

May 6, 2007: Japanese female staff mesmerized by Ryu Shi Won

Fan Talk: Minchul's father

RSW-CJW captures

Kang Narae BD pics

Page 83

Fan talk: Minji VS Sena

BD-Goodbye captures, courtesy Byunghunsite

May 9, 2007: Fanzine Reveals Inner Workings of Korean Soaps

May 16, 2007: Japanese Drama with Korean Actor Tops Ratings

BD GIFS by Flower

Lovely wallies by minmin1005

Various BD captures from miuchinyu

Beautiful Days Quiz for fans to celebrate the screening of Beautiful Days on 3rd June.

Page 84


BD caps - Be My Date

June 7, 2007: Family Home of Ryoo Si-won a Popular Tourist Spot

MEMORY - various BD moments

BD MV, thanks to wrblee



Page 85

Fun trivia - the BD Bunny

BD souvenir fan - beautiful hand-fan with pencil-sketched drawing of LBH

"The Memory of Beautiful Days" Korean Drama 8 DVD Set with posters

Our favourite BD items


Thoughts of lasting love

Portrait of Love

July 2, 2007: "Winter Sonata," The Most Popular Korean Drama In Japan

BD clips


Page 86

Sharing BD's GOODBYE, thanks to cikumis for the highlight

MV BD by Yasu, thanks to wrblee


KISSES of Minchul & YEonsoo

BD t-shirt


Fan talk: BD make-over scene + captures

July 20, 2007: Ryu Shi Won donates 10 million yen for earthquake

Page 87

BD VICTORY KISS, thanks to Hyc for the compilation


To view at youtube


How long is the Victory Kiss? Let’s count.


And another very nice ng, the beach scene


BD thoughts by amyyboo,

July 31, 2007: Ryu Shi Won Casted In Japanese Drama

Page 88

August 3, 2007: Surfing the Korean wave in Seoul

August 2, 2007: 'Forever, Asian Star Culture Expo In Japan' Opens in Tokyo

August 6, 2007: Cultural Expo Brings Hallyu to Japan

August 7, 2007: Korean star continues to romance Japan (RSW)

BD on BUS captures

[photo] The Elusive ZERO

Amazing MV by miuchinyu

BD wallies

Page 89

August 16, 2007 Lee Byung Hun and Choi Ji Woo most popular



August 20, 2007: Japanese Housewives Rank Lee, Choi the Best

August 23, 2007: Singer Lee Jung-hyun Named UNESCO Peace Envoy

August 23, 2007: Lee Named UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador

BD wallies by bhjwlove.com

Fan talk: why do YS fall for MC.. not?!

Page 90

Various BD captures by miuchinyu, etc

Sept 4, 2007: Ryu Shi Won, seduces Japanese fans with drama and song

Favorite quotes from BD, thanks to fivemagic

Page 91

Sept 7, 2007: Actress Lee Ae-jeong Dies of Brain Tumor

When I fall in love ♥ it will be completely

By zealioner » http://drama-probeanalysis.blogspot.com/se...eautiful%20Days

Oct 4, 2007: Choi Ji Woo is invited for Louis Vuitton Fashion Show in Paris, France!

Oct 14, 2007: [stars] 10 Hallyu Stars

Page 92

BD banners from PlanetBH0712

Oct 5, 2007: S.Korean actor and singer to pitch in Asia baseball championship series opener

Oct. 19: TELEVIEW / Osaka, Tokyo drama connects more than 2 cities

Nov 27: S. Korean actress models for charity benefit

Beautiful Days Soundtrack DVD MVs (credits to chula)

Beautiful Days Soundtrack DVD Behind-the-Scenes

Dec 21: Ryu Si-won Tops Japanese Record Chart

Dec 20: Lee Jung Hyun returns to television in seven years

Beautiful Days bt Linda Tsui

Page 93


Fan talk - Beautiful Days Moment

Page 94

Fan talk - breakup scene, Minchul

BD file 109MB, duration 0:34:45


Page 95

Kang Na Rae

January 15, 2008: Lee Yoo-jin, "I have a boyfriend, whom I dated for 3 months"

[Pic] Once in a Blue Moon JAzz club

Jan 22: Shin Hyun-jun and Heo Jun-ho to Stage Charity Concert

Beautiful Banners by Celina

First banner » Minchul & Yeonsoo in Beautiful Days 2001

Second banner » LBH & CJW in KNTO CF 2004

Third banner » LBH & CJW in CUT Magazine pictorial 2004

Jan 18: Ryoo Si-won, the 'best ideal boyfriend' in Japan

BD Fever - captures

4 Apr 2001 「Beautiful Days」 Premeire

BD fan talk - MInchul

Page 96

Captures from starjiwoo

Captures from yobo712 (after the first fever)

LBH-CJW banners by Celina

BD great moments by zoeve

Fan talk - green-eyed monsters

Feb 11: Japanese Fans Launch Official Fan Club for Choi Ji-woo

Page 97

More fan talk - BD Valentine


Lovely wallies by minmin1005

Fan talk - BD original plo

Page 98

CJW on Feb 13th (charity pics vs Yeonsoo)

Just like the scenes they shared in Episode 9 - BD beach by Zoeve

[THE HIGH HIDE OF THE KOREAN WAVE(12)] Malaysian love affair with Korean TV dramas


Feb 21: Popular TV actor

Feb 21: The 'Fans of the Korean Waves' says, "We love Korean dramas, because.."

Feb 22: Lee Jung-hyun to Join “King Sejong”

Page 99

Page 100



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이병헌 Upcoming movie: The Good, The Bad & The Strange



♡**Choi Ji Woo Thread - Simply The B.E.S.T**♡




Ryu Si Won ~ Prince Of ♡♡♡, 류시원

Welcome to Prince Dream Palace



Shin Minah




Lee Jung Hyun (이정현)


BD banners from PlanetBH0712

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Guest Mrs. Lee

waves to summer! Thanks for the bd pics!!! waah! seeing them again makes me want to do a BD marathon tonight! :lol:

another fave scene: the cherry blossom park scene



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