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[Drama 2000] Autumn Tale 가을동화


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Song Hye Kyo Interview May 2020 (Elle Singapore)




We are often our own worst critics. What are the things you look out for in past performances to help you improve?


I have productions that have done well, along with ones that may not have fared as well, but I still love all of them and am contented with the end results. Not all my performances were 100 percent satisfying in my standards great, so I definitely do have some regrets on how I acted or portrayed my character. It’s probably the same for other actors as well. However, I always gave my all and worked hard for the respective roles. In that respect, I have no regrets. I love all my productions equally but if I had to choose one, my heart goes out to That Winter, the Wind Blows. I was totally immersed and lost myself during the filming of the latter, and that made it more memorable. Not forgetting, Autumn in My Heart as it was the drama that made my name known and also got me to where I am today. Even though it is not the best performance, it is the drama that I am most grateful for.




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