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[Movie 2004] A Moment To Remember 내 머리 속의 지우


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Son Ye Jin, Jung Woo SungI don't think a threads been made for this movie.
Anyway, compeletely WONDERFUL movie.

I love this couple.
IPB Image

OMG! I never noticed, but the couple...they're cyring on the DVD cover.
=[ So sad...

"Nae Morisogae Chiugae" (A Moment to Remember), one of the latest tear-jerkers playing nationwide, a 27-year-old young woman named Su-jin is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease (AD) after marrying a carpenter who works for her father's company.

Starring the popular and attractive Son Ye-jin as the young woman and the equally popular Jeong Woo-sung as the carpenter, the film is built on the premise that it is possible for someone so young to become stricken with an "old person's disease" like AD.

Familial Alzheimer's is extremely rare and may occur among those aged 30-60 years. But, as the name implies, it is hereditary. And although the youngest documented case was 28 years old, for Son Ye-jin's character in "A Moment to Remember" to have come down with this form of dementia at the tender age of 27 is about as likely as her CEO father allowing her to marry a carpenter.

While both late-onset and familial AD are progressive illnesses that may last for up to 20 years or so, slowly developing from simple forgetfulness and mild depression, to full-blown loss of recognition and almost complete dependence on others for all daily tasks, familial AD, may also progress very quickly, with sufferers dying within a year. So it looks like Su-jin may just be one of the unluckiest people in the world.

CREDiTS: jazzholic.com

image Who else enjoyed this?
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Guest sandrydc

This was the review for AMTR.

MAJOR SPOILERS - Best read after you have watched the film

This review is for the Director’s Cut version of ‘Eraser’ or ‘A Moment To Remember’.

Personally I enjoy the Director’s Cut a lot more because many of the plots are fully developed and

there are lovely little details all over the place which make the story more convincing.

Unlike ‘The Classic’, AMTR is lacking in poetic beauty but herein is the attraction for me. It is

more like real life to me. The love between Chul Soo and Su Jin feels real to me. Much have been

written about AMTR already, I would like to expand on two main plots of the film and then show some


Major plot 1: Chul Soo and Su Jin healed each other of their past

This subplot tried to convince the audience the importance of Chul Soo and Su Jin to each other.

In the Director’s Cut, you will learn that Su Jin was not completely over her relationship with the

ex-boyfriend when she met Chul Soo and started dating with him. There was a scene whereby Su Jin

finally went to the house she lived with Yong Min (the married ex-boyfriend) and finally packed up

all her things and dropped the keys into the mail box.

If she has not met Chul Soo, she would still be suffering from this relationship. She loved Yong

Min so much that she was ready to forgo her family and go through any kind of persecution to be

with him. She also told her brain specialist that she ‘felt like dying’ when Yong Min didn’t turn

up at the train station.

Su Jin is a woman who put love as her first priority in life. She would do anything for her love.

Whether her man was a married man or a lowly carpenter, as long as she loved him, she would give

herself to him completely. Love was the reason for Su Jin’s existence.

By falling in love with Chul Soo, the hurting from her relationship with Yong Min was healed. In

the Director’s Cut, there were more scenes showing Su Jin courting Chul Soo. As the saying goes,

falling in love is the best medicine for the last failed relationship.

Su Jin had a lot more to do to heal Chul Soo of his past. Chul Soo just met his mother about 3

years ago in the movie. He was dumped by his mother since young and was treated badly by the old

carpenter who brought him up. Hence he was a loner and had no faith in relationships. As far as

he was concerned “life can be very cruel” and “no one can be happy forever”.

She convinced Chul Soo to use his hard-earned savings to pay the debts of his mother. In the

process, they lost the dream home they wanted to build. Obviously this was a huge blow for the

couple who had already went to the land earmarked for their new home and even planned the layout of

their new home. The scene that Su Jin comforted Chul Soo by snatching his cigarette and doing his

card trick was heart-warming and lovely. When Chul Soo said that “we have no more money”, Su Jin

said “No problem, I will pay for this meal. See! I promise to buy you dinner”

Their relationship also taught Chul Soo about relationships. In another scene which was only in

the Director’s Cut, Chul Soo explained his design of the new house he was commissioned to build.

In the explanation, he told Su Jin how he got the inspiration from Su Jin’s family gatherings and

how people moved in such a gathering. The joy and warmth of Su Jin’s family gatherings with their

relatives was something that Chul Soo had never experienced.

Major plot 2: Their reactions and struggles on Alzhemier’s disease

Immediately after Su Jin learnt about her condition, she didn’t know what to

do. She could not even tell Chul Soo because she needed to make a choice. In

the next few scenes that followed the revelations, you could see conflicting


Su Jin had always been brave and fought for her love. Could she ever win in

this fight against Alzhemier?

She could not bear to leave Chul Soo because finally she had found the perfect

man in her life. (Not many people can claim to have found the right person in

their lives) She fought so hard to convince Chul Soo about their relationship

and then with her father and now she had to leave him. Did she have any

choice? Will she inflict too much pain on Chul Soo by staying with him?

Deep down inside she knew that sooner or later she would lose Chul Soo because

she would lose the memories of their love, of Chul Soo and even herself. How

much more time did Su Jin have to spend with Chul Soo? Should she bear him a

child before she leaves him? Is there time for all these?

The incident where Su Jin was lost on the street and bumped into Yong Min

finally convinced Su Jin to break up with Chul Soo. She realized that she had

forgotten about Chul Soo momentarily and then she would not be herself anymore.

In the next baseball court scene, she asked to break up with Chul Soo.

Chul Soo, on the other hand, was still unaware of what he would be facing. His

first reaction was to hope for a cure and to take care of Su Jin and to keep

her with him. He did not realize the extent of the sorrow and agony he would

have to go through by living with a Su Jin without memory.

In one incident, he doubted their love when Su Jin called out the name of her

ex-lover and he asked the brain specialist “Who does she really love?”

Finally Su Jin made the logical choice, which was also the most painful choice

for the two of them, to terminate their relationship.

Thank SYJfan for posting this article in SYJ thread.

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Guest lovewinter

was a great movie, and made me get a bit teary XD

Same here, especially when I watched the second time on last

Friday at SCV Channel 56 at 11pm.

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Update : Oct 18, 2005 KST 14:31

"A Moment To Remember" to open in Japan in 300 theaters


The movie "A Memory To Remember" will soon open throughout Japan following its predecessor, "April Snow."

According to the Japanese firm Gaga Film on Oct. 22, "A Memory To Remember" has secured 300 theaters in Japan for its opening, rivaling "April Snow" not only in terms of scale but also in terms of costs -- about 6 million dollars was invested in the movie's marketing and promotion. Such a large investment was based on the popularity of the movie's lead actors in Japan and the movie's genre -- a sad melodrama -- which greatly appeals to Japanese audiences.

In Japan, the popularity of the movie’s lead actress, Son Ye-jin, who starred opposite Bae Yong-jun in "April Snow," is on par with the popularity of Choi Ji-woo. Meanwhile, Chung Woo-sung, the movie's lead actor, gained popularity in that country for his role in "The Warrior Princess," whose director's-cut DVD has been released in Japan recently.

Another factor that adds to the movie's appeal is that its plot is based on a Japanese TV drama.

Son, who left for Japan in the morning of Oct. 18 to promote the movie prior to its opening, will participate in the movie's premiere to be held at 6:30 p.m. at the Tokyo International Forum and afterward make an appearance on TV Asahi's talk show. Fuji TV will produce a special documentary on Son's promotional activities in Japan after filming footage of her for three days and two nights.

Source: KBS Global


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Guest skyelee21

They both have great chemistry together I thought. And nice to see you here too lee. ^^

Hello, Jo! Nice to see you here too!

I wanna watch this film again, but not soon. It really breaks my heart.

Especially when JWS starts crying... man... heartbreaking!


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Guest sonickim


opps sorry Woo Sung Lovers....

maybe i should give respect first and start with a greetings....

ANNYONG HASEYO..... to all...

its my first and only movie i ever saw that stars WOO SUNG....

damn*~ hes so gorgoues...argghh~... and hot....phew*

I cried with happiness the time i saw his face and the moment he cried....

whoa... i just cant help crying too....and adoring every angle of his face!!!

esp... the sheding of tears.... he's so masculine...even when cryin...

hey!!! lee ~waves~ nice seein you here too...

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Guest skyelee21

Hello Sonickim! ~waving

You've seen this too!? Awwww... it's really nice, isn't it?

Very sad, but very heartfelt.

Sharing some pics:



^ Awww... this gives me the goosebumps. SO SWEET!


^ Gorgeous, ain't he?



*credits to KOFIC (http://koreanfilm.or.kr)

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Yay, many people love this movie!

SYJ and CWS are the best couple out there! It's definately a sweet relationship. And I love how they show that they do have problems, it's not just a perfect happy-go-lucky relationship.

There's a screen shot where they focus on how CWS walks. *JAW DROPPING*

A man has never walked in such a hot manner.

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