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  1. For SHK, she has made 4 blockbuster dramas under her belt another one is All In. Leading role 1. All In - 47.7% 2. Autumn In My Heart - 46. 1% 3. Full House - 42% 4. Descendants Of The Sun - 38.8% Even in a supporting role,Kyo has done a blockbuster drama in First Love 65.8% in 1997 which is 2nd highest rated Korean drama of all time. Source : Wikipedia
  2. She uploaded a throwback photo cover in W Korea with caption 'When I was 28' in November 02 ,2019. PS Her hair was short in the cover photo from W Korea magazine.
  3. Yeah, Being a SHK fan is too hard. You need a long patience in order to survive if you're a Kyonatic
  4. Bin talking about Kyo Please do not quote image Ctto
  5. Kyo with Panda Please do not quote images All images credit to the owner
  6. In this angle Bin looks like he's kissing her neck that made her tickle I've seen all the videos of BinKyo ( presscon, ngs, interviews etc many times before and some fans can't help but made gifs for Binkyo. Seeing BinKyo memories be like ------- My super favorite emoji
  7. I was expecting Kyo would get an acting nomination for her portrayal as CSH in Encounter in any k-drama annual awards but sadly she didn't Agree with you in the last part of your post. Hope she'll win her 3rd or more Daesang Grand Prize award again soon.
  8. Hi @sunflower91_ her love and support to his brother YAI is soooooo sweet. Hope Kyo and YAI can make a drama or movie together in the future. That would be nice to see them if they pair-up on screen.
  9. I even changed my profile pic into heart emoji because of BinKyo influence and their squad
  10. No blue heart emoji in soompi? No problem BinKyonatics BIN KYO BIN KYO
  11. 1st pic. Hey Binne, Don't look at the back. If you do, you'll get jealous much *delulu* 2nd pic. I saw the 2nd pic. with K-clebs on social media before and the moment I saw it, I tried not to laugh but I failed because the position of her exes 1st,2nd and 3rd. Bin is the winner because his pic. is right next to Kyo .
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